A Puppy Named Clarity

I have been talking a lot about my dreams recently, to friends, in my journal, on the blog.  I am a bit preoccupied with them and for good reason. They are at my doorstep. I feel like the girl who always wanted a puppy and woke up to discover that the one she had in a picture tucked in the pocket over her heart was now in front of her. There are all kinds of things to do with a puppy once you get it!

You can toss it a bone or a ball. Run around the park with it. Let it lick you on the face until you are giggly and gooey. You have to brush it, bathe it, feed it, walk it. Take it to the vet….yah, you get the picture. It is fun but comes with certain responsibilities. That is what my dreams feel like right now.

I am jumping up and down, pinching myself. Is this real? And then I remember…I have a retreat to get ready for and paintings to work on. I have to keep up with the e-course, make sure the forum is working, and decide which of my groovy ideas to share with the world next. Ah, the pressures of life lived in the midst of your-dreams-come-true.

But don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love where my life is at the moment. I am so keen on doing more so I can share more. But that is what having a puppy does to you. It gets you out of bed and playing. Sure you have responsibilities, but think of all the love it gives back in return.

So I am tending to my dreams, paying attention to them in a holistic way.  Asking what they need from me to grow and thrive.  How can I get all my lovely ideas out so I can bless the world with them?

Well, I am turning to my One Little Word for 2012: clarity.  I searched for just the right word to guide me through the year. For the last 9 months, it has shown up in fortune cookies, conversations, dreams, and writings to remind me that this year is the year when I have clarity of vision and can get focused.

With clarity as my guide, I am spending the weekend indulging in self-discovery. I am looking at a collection of awesome business e-books, videos, and guides I collected throughout the year to help inspire me into getting clear about the direction Creativity Tribe is going in the year to come.

I feel  a wave of energy behind me. What will come out on the other side? Your guess is as good as mine. But if the exuberance in my heart speaks anything for what will be birthed, I can tell you it is going to be great!

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  1. I am excited that you are excited, Clarity is a wonderful thing. All the best 🙂

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