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Creativity Tribe Speaks One Little Word

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 Creativity Tribe Speaks is a series that invites members of the Creativity Tribe Facebook Group to become part of this blog’s voice.  Prompts are posted in the group to help members consider ways in which they craft their lives. Included are the sharings from all kinds of people.  Professional makers, DIY enthusiasts, weekend crafters, wish-makers, risk takers, wanna-be Gypsies, life-loving Bohemians …..Creatives.  This is what they have to say.

Creativity Tribe Speaks One Little Word

Photo of Linda Gambrill   Uncluttered: getting rid of old baggage,piles of “stuff”, clearing my mind, all for new positive things in my life.
~Linda Gambrill, artist & wise woman

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Focused on feeling good about myself.
LeeAnn DeLeon,  photographer & student of self-care

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Grace: To move and interact with one’s environment with ease and fluidity. To exhibit a natural exchange of giving and receiving blessing.
~Eric Payne, artist & husband extraordinaire 

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Love, teaching , and balance:  I wish to have a place where women can blog about real stuff in life and talk about Essentail oils and the health benefit and to make it as comforting as possible with prayer.
~Patsy Kusek from Natural Ways of Healing

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Lorene BoulterFocus:  The word focus chose me this year! I’ve taken on many challenges for 2015, and I’ll need plenty of focus to accomplish them: art classes, swaps, guest teaching, besides all of my creative endeavors.  I need to focus on clearing out the old to make space for new. Change is good. I feel it’s time to let go of some past I’ve held on to!
Lorene Boulter at Artistry at Piccadilly Square 

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Let Go:  This has been a process (I don’t know if I want to use a journey metaphor)–internal, intellectual, emotional….Many signs have confirmed that yes, it is time to let go….whatever was–both the precious and the disheartening–simply “was”…..let go… is the time to rely on strength, circle of arms, cadre of friends, and “be” what I am becoming.
Leigh Craft, Red Tent of Corpus Christi

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flower mandalaPatience:  Not the funnest of words or goals in my world, but one that is required this year if I want some things to happen in my life. It’s also the hardest thing for me to do.  I am an action person.  I have an idea and then instantly want to make it happen…. when some things really do require the opposite to blossom.
Catrina Phillips, artist

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Change: And by that I mean in my innermost self that has been not so happy for too many years. I have many reasons to be happy and positive in my life and I want to really get in touch with those. Also a change in my creativity. I love to “make stuff” but I find I get stifled and not flowing. I need to let myself go and be free. Want to let go of some things in my past.
Mary Sue Walker, lover of creativity

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Lena Anani

Collaboration: I’m opening myself up to collaborate with more people this year, creating more opportunities to feel good and make magic with like-minded people from all over the world to catalyze a larger ripple effect of awesomeness.
Lena Anani, 

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Grace: I wanted to remind myself as a special needs mother that sometimes my patience can be tested with therapists, case managers, teachers, parapros, psychiatrists, speech therapy, occupational therapy and many more. I can be challenged in everyday life by people or situations as many of us are, and sometimes, I can get a bit short with people. My goal with grace being my word of the year is to remind myself to try to handle things with more grace and less irritation. We are all doing the best we can with what we have to work with, and I have to just keep reminding myself that.

Also on the creative aspect, Grace as a verb (Graced) means to add beauty or decorate. I have stifled so much of my creativity the past few years, and I have so much creative energy floating around that I really wanted to harness and hone in on tp make some really amazing creations this year.
~Heather Ryno, Nourished Soul Coaching  

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Balance: My word is Balance, (maybe.. there are so many things I struggle with) but I think balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual. How to learn to take care of myself in these ways so that I can take care of others in the same ways. The balance of doing or thinking for or of me, and also others without one or the other suffering for it.

~Aletia Stewart, web designer

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sandra at falls circle

Happening! This year will be about making things happen. Whether it be spending time with family and being more creative or exploring adventures together. I will be focused, I will be healthy – it will happen!
~Sandra Goł, registered nurse who loves to connect with people

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Creativity Tribe Facebook GroupCreativity Tribe Speaks One Little Word began as a prompt encouraging creatives to investigate hearts for insight that might shape their lives.  Dive into the rich experience of infusing your life with creativity.  Join the conversation on the Creativity Tribe Facebook Group.


Gathering Creativity Tribe

gathering creativity tribe

When I sat down to think about where Creativity Tribe wished to grow in 2015, I just kept coming back to YOU.

Gathering Creativity Tribe!

blooming line 2

I usually pick one word to guide my year, but this year I picked two, one personal and one professional. I have been writing about creativity for years now.  This year I am leaning into the next word of my business title and focusing in on Tribe.  It’s my professional Word for the Year.

tribe wings

This is the time for gathering Creativity Tribe: the people, the connections, the reflecting to one another what we see when we look into the heart of someone who revers the powerful force that creativity plays in our lives.

