• Creative Growth

    Listening Inward

    I like to know where I stand.  I like things spelled out in black and white.  I like things tied up, nice and neat. But sometimes life gets messy. And we have to let go of what is safe…. And reach for what is right. If we are lucky, we will find the path that is made for us. But how do we know when it is time to leave the proven for the possible? We listen inward. What do you hear when you get quiet and go inward?

  • Long Way Home

    The Long Way Home

    I am a Long-Way-Home kinda gal.  I recognized it eight years ago when I started dating my hubby. (We actually met eight years ago today!)  He lived about 3 hours away and every night for about a year, we talked on the phone.  My evenings in those days usually found me hanging out at my favorite cafe/bookstore which was in the middle of the town I grew up in. That’s one of my crazy pipe cleaner sculptures on my head. Photo by Earl Parr. When I got his call, I would hop in the car and head home. I wanted the conversation to last, so instead of heading directly to…

  • Creativity

    Creating Sisterhood

    I didn’t grow up with a sister, but I always wanted one.  I remember meeting girls and then women and asking myself what it might be like to have them as a sister.  Over time, some friendships grew strong and felt so vital that I would think, “This is it. This is that sister thing.” Occasionally, I would find an organized group of women, an organic circle, or a small bunch of friends who might transcend the norm for closeness, support, and encouragement. I revel in those times. There is something about cultivating close relationships with women that sends me flying. That is what got me so excited about joining…

  • Creativity

    A Puppy Named Clarity

    I have been talking a lot about my dreams recently, to friends, in my journal, on the blog.  I am a bit preoccupied with them and for good reason. They are at my doorstep. I feel like the girl who always wanted a puppy and woke up to discover that the one she had in a picture tucked in the pocket over her heart was now in front of her. There are all kinds of things to do with a puppy once you get it! You can toss it a bone or a ball. Run around the park with it. Let it lick you on the face until you are…

  • Site Features

    Faces of Creativity Tribe

      One element of this new site that I am in love with is the Faces of Creativity Tribe page. In conjuring up what I wanted this space to be like, I kept wishing to find a way to let you be part of it. I have several ideas about how to make that happen on a periodic basis, but wanted to offer something on an ongoing basis. Faces of Creativity Tribe is a page found under The Tribe tab on the menu bar. There you will find a linky tool that you can use to add you creativity based blog. It is also a great spot to come back to…

  • Creativity

    Creativity Tribe Bare Bones

    My mind envisions its big dreams with full curves and in living colors.  But in real life, dreams don’t often happen that way. They take shape one bone at a time with bits and parts being brought together in illogical, chaotic bunches.  Sometimes the content in front of us looks like a mess, but the soulful Creative holds fast to the inner vision and carefully manages its assemblage. This website has had that kind of blind focus to it. I have sat in front of it for weeks pulling this element up to link with that element, wrestled wryly aspects of my dream into the confines of the web world to see…

  • Sharable


    Are you looking for inspirational images to share with your friends, to post on your blog or Facebook? I have a collection of little gems just for you.  I hope they bring a bit of beauty to your life. Now, the first of many.

  • Creativity

    Top 10 Tips for Making My Creative Business Fly

    Excitement is filling the air today.  In little spots all over the globe, creative spirits are daring to spread their wings.  Today begins the last time Kelly Rae Roberts will offer her e-course, Flying Lessons: Tips + Tricks for Helping your Creative Biz Soar. I know what it is like to feel the kind of promise that I am sure today’s participants are feeling because last year about this time, I was stretching my own wings in that very same course. It was a wild ride, one that I hoped might give me the know-how to find a direction for the blog I hoped sometime to shift into a website for…