Choosing One Little Word

creativegrowthOne Little Word for the Year

For the past 4 years, I have enjoyed choosing one little word to guide my year.  I discovered this practice from Ali Edwards.  It has been the crowning jewel of my intention setting for year.

This practice of mining for just the right word and allowing it to take me into the new year, places me somewhere between an intention, a wish, and a destination.  This year I have jazzed up my one little word for the year ritual by choosing a word for my personal life and another for my professional life, knowing that the two words will be like sisters to one another in the crafting of my overall life.

My Personal One Little Word for the Year: Sizzle

one little word for the year: sizzle

I usually begin dreaming on what my word will be towards the end of November and have it by New Year’s Eve.  I never know how it will come.

This year, I knew I wanted a word to express my desire to truly follow my creative impulse and to boldly embrace sharing my wildest, craziest, most exquisite creativity with the world.  I have been feeling myself holding back, editing myself and my ideas.  But I want to live this year with gumption!

I was with some of my spiritual sisters during a women’s gathering just before the new year as one of the women took us through a mediation to connect with the essence of fire in ourselves.  I have a blazing love for fire (yah, I went there!) and was drawn into the imagery.  I felt the fire, felt the flames, heard the ……then it hit me, the word.  SIZZLE!  I wanted that alive, fired up, hot dancing, vivacious expression of energy.  I wanted to feel the sizzle, explore sizzle, live sizzle, and be sizzle.

Cardboard Mixed Media Word for the Year Art

And so, I began playing with that word and, as is part of my tradition, I let it find its way into my art.  I am excited to share my latest mixed media project with you.  Art with an intention….that’s part of my sizzle!

Discover These One Little Word Projects

cardboard mixed media inspiration hanger project

My Professional One Little Word for the Year
(all the juicy details Wednesday!)

I have so much I want to share about my professional One Little Word for the Year that I want to save it up for a post of its own.  I am excited because it has to do with you.  I can’t wait to share it.

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Wrap Up 2014 with Gratitude

CT Video StressLess

We can wrap up 2014 with gratitude by diving into my favorite end of the year holiday ritual.  As a life coach, I love using the end of the year to help Creatives boost the meaning and magic in their life.  That is why I am sharing the most important tips and tricks of my personal growth journey with you.  They are essential to keeping my stress levels down and my mood on the good side of life!

The sun shines between the shade of dark gratitude in our lives

Even the shadowy moments
are brightened by a backdrop of blue skies.

The video below has a beautiful, short meditation that features a gentle review of the 2014 while helping you to focus on the good in your life.  I have tucked in some of my favorite art to inspire your eyes while your heart is inspired by my words and what they bring up for you.  This is a lovely way to connect deeply with your sense of gratitude.

The Value of Gratitude

Gratitude is an essential practice for our creative spirit.  It helps us feel motivated to create more beauty and goodness.  As Creatives, we often are sensitive to the emotions of both our inner world and the world around us.  We soak them in with a tender heart.  Practicing gratitude helps us keep our eyes focused on the glass half full.  It puts a lovely bow on the world and even allows the difficult or painful to shift into things that bring wisdom and lessons, therefore losing a bit of their sting.  That is why I have made gratitude a focal point for 2015. (More about that at the beginning of the New Year!)

Now, let’s wrap up 2014 with a ribbon.  Simply dive into the gratitude meditation video to help make the most of the year behind us so we can make the most of the year to come.


Self-Care Practice: Let the Love In

self care practice permission

Self-Care Practice:
Give Yourself Permission

Simple self-care is essential during times of high stress.  We often feel guilty or unworthy of giving to ourselves, especially during the holidays.  We have so much focus on getting for others, doing for others, and the importance of being in service, that we forget to include serving our own spirit.

This is not about being selfish or ego centered.  Far from it.  It is about building yourself up to the glory of all you really are….just for the simple act of existing.  You are worthy of so much.

These self-care ideas are a great gift of love to yourself.

Embrace the Season of Giving
blooming line 2

Self-Care Practice

Give yourself permission to let the love in.
Feel LOVE soak into your body
and spirit.

Starla in the Dark 500

CT Blog Line Page SeparatorSelf-Care Practice

Give yourself permission to put YOU on your list of priorities.
Indulge in what you need to make life the best it can be
without apology!

give yourself the gift of massage

CT Blog Line Page Separator

Self-Care Practice

Give yourself permission to breathe deep and easy.
Let the breath fill your body and
clear out whatever your spirit
wishes to let go of.

sunny treeCT Blog Line Page Separator

Give yourself permission to stay under the covers a little longer
tomorrow….and  again
the next morning….and the morning after that.

two super cute cats cuddling

CT Blog Line Page Separator

Self-Care Practice

Give yourself permission to take up space,
not to shrink when you feel you are in the way.
Practice settling into the moment
and owning your part in it.
This is your exquisite existence.

Step into the Light

CT Blog Line Page Separator

Self-Care Practice

Practice giving permission to bloom today.  You deserve it!
Flowers Bloom

CT Blog Line Page Separator

Use the Self-Care Practice Guide as a reminder…
Pin, Share, Add to your journal.
Post in a place where you can be reminded
to claim yourself as a priority in your day.