That action of creating life, of sculpting our reality, of calling in something of the soul is at the heart of Creativity Tribe.

Faces of Creativity Tribe

Takes Creatives to Build a Tribe

Another part of connecting with Creatives is offering a space for awesome people to discover other awesome people.  With that in mind, I have designed a page on the site that features creative blogs.  Faces of Creativity Tribe is a page with a linky showcasing close to 50 blogs.  There is definitely room for more!  Have a Creative Blog?  Jump over and connect!

I also have a Creativity Tribe Badge that creative bloggers can proudly post on their blog letting others know they identify themselves as a Creative.  Claim your creativity!

Tech Talk:  (Simply copy the text in the box below and insert it into a text widget on your sidebar. )

My Button

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Creativity Tribe Facebook Group

Creativity Tribe Facebook Group

We are gathering Creativity Tribe on Facebook. Over 300 Creatives are part of our Creativity Tribe Facebook group.  I encourage them to share their art, creative process, thoughts on creative living, and support one another’s creative spirits!  Click the banner above to join!

Collaborative Posts

Within the Creativity Facebook Group you will find regular opportunities to join me in a blog post.  I toss over a post prompt, and the Tribe chimes in with their responses.  Then, I scoop up their comments and blog about it!

The first collaborative post explored tips the Creativity Tribe uses to Re-ignite their Creative Spirit.   Check back next week for Creativity Tribe’s words for the year.

Are you a Gr8Full Cre8ive?

In the Fall of 2014, I announced that I had been invited to join the instructor team over at Cre8ive Klatch.  I am thrilled to share that I am now officially partnering with CK for the Gr8Full Cre8ives Project.

Daily prompts for grateful creatives on creative klatch dot com

We are inviting Cre8ives to practice cultivating gratitude with us by offering them daily prompts.  You can find the prompts on Instagram or the Cre8ive Klatch website. We are posting to Instagram, Facebook, and blogs with the hashtags… #gr8fullcre8ives #creativitytribe #cre8iveklatch.

More to come…..

I am also working with my Word for the Year, Tribe, within my love of blending art, creativity, personal growth, and spirituality.  I have more workshops, classes, and gatherings planned both online and in-person.

gathering creativity tribe checklist

Seeing it all written out feels ah-mazing!  Can you feel that excitement about connecting with others who see the world through glitter colored glasses?!  Let me make it easy to connect.  Here is a list.

Gathering Creativity Tribe …. get you some!

  • Subscribe by clicking the box below the Hello Creatives Selfie
  • Join the Creativity Tribe Facebook Group
  • Post your blog to the Faces of Creativity Tribe Page
  • Grab the Badge for your own blog.
  • Explore other blogs from the Faces of Creativity Tribe page, and let them know you are one of their Creativity Tribe peeps!
  • Head over to Cre8ive Klatch and grab up the prompts for this week.  We will be looking for your gratitudes.
  • Leave a comment, and let me know you were here.

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Choosing One Little Word

creativegrowthOne Little Word for the Year

For the past 4 years, I have enjoyed choosing one little word to guide my year.  I discovered this practice from Ali Edwards.  It has been the crowning jewel of my intention setting for year.

This practice of mining for just the right word and allowing it to take me into the new year, places me somewhere between an intention, a wish, and a destination.  This year I have jazzed up my one little word for the year ritual by choosing a word for my personal life and another for my professional life, knowing that the two words will be like sisters to one another in the crafting of my overall life.

My Personal One Little Word for the Year: Sizzle

one little word for the year: sizzle

I usually begin dreaming on what my word will be towards the end of November and have it by New Year’s Eve.  I never know how it will come.

This year, I knew I wanted a word to express my desire to truly follow my creative impulse and to boldly embrace sharing my wildest, craziest, most exquisite creativity with the world.  I have been feeling myself holding back, editing myself and my ideas.  But I want to live this year with gumption!

I was with some of my spiritual sisters during a women’s gathering just before the new year as one of the women took us through a mediation to connect with the essence of fire in ourselves.  I have a blazing love for fire (yah, I went there!) and was drawn into the imagery.  I felt the fire, felt the flames, heard the ……then it hit me, the word.  SIZZLE!  I wanted that alive, fired up, hot dancing, vivacious expression of energy.  I wanted to feel the sizzle, explore sizzle, live sizzle, and be sizzle.

Cardboard Mixed Media Word for the Year Art

And so, I began playing with that word and, as is part of my tradition, I let it find its way into my art.  I am excited to share my latest mixed media project with you.  Art with an intention….that’s part of my sizzle!

Discover These One Little Word Projects

cardboard mixed media inspiration hanger project

My Professional One Little Word for the Year
(all the juicy details Wednesday!)

I have so much I want to share about my professional One Little Word for the Year that I want to save it up for a post of its own.  I am excited because it has to do with you.  I can’t wait to share it.

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