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This Sense-ational Life {playfulness}



This Sense-ational Life is a blogging series that explores the senses as a way of cultivating a more mindful, connected way of life.  

Sense of Playfulness

When I was in 8th grade, I started taking theatre and never wanted to stop.  I realized it was a way to play and still get credit in school. What a no-brainer!  As I got older, I found ways to keep that connection to play.  I took jobs that allowed me to play and get paid for it.  And eventually became a kind of play leader for other adults.

Here is a list of a few playful jobs I have had….

ImageChef Word Mosaic -



Play Banner FB

A Way of Life

Playfulness has become a way of life for me.  It is how I socialize, how I practice self-love, a medicine when I am down or sick, an outlet for what wishes to be expressed in me, and even a way for me to embody my spirituality. Bringing it so fully into my life has taken work. Yah, that’s right. I had to work at remembering to play. As kids, it comes with the territory. But over time we lose our sense of playfulness and replace it with the roles and responsibilities of adulthood.  I would like to invite you to connect with your sense of playfulness this week, include both subtle and overt play.  Try an old favorite like blowing bubbles or something new like a 30 second dance party. Do it by yourself or with others by inciting random, unexpected playfulness. Create a playfulness on the go kit that includes some art supplies, a joke book, a few toys, or some kind of novelty item.

Cultivate your Relationship with Play


Try one or more of these journaling prompts to boost your play-ability.

  • Ask Play, “In what ways do I discourage you in my life?”
  • List 10 or more ways you can incorporate play into your home life.
  • Brainstorm with your family how you could all enjoy more play.
  • Write a letter to yourself that gives you permission to play more.

I would love to hear about your Sense of Playfulness. I invite you to write a post about playfulness and paste the address in the linky below. Make sure to link to this post in yours so others can discover their own path to playfulness.


Full Moon Mindfulness

Body Wisdom Project

A few weeks ago, at the dark of the moon to be exact, I began a personal exploration of my relationship with my body.  I am approaching this journey with my friend, Jessica.  We call it the Body Wisdom Project.  Our intention during this moon cycle is to LISTEN.

It seems like a no brainer; LISTEN to the body.  But how often do we do it?  How often do we get quiet enough to tune out the world and  its messages and messiness, and tune into the body’s subtle whispers.  How often do we follow the body’s advice?  How often do we honor the wisdom it offers?

The Body Wisdom Project puts LISTENING at the center of what I value during the day.

Full Moon in Trees

Connecting the Body Wisdom Project with the cycle of the moon has helped me connect more deeply with my body.  Towards the end of 2012 I offered a moon wisdoms e-course called Touch the Moon.  The course helped me amplify my awareness of the moon, its rhythms, and meanings.  As I have watched the moon these past couple of weeks since the Body Wisdom Project began, the connection with my body has grown more intense.  Something has shifted.

I began at the dark of the moon, when the moon was void of all light, and have continued to allow my connection to grow as the light of the moon has.  The moon has become an outward reminder of an inward journey.

Where the journey has taken me…

In the first couple of days as I listened, I became aware of some of the aches and pains in my body.  The most prevalent one being a pain I have had in my neck for nearly 6 months.  I asked what the neck needed. I discovered that it is very tense. I often tighten it for no reason. And so as I listened more and became aware of the tension, I would send my breath to the muscle and invite it to release.  This has been very helpful and has brought me some relief.

Water Angel PS

I also heard my body telling me it was thirsty and starving.  These surprised me to some degree.  When I asked what it was starving for, I discovered that I need more greens and root vegetables.  That is how I fell in love with brussel sprouts.