Great self-care practice. Give yourself permission to let love in.

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Life as a Holiday Daymaker

PandoraHeaderLotus.jpgHappy Bah-humbug!

Getting out and about during the holidays can be challenging.  More traffic can mean more stress.  Everyone is trying to get where they are going faster.  Folks have a ton of to-do’s on their mind, and if they are like me, are problem solving how to fit everything into 24 hours.

It doesn’t take a highly sensitive person to feel the pressure or to sense that many people are living just on the edge.

This is especially true for folks in the service industry.  We rely on them to up the supply for our increased demand, but we often forget to up our sharing of gratitude.  Instead, we can pile the pressure on!

The same can be said for our friends, family, co-workers, and for any stranger we meet.  People are stressed!


Life as a Holiday Daymaker

I have set a standard for myself that I want to encourage you to play with.  I am by no means perfect at it, but when I am not leaning in the direction of what I strive for, it is a clue that I need a little self-care….need to slow down…and chill.

A few months ago, I came across a book called Life as a Daymaker by David Wagner.  Wagner encourages us to approach life with the intention of making someone’s day.   He offers examples we can follow and tweak to fit our own lives.

I found myself wanting to be a Daymaker as the holidays approached.  I would come across someone who needed a little yummy energy and found myself wanting to help them by sending out some good vibes.  When I work with kids, I call this good vibe sharing, “energizing a person. ” It is simply connecting with them in a way that makes them feel valued.


Simple Ways to Energize a Person or Situation

  • Offer a smile to someone….long enough for them to feel it.
  • Look someone in the eyes, and let your eyes smile at them.
  • Take a bit of their load.   (Example: While in a drive thru this afternoon, a sign on the window said if the cashier didn’t tell me about a special offer that I could ask for a cookie.  I could already see she had too much on her plate, so when she took my cash card I said, “You don’t need to tell me about the offer.”  I could immediately see some of her burden lifted. That felt better than any cookie could taste!)
  • Touch their arm for a second to connect.  (Touch is SO important, and so many of us don’t get touched enough.  I met a new friend recently who is from another country.  He lives alone, has no local family, and few friends.  I was joking around with him and slapping his arm while we laughed.  I knew it was a risk.  He barely knew me.  I was playing with him like I might my brother.  At the end of the night he walked around the table for a hug.  He hugged my husband too.  We were all blessed!)
  • Put yourself in their shoes and verbally honor the difficulty of their day.
  • Tell them you appreciate them.
  • Do something special for someone.  (Buy someone’s drink anonymously.  This happens all day at the Starbuck’s near my house.  And a few times a week at a restaurant I sometimes go to.  It feels magical!)
  • Give them a call….share a bit of your day….listen to a bit of theirs.
  • Tell someone they have made YOUR day.  (It is quite contagious!)

I would love to hear your Daymaker ideas or experiences.  Has someone made your day or is there someone you are thinking about energizing?  Let us know!



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Keep It Simply StressLess This Christmas

Simple Holiday Art

Keep It Simply StressLess
Creative Solutions for the Holidays

I have to admit that low-key holiday decorating has become a holiday tradition around these parts.  I want to dive into all the fabulous DIY’s I see on Pinterest and fill my  home with a magic Christmas forrest that would even make Hobby Lobby jealous.  But alas, as much as I might love to be Winter Wonderland Woman, I have found my super powers during the holidays are best served with a KISS….Keep It Simply StressLess.

Winter Wonderland Woman

This year, I wasn’t sure what we were going to do.  I thought we might end up hanging a few stockings on Christmas Eve.  But this weekend, one of the items on our home’s wish list popped up at a church rummage sale….a chalkboard.  $5…..I think it came out of a church Sunday school room.

I snatched it up, cleaned it up a bit and went to town playing with it.

Creativity is contagious.

Eric and I looked around for inspirational images online.  That is when we discovered this lovely Scandanavian Chalk Tree by Hazel with A Legg Up.

b99c708c439638112f21566334927a3bShared with permission…. A Legg Up

It seems Hazel’s tree came out of a desire to keep her holidays simple.  It has spurred a tradition of chalk trees for her and her family and inspired other families to chalk-it-up themselves.  And like us…her tree was inspired by another artist.

Simple Chalkboard Christmas Tree

We used her images as a jumping off place for our own.  We added some boarder work and lots of doodles.  We included a few of our favorite symbols and creatures, working to make it more of our own creation.

We can’t stop looking at it.

Chalk Christmas TreeOur salvaged chalkboard fits perfectly on the mantel and will most likely become a seasonal work of art in our home.

What are your tips for a simplified holiday?

I would love to hear how you are plan to Keep It Simply StressLess this holiday season.  Think outside the box.  That’s where all the best thinking happens…and where the Creativity Tribe tends to do its best work!

More about A Legg Up:

A Legg Up features calligraphic art work and scrumptiously beautiful cakes.

You can also find Hazel on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.



