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    Heart Wisdom

    Hearts are tender…. They open and close like flowers chasing the sun, resting quietly in the shadow. Hearts are strong, resilient, and re-storing. Hearts are vessels which hold love, dispense love, receive love. They quiver gratefully in the presence of grace and resonate with courage when witnessing the need of another which is in any degree greater than our own need. Tonight my heart is all of this….quivering, blooming, courageous, and profoundly tender. For this night’s sleep, I will cradle it in the rocking of my chest as I breathe and marvel at its ability to be all I need it to be. Deep peace…..

  • Mixed Media Art

    Art Journal: Summer Solstice

    At the first of the year I discovered Galia Alena, a New Zealand based mixed media artist with a deep understanding of the creative spirit.  She and I were in the Fly Tribe Word Hop, sharing our words for the year.  Her offering was mesmerizing.  It was a video chronicling her journal process for exploring her word.  I loved it especially for its invitation to let intuition guide the process.  This is how my art usually evolves and I could appreciate witnessing that on her video. So when I got an invitation to participate as an instructor in Angels In My Studio 2013 and saw she is part of the…

  • Creative Growth,  meditation

    Hello Summer

    For the last several months, I have been attending a local Wednesday night meditation group that is exploring the use of cacao as a partner in our personal work.  The group is hosted by Rev. Shar of Lucid Waking, a show on A2Zen.fm.  Cacao is the plant that chocolate comes from.  Yep, I indulge in the yumminess of chocolate every week.  You know that feel-good thing that happens when you have a piece of chocolate?  Well, the kind of chocolate we use is very pure and has the qualities you would find in chocolate from heritage breed plants.  Even taking a little makes you feel a lot good. We also…

  • Creative Organization

    Creative Organizing Tips

    Keeping myself organized is a task I like to approach with creativity.  I love to blend fun with functional, play with practical.  And when I can, I go DIY on proven practices that help projects pop! Mind Maps For me, organizing my creative projects begins in my sketchbook.  I just couldn’t make it without Mind Maps.  These graphic idea generators are the perfect way to wrangle restless ideas so that they become a static picture.  It is amazing how a HUGE jumble of ideas can settle down into manageable clusters when they are categorized and connected this way. Favorite Tools Another favorite tool of mine is the simple manila folder.…

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  • Creative Growth,  Journey of the Inner Wanna Be's

    Following the Heart Home

    In early April I began toying with the idea of Inner Wanna Be’s.  These are the parts of ourselves who wish to find their way out into our extraordinary, animated lives.  I began with the Gypsy Wild Woman Inner Wanna Be, letting her guide me all the way up the middle of the US and back again to my South Texas home.  The ride was spectacular because I let fly a part of myself I had always wished to give wings. The Road became my friend during the journey.  It showed me things about myself I never thought I would learn by simply choosing to head out my front door.…

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  • Art Meets Life,  Crafting Time

    Crafting Time

    I like to break life up into time chunks.  I suppose all of humanity does that.  We measure it in minutes, days, weeks, months, seasons, years, etc.  As a creative, I use these time bits as a medium for crafting life.  The year begins and I am thinking back on what I loved, what I want to improve, and how to make the year to come fit the dreams I have for myself.  Each night, I envision the day to come, working through the rough places to help me think through what might be a tripping spot. Mondays are my days for Weekly Wishes, that place where I decide general…

  • Creative Growth

    Tweaking the Tribe: Finding Kindred Spirits

    Nine months ago, I took the leap from my WordPress blog to an independent, stand-on-my-own website that I built from scratch without much know-how.   When I first published it, I could clearly see some of the places I wanted to take the website and my business but some of the process and destination were hidden from my view.  The more comfortable I get here, the more it feels like home.  Like a fabulous fixer-upper, there is always something to work on, something to tweak, and some addition that would make it just right! The Creativity Tribe concept comes from a deep desire to help others get in touch with…

  • Body Wisdom Project,  This Sense-ational Life,  womanhood

    A Sense of imBalance

    My life has gotten out of balance….literally.  Last week I somehow twisted my knee.  I woke up one day to tightness, mild swelling, and an unstable joint.  When I wanted to walk, I had to hop and stoop to get around.  I am still all bent up.  The pain isn’t bad.  It just doesn’t really work right.  Needless to say, I am jumping into self-care mode to help get my knee what it needs. This afternoon I am headed to the chiropractor; tomorrow, a massage.  Even with that though, I think the quirk in my knee must be less about something physical and more about something desiring more balance in…

  • Classes,  Creative Growth

    Angels Calling, Creativity Answers

    Can you hear the whisper of angels among us?  Or perhaps faeries and sprites are your cup of tea.  Whatever the case, let your Creative Spirit spread its wings and fly! Register now for Angels In My Studio 2013. The magic begins on July 22. Angels In My Studio 2013 is an on-line art course that explores imagery of the winged ones and wee ones while helping you connect with your own deep spiritual self. What you get…. 5-month creative arts journey more than 10 art lessons 8 guided meditations writing prompts a supportive community a deep connection to the angels and other winged ones Get all the details about…

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  • Classes,  Creative Growth

    And the Winner Is…..

      When we give, we get….and I feel like this giveaway has been a huge gift for me.  What a lovely pouring out of interest in this course!  Your stories, your desire to connect with your creativity and spirituality is beautiful.  It makes me fall in love with life! Enough gushing though….here is what you came for! The winner of the Angels In My Studio 2013 Giveaway is Loz.  Your name and email will be shared with Sheri Ponzi over at Painting Herself Into Being for acceptance into the course.  Congratulations! Angels In My Studio 2013 If you didn’t win, take heart. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the angel loveliness.…