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Angels & Faeries Week: Power Animals

Angel Week 4

Welcome to Angels and Faeries Week!  I am celebrating the countdown to the grand opening of Angels In My Studio 2013 by sharing some of my favorite winged, spirited, and energetic artwork. Angels In My Studio 2013 is a 5 month online class that goes to that space where art and mystery, creativity and imagination meet.  As part of the art course, each week you will be invited to explore angelic imagery through art and guided meditations.

Featuring Power Animal Art

When I was a toddler, my parents gave me a stuffed animal, a small red fox. I didn’t play with baby dolls then, I just wanted my fox. What was it about that little fox that felt so comforting? Was it the bright vital color, the softness of its fur? Was it the sweet face?

Over time, the color faded, the fur got loved off, the nose tore, and only one eye remains (yes, I still have it!) I think it felt alive to me, like a friend and a protector.

Over the course of my life, various animals took places of value for one reason or another. I kept seeing them pop up here or there, perhaps I dreamed of them, felt the need to draw them, or spent time fascinated by them more than others.  As I got older, I began referring to them as my power animals because it felt like I was learning from them, taking comfort in them, and that they helped me stay connected to the wild, uninhibited part of myself.

The idea of a power animal comes from the spiritual traditions of many cultures, especially those that are more nature oriented. We may think of them purely as part of a shamanic belief system, but I would bet that most people can relate to feeling close to a certain animal. Perhaps thinking back, you may find an animal calling out to you which has meaning and connection. Could that be your power animal?


Grandmother Butterfly invites eyes of transformation.

My power animals often show up as drawings in my art journals with messages of support, guidance, or shared wisdom. Sometimes the drawings arise out of some scribble or doodle that takes on the shape of the animal, sometimes it comes from a meditation or dream. However it comes, I try to explore it and see if it has any applications in my life.

Owl Art

Owl sees that even in the dark there is light.


One of the most powerful dreams I have ever had involved a raven. The night before I started graduate school to study counseling, I dreamed I was going to a magical school where I was learning to be a healer and where I would have to learn to fly and protect myself. Beside me was the raven. It was as much my teacher as the wise woman heading the class.  In the dream, we took to the skies. It was invigorating and felt like my inner world was letting me know just how committed I should be to my outer studies. That next morning when I arrived at class, a black bird sat outside the door of the building. It looked at me, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it had dreamed about me the night before.


A Guide for my Journey

Whether or not we believe in the actual existence of animal spirit guides isn’t necessarily the important lesson to take away with us from this post.  For me, life is full of so much mystery that if I had to verify everything  before I found value it in, I might live a boring, unfulfilled life.  Instead, I choose to let go of believing and hold onto playing with the idea, symbolism and stories that want to unravel in my imagination….and my heart.

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