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    Paint Mojo Deja Vu

    Seems I have been down this road before! A year ago this weekend, I headed out for the Texas Hill Country for an art retreat with Aussie artist Tracy Verdugo.  The event was beautiful.  I was so moved by her painting style that I have been playing with and tweaking it for the past year.  When I found out she was making her way back to Texas, I jumped at the chance for a reunion.  I am calling it Paint Mojo Deja Vu! Note: You too can soon have a Paint Mojo experience.  Check out the pre-order option for Tracy’s upcoming book!  Paint Mojo {Making Life a Work of Art}…

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    When Life Gets BuZZy, Make Honey

    Life has recently gotten super busy.  Some of the busy-ness comes from bee-ing ready for more in my life.  More ease.  I feel as if a screen with a pattern on it came down in front of me and is insisting that I fit my life into its shape in order for me to go in the direction I wish.  I could stay where I am or go some other way, but if I want what I want, I must shift into this new way. So the new way means being better at some of the things I struggle most with.  Left brained kinda stuff.  You know, task oriented activities,…

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    Encouraging Creativity

      This is an invitation.  A calling to deepen your connection with a part of yourself that wants access to more of your life.  When we quiet the chatter in our heads enough that our hearts can be heard, we often detect the voice that quietly demands expression.  It wants to take you on a ride that you will never forget.  But fear has squelched it so often that it is threatening to go away. Where will it take us?  What will others think?  Are we doing it right?  What sacrifices will we have to make?  What will slip out once we open up? Good questions, all.  I don’t have…

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    In the Studio {Wild Child Art + Chia Seed Yummines}

    Making Art…Making Life The art below is out of my journal that is chronicling my journey since my uterine cancer diagnosis.  When I first drew her, I wasn’t in love with it.  Her hair was a little big and it just didn’t feel like I wanted to.  But then I decided to keep going, which is a great exercise in trusting the creative process. I used my Yasutomo shimmer water colors on her with a few strips of collage paper.  The image is edited to help her show up a bit better for the computer.  In real life she is super shimmery and almost glows. Looking at her now, I…

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    Surprise Gift from Universe {Holding Sacred Space}

    I have decided to engage a little experiment with the Universe this month.  I am asking it to open up the field of possibility and shower me with gifts. Surprise Gifts from the Universe: Everyday a Party! What abundance of support there is in this life! Last week I listed the surprise gifts I recognized from the Universe but today that didn’t feel quite right.  Maybe it is the state of mind I am in as I am sitting down to write this.  I feel so grateful for the people in my life.  I have so many rich relationships and many of them are based around personal growth and discovery.…

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    Body Wisdom + Trance-Formation

    Body Wisdom Wednesday is a new series for me.  It invites me into relationship with all my bodies…the physical, spiritual, and emotional.  I invite the bodies to dance with my intuition and creativity, finally capturing something of myself with a small image on a card to add to my growing collection. I have been cultivating Body Wisdom for decades.  It is amazing what the body knows….what it remembers.  For example, when I was very, very young I had a traumatic event take place.  I never forgot the happening, but I was so young that I didn’t have a sense of exactly where it happened in my hometown.  One day when…

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    Lessons from Gravity the Movie {spoiler free}

    This Sense-sational Life is a blogging series that came out of my realization that the more I explore life and get a sense of its nuances (including the literal senses and figurative ones) the more my life feels sensational. A Sense of Gravity I watched Gravity, the movie, this afternoon with my hubby.  I donned the 3D glasses, munched on some popcorn, sipped from a cup with two straws and held on tight to my man when things in the movie felt a little too close to real life.  I promise not to give anything away, except for the fact that this movie shouldn’t be missed. It may sound odd…

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    Seeking Sanctuary {Building a Self-Love Altar}

    Seeking Sanctuary in the Self  Seeking Sanctuary in the Self is a deepening of a practice I have been cultivating for years.  It is about falling deeply in love with who I am and trusting in myself.  Right now it is an organic process that pulls in art, meditation, intuitively working with my essential oils and crafting my relationships with other so that they honor what is important to me.  Selfish?  No, I feel like that is something due each of us.  Including those I am in relationship with. This month I will be sharing some inkling from my Seeking Sanctuary practice.  I thought Sunday would be a good day…

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    New Moon Mystery

    In the dark of the Moon, Mystery blooms.  It invites you to let go of all those yearnings and all the drives that move you forward.  It calls you to slow down and just be.  Be with.  Be in unknowing.  Be nothing.  Let go of the striving.  Let go of yesterday and tomorrow.  And sit in the silence of all that you are and all that you are not. Be prepared there may be anxiety in this space.  We aren’t used to the empty.  We try so desperately to fill it up so we don’t have to feel, don’t have to face simple existence.  Make friends with this Mystery sisters…

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    Inside Creativity Tribe Studio

    I have been a busy little Creative lately.  The studio is a royal mess… I say royal because I think it reflect a bit of Queen of Creativity vibe to it which I take in stride.  All that creativity is coming out of a desire to express the big journey my life is taking as I live with cancer until my upcoming surgery.  I know I mention it often in my posts, but my life really revolves around that deep self-care these days and I want to share that part of my journey with you. I feel like we all have something that drives us closer to care for yourselves.…