This week, I began hearing that my body wanted to move….more specifically, to dance. I reached out to a friend and on Friday we met at my house to dance to Gabrielle Roth’s Inner Wave.  Gabrielle’s dance is spiritual, mindful, meditative. It didn’t take long for me to find myself in a sort of communion with my body, tenderly moving it to its own rhythms, taking on the shapes that gave meaning to what it needed to express.  Expressions like….relief that I was willing to honor it with this delicate movement, grief over the messages it receives from the world, delight at the memories of dances past, hope from more dancing in the future, dreams of bringing moving meditation to others.  All that wrapped up in the nuance of a flit of the hip, a carefully placed step, breath pulled in and guided out, heat across the brow, a growing joy in my spirit.

With the arrival of the full moon on Saturday, I payed special attention to the body.  I LISTENED.  And heard….rest.  And so these last couple of days, I have given myself rest as the body has needed it, letting go of any notions that I need to get more done.  The body says rest.  And I am trusting that the rest will be just what I need.

Join Jessica and me in LISTENING.  Let’s start a movement.  A gentle, loving movement.


Seeing in the Dark


When I was a young girl, my father told me a good deal didn’t always mean less money spent.  He explained… a well made product that costs a bit more was a better buy than the same thing made with less care at a cheaper price. I am sure you have heard the same thing.

I have heard that wisdom packaged in different ways through out my lifetime.  But today, I am exploring how to apply that wisdom to life itself.  As more people find their way to Creativity Tribe, I work to define what this space offers them.  When it comes down to it, I think it offers them tools, inspiration, and support for a well crafted life.

Part of providing that kind of opportunity for them means doing the work myself.  I believe in walking the walk. In being authentic and not just trying to spin some sort of fantasy that life is always peachy keen. It isn’t. Life is messy and sometimes it hurts.  But when I am in a space to CRAFT my life, I have some input on what to do with the mess, how to give meaning to the hurt, and  how to pull all the value out of life that I can.

Fate has been giving me opportunities to CRAFT life this month.  I got pushed off course….at least off the course I thought I would be on.  But every day, I make decisions that help me take what has been given to me and make it into something beautiful.  There have been a handful or so of times like the one I am in right now that I can remember, where life was SO AMAZING one second and something turned the lights off in the middle of the ride so I had to find my way back to center again.

What I am loving about THIS time is that I realize I don’t need the lights on to see in the dark.

Aries Full Moon 058


It reminds me of when I was in theatre.  There I was in the middle of the stage, lights BLARING. Scene ends. Cut to black. And the world was flooded in darkness. The trick to seeing in the dark….close your eyes. When you open them, you see the world in a shadowy form, but you CAN see.

That is what I have been doing the last three weeks or so.  Closing my eyes, opening them, finding my way to the wings stage left, and getting ready for my next entrance.

Preparing for the Next Scene

Through out the last year, I have been following a few individuals online who inspire me and help me stay on course. Recently I decided to partner with one of them, Leonie Dawson, as one of her ambassador affiliates.  I love that she calls us her ambassadors, because that is what it feels like to me.  I believe in what she offers, so sharing her goodies with the Creatives who come here everyday makes me feel like I just might be supporting someone’s well crafted life.

Leonie is an energetic, open-hearted, creative with a passion for helping women transform their lives.

I chose to become an ambassador for her because I loved USING what she creates.  As I prepare for 2013, I have decided to buy her 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Calendar & Workbook.  As a life coach, I look for opportunities to creatively set goals, explore obstacles, and drive myself toward my dreams.  Leonie has set this up to help you make sense of 2012 and move you in the right direction for 2013.  For me, that kind of processing is essential. See why I decided to partner with her?!


I’ve ordered the workbook and can’t wait for it to come in.  

What works for you?

I read an article a few days ago that January 21st is one of the most difficult days of the year for lots of people because they have already lost track of their goals and let go of their dream for the year.  Like I said, life can get messy.  BUT, we aren’t without choice. Every moment is a new opportunity to choose a WELL CRAFTED LIFE.

I would love to hear where you are….these couple of days after January 21st.  What is going on with YOUR dreams for 2013?  What will you do to keep them in front of you and moving forward?  Are the lights on in your world, and if not, close your eyes…look within.  The dark doesn’t have to be so bad.


