How Creativity is Like a Good Massage

Many, many moons ago, while working at an art museum as an Arts Educator, I decided to study massage therapy.  When I told the museum director, he looked at me baffled.  He told me he thought the idea of a creative professional also doing massage felt like two disconnected ideas.  It seemed to me to make perfect sense, so I took a moment to explain to him how creativity is like a good massage.


I have been thinking of this recently as I find my creativity cramping up, as it often does for Creatives.  When a massage therapist works on a muscle, she loosens it up, then often will apply a bit of pressure to the sweet spot (also known as a pressure point).  The pressure point is much like a magical button that will release the whole of the muscle after just a little work.

She looks for it with her hands, and when she finds it, she applies pressure.  She will notice the muscle squirming, quivering, and resisting. She can back off a bit or even apply a bit more pressure.  If she pushes too hard, the muscle won’t relax.  If she doesn’t give enough, she may miss getting all she can release. But if she finds a balance, she will notice the muscle melting like chocolate under the warmth of her hand.


Creativity that is all kinked up can be released in this same way.  It requires a bit of pressure to get it to give in and get moving again.  Not enough pressure, and we can stay stuck for some time.

What does getting unstuck creatively look like?

We can get stuck in our creativity in a number of ways.  We get in a rut, doing the same thing and hoping for different results.  We always paint with the same colors.  We always sit at our favorite desk.  We look to the same things for inspiration.  Or, we expect the same results out of a process we are bored with.  We have been drawing trees for years.  They are beautiful.  Maybe people even know us for our trees, so the fact that we are thinking about dance or poetry feels like a risk so big we are shut down.The sun shines between the shade of dark gratitude in our lives

What do I mean by pressure?

Applying pressure can look like a few different things.  I think sitting and looking at the block is a great place to start.  Who wants to sit with that?  We want to get beyond the creative block, not look at it.  But getting quiet and saying… What is this block about? … can give a voice to the block that will give us insight or inspiration.

Applying pressure can also be about throwing another element into the arena.  (In massage, it is the finger or hand.)  But for creativity it may be exploring the same subject but with different color or adding collage to your painting process.  It may be changing the beat in music or starting your cooking session with prayer.  Adding a new element forces the same old thing to take a new shape… us a new perspective.


My favorite way to add a bit of pressure is to invite someone else into the picture.  Yes…we can always massage ourselves.  But…when we have someone else, it is way better!

When we are creating, we can add a person by co-working.  I love painting with others or collaborating.  Sometimes we can work on the same project or even just working side by side is energizing in a way that we don’t get alone.  (Note: always make sure the person you create with is emotionally safe for you.  Take care of your Inner Creative.)

Scheduling a show can be great pressure because it adds an audience.  You can decide to take place in a group art show, an open mic, or even just a show-and-tell at your home.  It creates a sense of urgency that nearly always gets creativity dancing under your finger until it melts into sweet chocolatey flow!

Partnering with a Life Coach who understands the creative process can also be a great way to add a person into the process.  As a Life Coach and Sacred Creativity Guide, I am able to honor where you are while helping you move out of that space and into the next phase of your journey.

I would love to hear some of your tricks and tips for getting your creativity flowing by using gentle pressure.  And if that has been counter productive, I would love to hear that too.  It is great to learn from each other.  The Creativity Tribe is listening!

Rachel Payne with Creativity Tribe. Life Coach, Expressive Arts Facilitator, artist, spirituality, creativity


Visioning Creativity Tribe 2016

visioning creativity tribe

Visioning Creativity Tribe

The beginning of a new year begs us to look into our hearts and claim the vision we see there.  I adore what my heart has been whispering to me about Visioning Creativity Tribe.  It is encouraging me to reach out and connect with more people, to create more opportunities…. events, workshops, e-courses, meet ups, and ceremonies… to help others discover what lives in their hearts.

As a Life Coach and Sacred Creativity Guide, helping others craft their life brings me a lot of joy.  I know what it is like to occasionally need a hand wrangling the stampede of ideas, worries, fears, and hopes that make their way through the mind on any given day.  Having tools and a few tricks can really make a big difference.

Favorite Tip for Visioning: Get Sensual

Bringing a vision to life can be challenging.  Often, self-doubt gets in the way.  The more you can flesh out the idea, the easier it is for your mind to grasp onto it and pull it into your reality.  My favorite way to do this is to bring the senses into my vision.  This simple tip will help you bring your visions to life.

