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    Best of 2016

    Best of 2016…. What a year! I hit the start of 2016 with tons of excitement.  It felt like a coming out party.  Coming out of what you wonder.  For a couple of years before, I approached life on the struggle bus.  I had a short bout with cancer that I came out on top of, but it took me down a detoured path I didn’t anticipate. As I ended 2015, I was ready to share some big projects with the Creatives of my hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas, and I began working on e-course ideas for Creativity Tribe Worldwide. My offerings were a big hit.  I remember feeling so…

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    Missing Mojo & The Skull Trade

     Missing Mojo Over the last couple of weeks I have been sharing about the Paint Mojo workshop I went to with Tracy Verdugo.  Last week I showed pictures of the process and got to one part of it that seemed to jump too far ahead….my camera pooped out on me and I just missed a few steps. I found one more image that I want to add. (Judy Witkins….this is especially for you.  Hope it helps you see the process a bit better.  It is a hard process to show.) Let me catch you up…. (for more pics head over to the original Paint Mojo with Tracy Verdugo post.) We…

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    Lessons from Gravity the Movie {spoiler free}

    This Sense-sational Life is a blogging series that came out of my realization that the more I explore life and get a sense of its nuances (including the literal senses and figurative ones) the more my life feels sensational. A Sense of Gravity I watched Gravity, the movie, this afternoon with my hubby.  I donned the 3D glasses, munched on some popcorn, sipped from a cup with two straws and held on tight to my man when things in the movie felt a little too close to real life.  I promise not to give anything away, except for the fact that this movie shouldn’t be missed. It may sound odd…

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    A Celebration….A Challenge

    A Celebration Today I have been spinning with awe.  Something I wished to change in my life and set in motion last Fall rose up today to show me its resolution.  Sometimes we don’t know how our dreams will play out.  Watching them unfold can be a trip. Last Fall, I began exploring a very ingrained story about dying at 45 like my mom and her father.  I don’t know why I got it stuck in my head, but I did!  I kept myself from truly following my dreams because I just couldn’t see life beyond that.  As 45 inched closer, I decided I would reach for wellness and longevity…..trying…

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    Boldly Saying the “C” Word

    Over thirty years ago when my maternal grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she talked about it in a whispered code.  I remember saying the full word in front of her one day in the kitchen while we were making lunch together. She gently redirecting my speech by simply telling me she did not like the “C” word.  I respected that it was difficult for her.  She had a strong personality that felt like it steered the direction of our family and to see something knock her off her feet for awhile meant it was a force to be reckoned with.  Her breast cancer didn’t keep her down, though, Mamaw…

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    Heart Wisdom

    Hearts are tender…. They open and close like flowers chasing the sun, resting quietly in the shadow. Hearts are strong, resilient, and re-storing. Hearts are vessels which hold love, dispense love, receive love. They quiver gratefully in the presence of grace and resonate with courage when witnessing the need of another which is in any degree greater than our own need. Tonight my heart is all of this….quivering, blooming, courageous, and profoundly tender. For this night’s sleep, I will cradle it in the rocking of my chest as I breathe and marvel at its ability to be all I need it to be. Deep peace…..

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    This Blooming Day

    Dear Creative Spirit….this day is rooting for you. It invites you to mold it, mend it, and make it into the vision you have been holding.  It is a gift.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let go of the big block, so that this day can bloom for you.