This Sense-ational Life {direction}


This Sense-ational Life is a blogging series that explores the senses as a way of cultivating a more mindful, connected way of life.  This week’s post is inspired by the 3 Day Right Brained Business Plan Workshop I attended through CreativeLIVE with Jennifer Lee, the brain-child and heart-matrix behind Right Brained Business Plan.    



SENSE of DIRECTION: Moving forward

When I talk about the senses with this project, I love to play with some of the popular phrases we have for them.  When Aristotle classified the senses over two thousand years ago, he defined those same five we learned as children. Over time, the  philosophers and scientists have expanded their meanings. Poets, artists, and creatives have given them a spin.  I love the spin!

A sense of direction falls into several camps for me.  Physiologically, direction can come from a blending of sight and sound mixed with information interpreted by the hippocampus in humans. Birds can also use their magnetoreception for help with migration. But for me the sense of direction interests me most as the symbolic or metaphoric force behind personal growth.

Growth happens in a couple of ways. We wake up one day and realize we love brussel sprouts for the first time in our life. Unconscious, undeliberate.  Or, we decide we want to get somewhere in life. We orient ourselves to the destination and move on out, making adjustments as we go until we arrive, triumphant. ….or fall on our face trying.

My journey here has been a combination of those two things.  I am okay with that. I fell in love with brussel sprouts this weekend (true story). I couldn’t be happier. Not everything has to be planned.

BUT…..when nothing is planned, that leaves too much up to chance for me. I want more out of life than that. That is why Jenn’s RBBP workshop was such a streak of luck for me.  I needed something to magnetize to. I needed a course to show me the way. But more than any of that, I needed to have a better idea of my destination.

Her workshop was filled with exercises and projects that utilized creativity to help us discover the visions we have for our businesses.  You may have felt frustrated at the idea of planning for your dream business in the past. I know I have. It has stopped me in my tracks, paralyzed me. Instead of grinding to a halt, RBBP kicked me into action. It fleshed out parts of my business that I couldn’t get a grip on or that were sort of ambiguously floating around in my head.

Here are a few peeks into my process….


My Business Self-Portrait is a collage of images that helps me understand who I am as a SOUL proprietor.  Click to make bigger.

I love the women on the page. The first woman is feminine but empowered. I clothed her in numbers to help me understand that I can be comfortable with the more left brain aspects of business. I also threw in some luck and love.  Doesn’t she have amazing confidence?!  The woman in the center is reaching with celebration. She is open wide, dynamic.  Her skirt is expanding around her with so much enthusiasm that it pulls in the space and objects around her.


These little collaged cards show My Ideal Clients. 

Something big shifted for me as I worked on these. Some of the cards reflect the kinds of problems my coaching helps with…like time management, self-care, managing creative projects, direction for creative businesses, improved self-confidence, and personal growth.  My work as a massage therapist and artist also showed up.  I am looking forward to exploring these client profiles even more deeply.

It doesn’t take much.

Finding your direction can be as easy as getting centered or having a meaningful chat with a mindful friend. I would love to hear about what gives you a Sense of Direction, where you are headed, when you want to get there, what action you are taking.


Sharing in This Sense-ational Life: Complete the Circle


If this post inspires thoughts about how you can or do experience a Sense of Direction in your own life, I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments or write your own post and enter that post address in the linky below.  Make sure to link back to this post so your readers can discover this blogging series.  Then, check back for others who will be writing about This Sense-ational Life. You can grab the button just above and link it to the page for This Sense-ational Life.

All is Well


One day several years ago as I was sitting in one of those over-stuffed chairs that used to be scattered through out the local Barnes & Noble, I began a light conversation with a man…a stranger.  I don’t remember much of what we talked about, but I do remember how he ended the conversation. He simply said, “All is well.”  And walked away.

All is well.

It echoed in the space where he had been sitting, lingered there for a long while until it found its way into my journal.

All is well.

