• Mixed Media Art

    Vision Board Workshop

    Vision Board Workshop Art Center of Corpus Christi Saturday, September 6th 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm  Instructor: Rachél Payne Cost: $35, Supply List Below They say if you can see it you can achieve it! Vision boards help us focus on what we want to create in life while giving us a daily reminder of what is important so we can steer our life in the right direction. Creating a vision board with others is a great way to officially claim our goals. Join Life Coach and Artist, Rachél Payne, for a workshop that helps you create a visual representation of your dreams and makes your goals come to life right in…

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  • Creative Living Studio

    Creativity Tribe: A Creative Living Studio

      Just two years ago this coming September, I breathed life into Creativity Tribe.  I stepped into the website with a lot of vision for the future and enough know-how to get me started on my journey.  I had never built a website before, but I was determined to create the sanctuary of my dreams. Over the last two years, my life took turns I never would have foreseen.  I took off on a cross-country solo journey to teach at a Live Laugh Love Retreat in Wisconsin and just a few months into arriving home discovered I had Uterine Cancer.  I spent a good portion of this last year hunkering…

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  • meditation,  spirituality

    Sacred Cacao Highlights: First Time

    Sacred Cacao Circles I am excited to begin offering face-to-face personal development work with ceremonial grade cacao.  My first public gathering will be in conjunction with a Red Tent Event at the end of August.  As a lead up to event, I want to share stories of my cacao journey with you.   My first time to sit with cacao was during a time just before Creativity Tribe was fleshed out as a website, so I am starting us off with a look back to July 2012. Originally posted at Art of Collecting Yourself, my first blog. Please look for a series of posts following this one that are designed to…

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  • spirituality

    Sacred Cacao Ceremony: A Red Tent Event

     My Journey with Sacred Cacao Two years ago, I stepped into my first Sacred Cacao Circle.  The circle was ripe with possibility…..and so was I.   I was greeted there by some of my dearest friends who had experienced cacao in the Highlands of Guatemala with a man many of them referred to as the Chocolate Shaman….also known as Keith.  He was there that night, in the little city in Texas that I call home.  The Chocolate Shaman had come to us. As I drank my first cup of warm cacao, I felt my heart open.  My body felt relaxed and alive all at the same time.  Keith made his…

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  • Moon Mystery

    Full Body…Full Moon

    Full Body…Full Moon I am honoring my Full Body this Full Moon. We love Her full body…can’t keep our eyes off of it. She fills up the sky with a brightness that draws us out, into the dark. We turn our heads to Her. Call friends and family to point out Her majesty. We tell stories about Her, that old woman in the sky. I say, “She is my Grandmother…. Our roundness and light run in the family!” And so, this month, as I look into that expanse above With adoration for Her Fullness, I will remember that what I love in Her I should also adore in myself. An…

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