As you imagine what your vision will be like as it comes to life, imagine it with all your senses.  How will your vision tastes, smells, moves, sounds, or feels?

For example, if you are visioning better health you can imagine the feel of the sun on your skin as you are walking at the local Botanical Garden.  Take it further and see the flowers, the dew on the pedals, the sound of the birds….bring the vision into a 3D  experience.

If you are visioning financial security, you can sensualize that vision by imagining the feel of your favorite pen in your hand as you write out a budget that includes a growing philanthropic fund and a nest egg.  Imagine how your money will take shape in your life and the lives of others.  Imagine the eyes of the child who is blessed by the vitality your gifts will bring.  You may imagine the most amazing Middle Eastern dinner that you share with friends, Moroccan music playing in the back ground, and the smell of chia wafting through the air.  Let the senses go wild.

Getting Sensual while Visioning Creativity Tribe

I am a visual person…so when I discovered Biteable, I thought it would be a fun way to paint out in video the essence of Creativity Tribe’s journey for 2016.  Visions start with a feeling, an inking, and a dream.  And the clearer we get, the more they flesh out.  These are seeds…..enjoy.

Rachel Payne with Creativity Tribe. Life Coach, Expressive Arts Facilitator, artist, spirituality, creativity


One Little Word 2016

one little word intention setting

One Little Word for 2016

I am always looking for creative ways to help me guide my life in the direction of my heart, my passions, and my dreams.  In 2012 when I discovered Ali Edward‘s One Little Word project, I delighted in the idea.  The practice has become an annual tradition for me, my family, and much of the Creativity Tribe. It is an important part of my work as a Life Coach and Sacred Creativity Guide.

Choosing My One Little Word

In years past, my one word for the year has come to me in various ways.  It isn’t uncommon for it to come to me weeks before the end of the year.  This year, the days ticked away and nothing felt right.  Finally, on the night before New Year’s Eve, I felt my mind playing with a new idea.

I realized there were a few thing in my life that I felt were important to having a healthy, enjoyable human experience that I just wasn’t doing.  If pressed to answer why, I wouldn’t easily be able to say, but I could feel something was holding me back from my best life.  I could also feel certain limiting beliefs that were ready to be challenged.  I wanted the shifting of these blocks to be the focus of the year.  Wouldn’t life feel so much more free if they were!?

Art In Process

One Little Word to Create Great Shift

I played with various words…. elevate, radiate, shift….then I felt transcendence.  I was laying in bed, in the dark.  The letters were swirling around with the sounds in my imagination, and transcendence became… trance-n-dance. I thought it was funny.  I welcomed the new perspective.  That shift is what I was asking for.

What does trance-n-dance mean to me?

One week in mid-November a friend, Phyllis Lejeune, came to stay with us.  Phyllis is affectionately referred to by a few dear friends as a Cajun Mystic.  She is funny, a wonderful storyteller, sage, and artist of life.  She also facilitates Trance Dance.

Phyllis Lejeune, Trance Dance, Cajun Mystic

My mind drifted to the first moments of the Trance Dance ceremony with Phyllis.

I am blindfolded.  I know where I am but can no longer see my surroundings.  Others are around me, also blindfolded.  I have just breathed my intention into the bandana which is now shutting out the light.  The music begins to offer a beat, and Phyllis tells us to remain seated until our bones call us into movement.  I wait.  Then the bones begin to move.  I am journeying in the dark, body moving: twitching, swaying, bouncing, writhing, releasing, inviting, crying, laughing, living.  And then silence, stillness, ….and yes, transcendence.

Starla in the Dark 500

Sometimes life feels like this.  Moving blindly in the dark with just an intention and my bones to get me through to the other side. This is the essence of intentional living.  And if I am lucky, I discover something about the self and existence along the way.

So this is my practice for 2016….explore transcendence as trance-n-dance.  Yes, I will be dancing blindfolded on occasion. I will also be exploring the more existential, symbolic dance in the dark, the LIFE dance of sacred creativity….with only my inner light to guide me.

Trance Dance One Little Word

Do you have an annual tradition for directing your life?  A tradition for creative living?  I would love to hear about it.  Share in the comments below or join our conversation over at the Creativity Tribe Facebook Group.

Rachel Payne life creativity coach

Creativity Tribe Events

Creativity Tribe Events

Creativity Tribe events are great ways to connect with your creativity and spirituality.  It is also a lovely way to grow your connection to other Creative Spirits.