I carried the words around for me for quite awhile, pondering them.  What if….All is Well?


I have needed All is Well lately.  A series of mishaps has left me feeling off balanced the last month.  Scattered around me is the evidence that All is Well, but in my core, in my gut, All does not feel Well. All feels, well, off!

I could list the mishaps and give you plenty of good stories to elaborate on what has me feeling this way, but I really don’t want to do that. Not because I don’t want to share, but more because I want All to be Well. I want balance and peace.  Some of my mishaps have not been settled yet though.  There are some very personal happenings that are in limbo, that will only find resolution in time and which I can do absolutely nothing to truly help.  I both love and hate this predicament. I hate it for its discomfort and love it because it is one of the characteristics that makes life what it is.

This ambiguity is life.  This turning of my stomach in the middle of the night is life. This preoccupation with the past to make sense of the present in spite of a possible future is life. I feel it because I care about for others and for myself. I feel it because what was once lost is now found….again.  I feel it because I am alive.

Even in the pain…..All is Well.

Even in the not knowing…..All is Well.

Even when there is no end in sight….All is Well.

All is Well. All is Well.



All is Well.


Thank you to Rosemary of Reflections of My World for inspiring this response as part of This Sensa-ational Life.  Please have a peek at Rosemary’s post and discover what a Sense of Well Being is for you.  The linky is open through the end of this week.  



This Sense-ational Life {well being}


This Sense-ational Life is a blogging series that explores the senses as a way of cultivating a more mindful, connected way of life.  This week’s post features guest blogger (and dear friend of mine) Rosemary from Reflections of My World.  Rosemary’s site highlights areas of her life, including her love of photography and her mindful, courageous journey to wellness after being diagnosed with an illness of her thyroid.  She is living a Sense-ational Life one day at a time and inspiring others to do the same.    


What does that mean to you and me?

The dictionaries say well-being is a noun and that it is a good or satisfactory condition or existence.

We can have money and security, and even perceived advantages over others at times, but that may not truly serve our best interest or well-being.  Did we have to give up a part of ourselves (our uniqueness) in order to gain that wealth and security?  If so, we may not really be contributing to our own sense of well-being.

What are some of the little things that add to your sense of well-being? Is there fluff that you could eliminate that would allow you to replace it with something that validates your well-being?  Perhaps practice, saying NO to others when you know that request to serve or provide something just doesn’t feel right to you.  Trust your instincts.  REMEMBER, you can always say, “Sorry, I have a prior commitment.”  They do not have to know that the commitment is to take care of your own sense of well-being.

For me – it would be a balance of what is important to me.  To look forward to those daily tasks that allows me to truly enjoy “being in the moment and knowing that all is well with me”. I honestly can say my well-being has never been better.  This is me just after a haircut/style last week after a chunk of about 7 inches of my hair broke off after a radiation treatment. Relatives wanted me to go short, but I knew that didn’t feel right, so I did what would nourish my sense of well-being.  I think it shows too.



Here’s hoping you will take a few minutes and access your sense of well-being!

My website has also added a real sense of well-being for me. To be able to express my passions and thoughts and not worry what others may think.  Please feel free to visit my blogs and many pictures at Reflections of My World.


Sharing in This Sense-ational Life: Complete the Circle

If Rosemary’s post inspires thoughts about how you can or do experience a Sense of Well Being in your own life, I invite you to share your thoughts in a post and enter that post address in the linky below.  Make sure to link back to this post so your readers can discover Rosemary’s thoughts on well being and wellness too. Then, check back for others (including myself) who will be writing about This Sense-ational Life.

Body Wisdom Project {Listen}

A few days ago I picked up an old journal. Inside I found an entry about wanting to pay closer attention to my body and promises that I would practice more self-care. The shift in my relationship with my body from that time to this is quite apparent.  Self-care one of my personal core values.  But, I crave a connection that is even deeper. I crave more peace, less doubt. I crave a level of understanding and interaction that can only come from a practice of listening to the wisdom my body offers.


