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    Dancing within the Creative Fire

    Dancing within the Creative Fire A few months ago I started getting in touch with a feeling of something simmering within me.  It had been brewing for quite sometime.  I had been feeling like I was off my game for quite sometime, so this little something, even though buried deep inside, felt vastly promising!  I could feel the flames licking at my heels to move me into action, but I still struggled to ignite them enough to feel a push of vital energy behind them. Tools for the Creative Fire I dug in with my best tools for stoking the creative fire to see if I could move past simmering and into…

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    Power of Play at Work

    Play at Work When I went out on my own and began Creativity Tribe, I knew I wanted to live what I believed.  I knew building a business that valued play at work would boost my creativity and be an investment in my wellness at the same time.  I knew play at work was imperative for creativity, and creativity was at the heart of my business. Scheduling Play I took my play at work seriously, scheduling it into my business life. Play dates with other artists. Engaging play in my artwork. Private dance parties for personal celebrations. Eccentric glasses. Encouraging my inner child in every day interactions. Oh yes…. and…

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    Re-ignite Your Creative Spirit

    I loved being part of the Cre8ive Klatch’s post about Bringing Back Your Muse.  And it got me thinking about ALL the amazing creatives that share the Creativity Tribe Facebook community.  I invited them to share some of their favorite tips for re-igniting their creative spirit.  Here is what they shared! Beth Garrett of The Turquoise Door:  Sometimes dreams play a part. Other times an extraordinary piece becomes my inspiration. Susan Walls-Beverly of Susan’s Art Circus: Would you believe cleaning is number 1..? (for more of Susan’s fixes, hop over to her post, When I Don’t Feel Creative: My Top 6 Fixes) Pamela Venus the CreativeGoddess shares several ideas: I have…

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