…workshops, playshops, pop-up’s, classes, speaking engagements, ceremonies, get-togethers, happenings….

I will fill in the details as I get them. You will be the first to know!

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Vision Board Candle Blessing Ceremony

vision board candles

Vision Board Candle Blessing Ceremony
January 8, 2016 6:30-8:3- pm
at Lotus Dreams Tea (Corpus Christi, Texas)
$25 energy exchange

Me & My Shadow Tea Party

I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul. by Pablo Neruda
Saturday, January 16, 2016 1:00-4:00 pm
Event: Me & My Shadow Tea Party
with Red Tent of Corpus Christi
Love Offering

Intuitive Mandala Readings
Creativity Tribe Events: Intuitive Mandala Readings with Rachel Payne

Saturday, January 23, 2016 2-5 pm
Event: Intuitive Mandala Readings
includes 20 minute intuitive session and personalized work of art
at Spiritual Conceptions Metaphysical Shop (Corpus Christi, Texas)
$35 energy exchange

Saturday, February 13, 2016 1:00-3:30 pm
Manifestation Candle Workshop
Soul Center at Magnolia House (Rockport, Texas)
$35 energy exchange

Sunday, February 14, 2016
Inner Cosmos Mandala Workshop
Unity Spiritual Center (Corpus Christi, Texas)
$35 energy exchange

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Sacred Cacao Ceremony. An invitation to tend to your sacred heart.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

I’ve just come from guiding a sacred cacao ceremony. I playfully call it the Chocolate Temple Journey.  It was an intimate gathering.  Each individual came for their own personal reason. We each sat, sipping a cup of warm, rich chocolate made with sacred cacao from Guatemala. We shared what called us to explore our inner landscape during this particular gathering. And then, each of us gently opened ourselves to the see what aspect of life wanted to join our collective playtime for the evening.

Chocolate Temple Journal, reflections on sacred cacao and the inner templeCT Blog Line Page SeparatorThis Chocolate Temple Journal is a collection of my personal reflections on sacred cacao and the inner sanctuary of Self and Source.  I share some of my thoughts here to give you an idea of where the spirit of cacao can take us when we invite it to partner with us on a journey of self-inquire and self-discovery.

Excerpts from the Chocolate Temple Journal

The chocolate elixir was especially creamy tonight…and the cayenne pepper gave it a good kick! I remember thinking that it was as rich and silky as the deep ah-ha’s the group shared with me.  I remember thinking the circle of my cup felt like a tiny representation of the Universe…the Universe I live in and the Universe that exists inside of me.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Rachel Payne of Creativity Tribe

Big ideas often come after drinking cacao, and this sacred cacao ceremony was no different.

I felt clumsy in the beginning.  But in all actuality, that was perfect.  The group was small, made up half of cacao ceremony regulars and half of those new to the plant and the process.

I could sense excitement and a bit of discomfort in the group.  I think the discomfort was simply coming from walking into a new experience.  Even those who had come many times to sit with cacao had never come to a group soley guided by me.  I spontaneously found myself talking about this place we found ourselves in….this Unknowing. I felt Spirit guiding my sharing.

I dove in….

I confessed to feeling clumsy.  I confessed to feeling starkly aware that we were all moving into uncharted territory….especially those of us who were used to drinking cacao together for years in a circle guided by another who we all respected dearly and had gotten into a comfortable groove with.  I confessed to feeling nervous about showing off my own personal groove.

I felt naked….but calling myself out, transparently claiming my vulnerability felt empowering.  I laughed and boldly stated that my intention for the night was to lean into my experience and courageously be as clumsy and awkward as I needed to do what I felt guided to do for the group.

They all laughed with me.  I gave myself permission to showed up flawed and authentic, and as I did, I felt the group shift.  They leaned into the Mystery of the evening with me.

And the Mystery was beautiful.

Sacred Cacao CeremonySacred Cacao Ceremony

Would you like to join me for a cup of Sacred Cacao?  Would you like to explore the Chocolate Temple…that space where Self and Sacred meet?

Let’s craft a sacred cacao ceremony together.  I am happy to work one-on-one and in small groups.  This can be a powerful way to connect with your spiritual self and dive into creativity.  Simply contact me for details.

Contact Rachél Payne

Rachel Payne Sacred Creative Life CoachRachel Payne life creativity coach

Eclectic Soul Podcast

encouraging creativityEclectic Soul Podcast

This last week I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon visiting with Cindy Jones Lantier of Spiritual Guidance for the Eclectic Soul for her Eclectic Soul Podcast.  Cindy is a spiritual mentor who’s podcast inspires those walking their own spiritual path.  Eclectic Soul is a practical guide for navigating a fulfilling and meaningful spiritual life with integrity, resonance…. and just a bit of woo. 