This idea isn’t new to me. Over the last several months, I have been preparing to make this shift along with a dear friend of mine and dedicated blogger, Jessica from Hearth Roots. Mine and Jessica’s friendship has been centered around body wisdom from its very beginnings. She was my dance instructor, and I, her massage therapist. Several months ago we started seriously considering how to get the same level of connection with our bodies that we had in the good old days, when we were dancing regularly, when we were both wrapped up in finding a life mate, when we were discovering who we were as women.


We each wanted to tap into our body and seek it’s guidance and direction for the journey it wanted to lead.  We named our shared adventure the Body Wisdom Project.  It begins today, on the first New Moon of the New Year.

We have chosen a word to guide the Moonth’s focus: LISTEN.  As the Moon makes its way from darkness to full light, we will discover what it means to listen to the body and what the body wants us to know as we listen.  We will each share parts of our journey and lessons with you on our blogs and on a website we are creating as a sort of sacred meeting space for anyone interested in joining us in the Body Wisdom Project.

New Body Wisdom Moon: Listening

I close my eyes.
All around me are the swarms of life among which my body exists.
The rat-a-tat-tat of a game played in the next room,
neighbors or perhaps even strangers talking in the street in the middle of the night,
the cold, wet air of Winter seeping in from under the pier and beams.
Slight, sweet taste of pecan from dinner contrasts
the uneasy ache of restless nights that hibernates between my shoulders.

What does it mean to listen?

My awareness turns to the body.

Are the senses part of the body?
Those are the intelligence gathering agents between body and the world it lives in.
Separate. But related.

What does the body have to say tonight?

Breathe….she says.
Breathe in peace.
Rest in the breath.
Dance with the breath.
Know that you are the breath and the body.
You are the knowing.
When you show up to the body’s wisdom,
You are showing up to YOU.

With gratitude for the listening….



Getting Out of Your Own Way


January’s Creativity Tribe Party Line

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Creativity Tribe Party Line {Today}



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This Sense-ational Life {Connection}


Creativity Tribe Event….Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!  I have created a special way for us to connect with one another this year….Creativity Tribe Party Line!  It is the perfect way for us to explore what works in life and how to move forward with what wishes for improvement. Calls are free, so click the icon below to sign up for your spot. Isn’t it time me talked?!




This Sense-ational Life {Connection}

About five months ago when I was journaling at one of my favorite local cafe’s, I began thinking about the progress I had made in my life. I thought about some of the difficulties life had given me and some that I created for myself.  I thought about areas of my life that were blooming and just what had brought me to that spot….and I realized with much of the progress I had made that being mindful, being present sat the core of my healing.  As I was writing, I toyed with the thought that the more I got in touch with my senses, the more sense-ational my life became.


port a 123


The phrase was clever. I sat with it for a long time, musing over its playfulness and the wisdom it captured. Then I imagined sharing it with YOU.  Sharing This Sense-ational Life….a weekly challenge where we will explore some aspect of life that one might say is sensational. What a great way to connect with ourselves and others.

That’s what I do, you see.  I am sort of a connection junkie. I love a good connective relationship, one that makes me feel alive and that shows me something real about the person in front of me. And if the connection is super conductive, I know it because the person in front of me gets me…you know, really GETS me…and I get them.  That circular witnessing of one another is called reciprocity. It is the gem stone in a relationship for me.

Art Opening Light_pshop-1

Connecting often includes others senses. We listen to one another…and hear one another. We intuit meaning.  We share breath and create one moment after another.

I decided to begin This Sense-ational Life series with A Sense of Connection because it holds so much meaning for me personally and because this space is about that.  Connection has many nuances. Sometimes I try to hold a diagram of it in my head. One relationship can have many points of connection within it. The couple (be they lovers, friends, family, strangers, co-workers, or life coach and client) has a certain quality of connection to each other and each person has a connection to themselves.

This Sense-ational Life Touchstone

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