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    Creativity Tribe 2013

    So many new things are going on here at Creativity Tribe in the New Year, I figure I better start talking about them….if for no other reason than that I just might pop from excitement if I don’t! First, I have begun fleshing out the tribe aspect of Creativity Tribe.  I have been asking myself how do I reach out to more Creatives, connect with Creatives from different disciplines, and help the people who resonate with the idea of a Creativity Tribe connect with each other. I have also been exploring how to offer opportunities for connecting with and celebrating ourselves! Here’s where I am at…… {This Sensational Life Challenge}…

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    Radio Show {Take Two}

    Two weeks ago, I was a guest on Lucid Waking radio show.  Several friends wrote in to say they were not able to get the link to work, so I am reposting some of the details about the event.  It might be better timing for some of you to listen as we get deeper into the holidays. By listening to The Spirit of Giving interview, you will discover…. the dynamics of giving how to avoid giving burn out when not to give how to expand the gifts you have available how giving leads to getting Special thanks to my dear friend and partner in giving, Jessica of Hearth Roots.  She has been a great sounding board for my giving…

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    Indulging ME

    Just over a year ago when I embarked on the journey of working for myself, I placed one thing at the top of my list of values….self-care.  I wanted my serious business woman self to honor the hard, working dedicated but oh-so-human self.  In the beginning, I worked that into my day like a teenager with a new driver’s license.  I took my time getting up in the morning, lit candles as I was blogging, burned incense while painting, napped if I felt like it, created one-person retreats…..I lived up the self-care. Then I got all filled up, and I began to push myself.  The drive to reach for my…

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    Bad Dreams, Bad News, Bad People

    I have written and erased, re-written and erased this post several times. I even made a video to go with it.  I decided to “go there” and then think against it. But this time I am going to keep writing in hopes that whoever might need to hear what I have to say will find it.  You see, I like to write about things that inspire….I like to stay out of politics and the ugly side of life.  But the fact is, something in me says I need to talk about this. So I am going to listen to that voice. Just about anywhere you go this week, you will…

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    Creativity Tribe Cats {Shatzie}

    Some people have bats in their belfry. I have cats in my studio. They come with me to work everyday. It isn’t a far leap from the house to the studio.  I work out of a sunroom on one side of the house. The cats love the sun and being close to me.  If you spend much time on the Creativity Tribe Facebook page, you might have seen pictures of them there or followed the long line of nick names we have given to one of our new cats. Well, I thought it was time to officially introduce the feline line of the tribe and share their stories with you. …

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    Self-Care for Survival

    Because awful things happen and we often struggle with how to make sense of them…. Because there is no making sense of the senseless…. Because our hearts are designed to feel…. And our society often tells us not to….. Or fails to teach us how to care for the heart that cares…. Because I care that YOU care and want you to feel the same comfort you wish for others….   For all those affected by the tragedy at Newtown or by any tragedy….. peace.

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  • Big Dreams in Action

    Possibility Lane

    Dear Creative Spirit, Did you feel that? That gentle tug at the side of your heart, awakening the quiet dream that rests there? It is a road sign, guiding you down the path just over there. I know it is pointing you towards a journey you have never taken, but, the name on the sign should give you a clue as to where it will lead? Will you follow?   What dream is tugging on your heart?  With the new year around the corner, I invite you to join me on a journey to Get Out of Your Own Way Everyday in 2013.  This tele-seminar is the first in a…

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    Bridging the Years

    About 15 years ago, a couple of local artists held a New Year’s workshop that used mask making to consider the year that had passed and the one to come.  The link to masks was created by using as their focus the Roman god Janus who is depicted with two faces, one face looks into the past, one to the future.  I loved the concept because I think during these weeks that lead up to the New Year it is human nature to take stock of the year that is closing and begin cultivating the year ahead. That bridging of the two years is exactly what I have done the…

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    The Transition

    It’s coming quickly, the end of the year, and I keep surfing between thoughts of  this year and the next.  What did I accomplish?  What fell through the cracks?  What do I want the coming year to be like?  What do I want my focus to be? I bring little routines and rituals into my days in an attempt to tack down time. It feels like it is moving so fast.  So much action is packed into the next couple of weeks for me.  My husband and I just made a whirlwind trip to his hometown for a funeral, quickly visited with family, and rushed back to work.  This weekend…

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  • Spirit of Giving

    Spirit of Giving with Lucid Waking Radio

    I had a great time sharing my story about the Spirit of Giving last night with Rev. Shar of Lucid Waking Radio.  A few months ago I had an epiphany about what giving meant to me.  I would love to share it with you in more detail. WHY?  Because giving in this way has brought me more joy than I have felt my entire life….ever.  And if my experience and what I have learned could bring some higher level of joy to you, that would be an even bigger gift. Speaking of gifts, I make a special offer on the call that I would love to share with you.  By…

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