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At the beginning of the year, I decided to join Creative Every Day, the heart-child of Leah Piken Kolidas. Leah encourages us to be creative everyday and support other creatives in a dedicated practice. This kind of sustained self-expressive practice is what I am most in love with. There just aren’t days where I am NOT creative.

So, why sign up for a challenge if I am already creative on a daily basis?

I think Leah’s challenge encourages me to mindfully create. This month I have needed my creativity. As I mentioned a few times in the last several weeks, I have been challenged since the first of the year.  My creativity has given me the opportunity to move past feelings of anxiety, fear, and grief and reach for more peace, understanding, and gratitude.  What a gift it has to offer!

Here is my favorite project for January….

 This is a Boodle Bag by Gypsy Camp.  I got it a few years ago on my trip to Portland, OR. 

Altered Art Bag

Tattered Boodle Bag

After carrying this darling little bag for over two years, it began to unravel.  I loved it SO much that I wasn’t willing to let it go.  SO, I did what my mom did for years with my favorite doll, I took needle and thread to it. But not just ANY thread, I wanted the bag to look even more gypsy. I used embroidery thread and beads to hold it together and give it more personality.

altered boodle bag

up close needle work

altered purse

I had a blast altering the Boodle Bag. I want to stress that this little bag went through lots of wear and tear before it started falling apart.  I  can’t tell you how often I marveled at its tough construction.  But my travels got the best of it, and now it has a bit more life to it.  I intend to keep adding to it. Will keep you up on its transformation. 

Visit the other artists, writers, movers, and shakers over at Creative Every Day and consider showing up to your own creativity everyday. It is an amazing gift to give to oneself! 

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