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Free Event: StressLess Holiday Extravaganza

CT Video StressLess

For years, I have been working with Creatives like yourself to help them create more peaceful holidays.  This year, I am hosting weekly updates with simple reminders, tips, and tricks to help you find more meaning and magic in your holidays.

(If you have having trouble viewing the video, follow this link:  StressLess Holiday Extravaganza.)

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What the Heck is Klatchapalooza!?

Klatchapalooza Banner

Today is the LAST DAY for the Klatchapalooza Handmade Art Market.  This online market makes its home in a Facebook Group featuring 20 artists and their handmade goods.  You will find jewelry, paintings, ceramic essential oil diffusers, and basic mixed media awesomeness. Several artists are offering exclusive sales today for their Klatchapalooza goodies.

A Peek into my Shop

klatch last day

 Head over now….

Klatchapalooza Handmade Art Market

Klatchapalooza Banner

Choose Handmade for the Holidays

I have been busily working in the Creativity Tribe Studio, getting ready for the Klatchapalooza Handmade Art Market.  The market features handmade gifts from over 20 artists.  The market opens early November 28th and closes late on December 1st.  Don’t wait til then to join the group.  We have a growing list of art lovers waiting for the big reveal.  Come join the festivities!

Klatchapalooza Join Me Join through this Link

Klatchapalooza Handmade Art Market

Re-ignite Your Creative Spirit

Creativity Tribe Facebook

I loved being part of the Cre8ive Klatch’s post about Bringing Back Your Muse.  And it got me thinking about ALL the amazing creatives that share the Creativity Tribe Facebook community.  I invited them to share some of their favorite tips for re-igniting their creative spirit.  Here is what they shared!

Blog a Bit Muse 2

Beth Garrett of The Turquoise Door:  Sometimes dreams play a part. Other times an extraordinary piece becomes my inspiration.

Susan Walls-Beverly of Susan’s Art Circus: Would you believe cleaning is number 1..? (for more of Susan’s fixes, hop over to her post, When I Don’t Feel Creative: My Top 6 Fixes)

Pamela Venus the CreativeGoddess shares several ideas:
I have so many creative ideas & limited physical energy; sometimes I use up my energy in the idea phase before I can do the manifestation phase.
*** I have started writing down my ideas for my Art Journal pages so when I have the energy I have the ideas & saved stuff (receipts, cards, printed material, embellishments, etc.)
*** With my painting, participating in an online class or starting with whatever grabs me; colors, seasons, quotes etc.
*** Jewelry making:  I have a bazillion projects bagged up awaiting my energy.
*** I am also inspired by seeing others creations, which is the reason I created my page FEED the MUSE.

Noopur Agarwal of Nablooms Creations:  My work is related to energy … Connecting with people , self or nature helps me get my inspiration .. Also motivating/inspiring others to find their creative side inspires me … My

Cat Athena LouiseVisiting a store, I find hugely inspirational…it fills up my creative well.  (For more of Cat’s tips, hop over to Filling Your Creative Well.)

Maria Hubbard, a frequent artistic playmate at Creativity Tribe gatherings:   When I need to find inspiration I travel back through the 1000’s of pictures I took on my 4 month trip across this wonderful country we live in. (Maria lives in the United States.)  I photographed everything I saw, from landscapes to animals to clouds floating by.  The beauty we find whenever we open our eyes and look is everywhere!

Re-ignite Creative Spirit

blooming line 2Three of my favorite tips for Re-igniting Your Creative Spirit

  1. Connect with another artist to share a creativity session.
  2. Throw out the idea of making something and just explore art materials.
  3. Take a nap while dreaming on your project.  Let your mind play with the idea and see where it goes.Great tips from everyone, huh?!  Now, we want to hear YOUR tips for keeping your creativity rolling.  Hop over to the Creativity Tribe Facebook Group to let us know your secrets.

Essential Oils Holiday Pop-Up Shop

CT Holiday PopUp

 Creativity Tribe’s
Essential Oils Holiday Pop-Up Shop

CT Blog Line Page Separator

What is a Pop-Up Shop?
 A Pop-Up Shop is short-lived retail opportunity.
It is a kind of event that can’t be fully duplicated,
which makes participating extra fun!

What makes Creativity Tribe’s Pop-Up Shop Special?
Learn about the benefits and uses of essential oils.
Discover limited offers on quality essential oil.
Qualify for giveaways.
Get ahead of holiday shopping.
Shop without leaving home!

How do you get in?
Follow this link: Pop-Up Shop
You will be approved when the shop opens
on November 5th.

 CT PopUp Save Your Spot

Make this the year you get ahead of the game. Join me in Creativity Tribe’s Essential Oils Holiday Pop-Up Shop for a brainstorm of ways you can give the gift of wellness to your family and friends with Essential Oils.

We will also look at ways you can use the oils to maximize a Stress-Less Holiday for yourself.  We are starting early so you will have plenty of time and energy to enjoy the things that are really matter to you this year!

CT PopUp Get Connected

The shop opens November 5th, so hop over and request your spot now!

CT PopUp Plaque Click

Enter Pop-Up Shop:
Essential Oil Holiday Pop-Up Shop 

Rachel OilStory 2

Who might Essential Oils
make a difference for in your life?


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