Cindy and I have worked together for several years now, supporting one another as visioning partners, brainstorm buddies, and good friends.  When she approached me about the interview, I felt felt deeply honored to be included.

rachel payne unique spiritual voice radical selfie love

My Unique Spiritual Voice

I have always known my spiritual path was unique, quirky, and yes, even eclectic.  Being given the opportunity to share my own personal take on spirituality gave me a lot to think about.  As Creatives, anytime we express our heart’s desire, we risk judgement.  Courageous creativity is all about bold, radical self-expression.  In the podcast, I talk about that kind of vulnerability in relation to expression of spirituality as well.  If you have ever felt tender hearted about sharing your beliefs, you may be able to relate.

You can find the interview, along with highlights, and the quote I chose to share over at the Eclectic Soul Podcast. Click below….

eclectic soul podcast with Cindy Jones Lantier and Rachel Payne

Join me in the Creativity Tribe FB Group for a discussion about eclectic spirituality as well.

Creativity Tribe Facebook GroupCT Blog Line Page Separator

Sacred Creativity Guide

Rachel Payne Sacred Creative Life Coach

Rachel Payne life creativity coach

Chocolate Temple Journey

Creativity Tribe's sacred cacao ceremony, a chocolate temple journey.Chocolate Temple Journey

Do you yearn for deeper more intimate connections with yourself, your community, and with the Earth? In this journey, our sacred chocolate will invite all your senses to come out and play.

What if you could connect with your own inner sanctuary in a magical yet practical way that would give you access to the wealth of wisdom and personal potential that awaits you? Chocolate Temple Journey is a creative visualization tool that connects you with your inner sacred space and gives you the keys to put that space to use in your life.

Chocolate Temple Journey
November 7th, 2015
3:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Chapel of Spiritual Light
Spiritual Empowerment Center
1203 Santa Fe Street
Corpus Christi, Texas

EarlyBird Special $40
good through Thursday, 11/5
At-the-Door $50

Reveal the beauty and truth of Who You Are.

Chocolate Temple Ticket-2

Chocolate Temple Journey
EarlyBird Special

Facebook event:
Chocolate Temple Journey

CT Blog Line Page SeparatorA Note from your Chocolate Temple Journey guide:

I look forward to joining you in this intimate, multi-sensory space… this playshop… where our sacred chocolate can guide your heart to the place where wisdom and wildness meet creativity and spirit.
Rachel Payne Sacred Creative Life CoachRachel Payne life creativity coach

Creative Rebel E-Magazine Launch Party

Collaborative CreativesCreative Rebel E-Magazine Launch Party

I am excited to be one of the contributors for the Creative Rebel E-Magazine Launch Party from Creative Rebel Studios.  Creative Rebel E-Magazine includes articles, tips, interviews, and artwork by artists, musicians, poets, creatives, and photographers.  October is the first issue, and it promises to inspire!

Rachel Payne writes for Creative Rebel E-Magazine

To join the festivities, including giveaways ranging from life coach sessions to card readings, free class spots to free advertising, join me and the other Creative Rebel’s for the Online Launch Party.

Creative Rebel E-Magazine
Online Launch Party

Friday, October 9, 2015
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm CDT
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm EDT

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Find the e-magazine here…
Creative Rebel E-Magazine

Creativity Tribe’s giveaway is a small painting featuring a woman.  The piece is an intuitive painting during a time of self-exploration.  It celebrates the colors of Fall and offers an invitation to go to the sanctuary within.

This intuitive work of art invites the viewer to go within.

If you are interested in submitting for the November issue of Creative Rebel, you can find guidelines and inspiration on the Creative Rebel Website.

See you at the Launch!

Rachel Payne Life Coach, Sacred Creativity Guide

Rachel Payne life creativity coach

Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit

Pop-up Sanctuary Creativity Tribe

Recently, I created Creativity Tribe’s first Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit.  I was invited to participate as support staff at MindFit 5K, designed to bring education and attention to Depression Awareness Month.  Helping professionals and wellness-oriented services came together in my hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas to share resources that might support the whole person…from financial advisors to massage therapists, portable labyrinths to Tai Chi.

