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    Last Day to Join

    Hello, Creatives Spirits!   A beautiful array of Creatives is gathering for the Templekeeper’s Oracle Journey. This 21 day e-course invites you into a personal journey of exploration within an inspired community.  That’s Creativity Tribe.  We will be blending meditation with mixed media art techniques to create our own personalized collection of art oracle cards. The class just kicked off today.  Tomorrow will be the last day to join.  Come inside and art oracle with  me! Templekeeper’s Oracle Journey….get the details. Templekeeper’s Oracle Journey….get the details.

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    Small Canvas Big heART

    The moment I discovered art cards, I was in LOVE!  They were small enough to finish in one setting, great for art-on-the-go, and somehow, somehow…… the small canvas could hold big parts of my heart!  I’ve been making these little beauties for a decade now, and in the last few months, I started a creative practice that speaks to me both creatively and spiritually. I am delighted to bring you along on this journey of self-discovery with me.  Creativity Tribe is hosting the Templekeeper’s Oracle Journey.  This is a 21 day eJourney…. an on-line class… designed to give you a simple but powerful creative practice in the form of art…

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    Create Your Own Art Oracle

    Templekeeper’s Oracle Journey Have you ever wished to have your own art oracle?  To have a collection of cards that might give you insight into the workings of your life?  Beautiful cards with images, symbols, and stories that speak directly to your heart?  Now is your chance! Join me, Rachél Payne, for a 21 day guided e-journey where mixed media altered art cards meet the inner sanctuary of Self.  Our time together will include my favorite tips, tricks, and tutorials for creating dynamic, mixed media art cards, as well as, a simple, creativity practice to help you connect more deeply with your own Inner Sanctuary. This sacred creativity gathering spotlights…

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    Creativity Tribe Events

    Creativity Tribe Events Creativity Tribe events are great ways to connect with your creativity and spirituality.  It is also a lovely way to grow your connection to other Creative Spirits. …workshops, playshops, pop-up’s, classes, speaking engagements, ceremonies, get-togethers, happenings…. I will fill in the details as I get them. You will be the first to know! Vision Board Candle Blessing Ceremony Vision Board Candle Blessing Ceremony January 8, 2016 6:30-8:3- pm at Lotus Dreams Tea (Corpus Christi, Texas) $25 energy exchange Me & My Shadow Tea Party Saturday, January 16, 2016 1:00-4:00 pm Event: Me & My Shadow Tea Party with Red Tent of Corpus Christi Love Offering Intuitive Mandala…

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    Angels Calling, Creativity Answers

    Can you hear the whisper of angels among us?  Or perhaps faeries and sprites are your cup of tea.  Whatever the case, let your Creative Spirit spread its wings and fly! Register now for Angels In My Studio 2013. The magic begins on July 22. Angels In My Studio 2013 is an on-line art course that explores imagery of the winged ones and wee ones while helping you connect with your own deep spiritual self. What you get…. 5-month creative arts journey more than 10 art lessons 8 guided meditations writing prompts a supportive community a deep connection to the angels and other winged ones Get all the details about…

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    And the Winner Is…..

      When we give, we get….and I feel like this giveaway has been a huge gift for me.  What a lovely pouring out of interest in this course!  Your stories, your desire to connect with your creativity and spirituality is beautiful.  It makes me fall in love with life! Enough gushing though….here is what you came for! The winner of the Angels In My Studio 2013 Giveaway is Loz.  Your name and email will be shared with Sheri Ponzi over at Painting Herself Into Being for acceptance into the course.  Congratulations! Angels In My Studio 2013 If you didn’t win, take heart. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the angel loveliness.…

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    Juicy Giveaway….Last Day!

    This is the biggest giveaway I have ever done at Creativity Tribe Studio.   Today is the last day for you to join in.  The prize?!  One beautiful spot in the upcoming on-line class, Angels In My Studio 2013.  AIMS2013 is a juicy event filled with delightful opportunities to connect with angel imagery, faerie fun, spirits and sprites…..so dig down and invite the child within to play with us! Check it out…. Follow the two images below for the details. The first to the AIMS 2013 e-course and second to the giveaway. Good Luck!!! Winners will be announced tomorrow! Receive the Creativity Tribe Newsletter for AIMS 2013 updates….  Join Creativity Tribe Enter…

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    Check Out My New Banner

    Before After New stuff is popping up all over the website.  I have changed my banner (the big piece of artwork up top) and swapped out a few of the images on the sidebars (on both the blog page and the other pages.)  That’s because new stuff is going on.  When I first moved from my WordPress blog, Art of Collecting Yourself, I had an idea what the website would be evolving into, but had so much to learn.  I build the site on my own from a template called U-Design (I love it by the way….the template and the site.)   I have had it up about 9 months…

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    Angels In My Studio 2013: Give-Away

    One of my favorite creatives Jack Lemmon was known to start every new take for a movie by saying “It’s magic time!”   That’s the way I feel about making art of any kind.  When we engage the imagination, we never know where the invitation to create will take us.  There have been times when I walked away from a play, a poem, a blog post, or a work of art and wondered….Did that really come from ME?! I like to imagine in those moments that something more has had its hand in the inspiration of my work…. Angels In My Studio?  Perhaps. That kind of inspiration has put winged…

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    Angel Work

    I simply marvel at the story that life writes for us.  It can be more captivating than any dime store novel, more heart breaking than the best  Hallmark commercial, funnier than an extended bloopers reel.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel so marvel-us, but if we step back just far enough and cock our head just right, we can often see magic before our very eyes. My work the last several months has been thick with stories which play out in both my inner and outer life.  Working as a life coach, creativity mentor, and massage therapist means my work can take on many shapes.  Recently, I have been working with individuals…