Crystal singing bowl with Rachel PayneI knew I belonged there, but felt an immediate drain when I thought of setting up the traditional booth to talk about what I do.  I didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t want to just explain what I do or how I thought I might be able to help, I wanted to give them an experience instead. I wanted to invite them into a world of mindfulness, connection, and play, so they might walk away already feeling lifted up.

I have found that Creativity Tribe, at its best, is an out-of-the-box kind of entity.  So many of my services have a creative twist that make them different from what most people, at least in my neck of the woods, have experienced.

How do you explain to someone how a giant crystal bowl sounds or the way it vibrates when you sit near it so that your body can feel it reverberate?  How do you explain that using a rock to set intention can have an effect on how you live your life or deepen your sense of meaning about the event we are gathered for?

So, I set out to break the rules.

What I came up with was intimate, inviting, centering, and focused on opportunities for those who participated to connect with themselves, with the others who joined in, and with me.Creativity Tribe's mandala installation offered an invitation to bring meaning and magic to life.

Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit

I debuted Creativity Tribe’s Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit.  I invited the MindFit 5K participants to come sit, get a hug, indulge in the aromatic loveliness of essential oils, get lost in the sounds of the Crystal Bowl, connect with their heart, and a community of Creatives. I explained that the Sanctuary was a Creativity Tribe Happening…. created for renewing, rejuvenating, and re-creating your Body-Mind-Spirit!

The Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit was met with lots of curiosity, a bit of play, and an intent for bringing meaning to life.  I created a simple ritual that anyone could quickly do. Together we collaborated on a kind of art installation that represented our intentions for the night or for our lives in general.  It turned out to be beautiful and moving.

Families gathered at the Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit

Individuals and families sat together, supporting one another’s intent for a more peaceful, healthy, connected life.  Even the kiddos found it meaningful.


Together we placed objects that symbolized our personal intentions into a communal space.  We supported one another while investing in our own growth.  That’s a Creativity Tribe!

Rachel Payne Sacred Creativity Guide SanctuaryRachel Payne life creativity coach

Space Clearing for the Art Studio

ceremonyI write often about Creativity Zones, those physical spaces in our life where creativity tends to be lived out.  Today I invited Jana Whalen with Vibrant Strides into the Creativity Tribe Studio for a Space Clearing Ceremony.

Jana first came to may home to pick up something I was lending her and in the course of our conversation, we decided she might need one other thing.  That is when I realized I would need to open the door to the studio in order to retrieve it.

Messy Art Studio

Yikes!  The studio was beyond a mess.  But I decided to just go with it.  Jana was a trouper….she didn’t even wince!

She empathized with me about storage and collecting so many amazing things that may just SOMEDAY find a project to live out their destiny.  And then, she shared that she does Space Clearing Ceremonies.  I was intrigued.  Creativity Tribe has been dancing along new horizons and having a space clearing felt like a lovely way to set intention for those endeavors.

Jana met with me the next week to get to know me, my space, and my business.  She listened to stories about our home and inquired about where my business was going and how the studio would play a roll in its evolution.  By the time she left, she was more clear about who I was…and honestly, so was I.

Walking on Sunshine

Space Clearing Ceremony

She arrived the next week for the ceremony.  I tidied up, playing through all the intentions and stories we had discussed the week before.  I felt like Creativity Tribe (the business, the concept, the dream, the path) was also having a Space Clearing.  I imagined what I would release, what I would invite in.  I readied myself for transformation.

The Space Clearing Ceremony was beautiful.  Jana built a small but meaningful altar in the middle of my studio.

jana brought objects that she collected just for my ceremony

She incorporated the directions, helping spirits, stones, essential oils, and much more.

Built an altar in the center of the art studio

I felt peaceful and energized all at the same time.  I felt a deepening of my love for this studio and what it offers to my life and the life of those who consider themselves part of the Creativity Tribe Facebook Group

Jana ended by packing up the little altar.  We shared stories about our personal experience with the ceremony, and she left.

Sitting in the studio in the minutes after the ceremony, I felt as if something special had just happened.

Feeling energized after the art studio space clearing

You know that feeling after a party when you have the sensation of being filled with all the bubbly connections of the evening?  How your home still echoes the comings and goings of the event?  How you feel like even over the next week and maybe even over the years to com you will be energized by what just happened?  That is what I felt after the Space Clearing Ceremony.

Now, to step into the clear, welcoming space of Creativity Tribe….

Creativity Tribe studio table

Thank you, Jana!  You are a gift!

Rachel Payne life creativity coach

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