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    Autumn New Moon Wishes and a Decade of Kisses

    I adore the story of how I met my husband.  As it happens, today marks a decade since that fateful night.  Time is such a strange way to measure things because in some ways it means something and in other ways it means nothing at all! I feel like we only met yesterday, our relationship still feels so new….and yet, I feel like I have known him forever.  We just click that way.  He is my family, my dearest friend, my creative go-to-guy, my biggest fan, my truest critic, and the love of my life. I met my artist husband under a full moon while camping  out at a wild…

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    Full Body…Full Moon

    Full Body…Full Moon I am honoring my Full Body this Full Moon. We love Her full body…can’t keep our eyes off of it. She fills up the sky with a brightness that draws us out, into the dark. We turn our heads to Her. Call friends and family to point out Her majesty. We tell stories about Her, that old woman in the sky. I say, “She is my Grandmother…. Our roundness and light run in the family!” And so, this month, as I look into that expanse above With adoration for Her Fullness, I will remember that what I love in Her I should also adore in myself. An…

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    New Moon Mystery

    In the dark of the Moon, Mystery blooms.  It invites you to let go of all those yearnings and all the drives that move you forward.  It calls you to slow down and just be.  Be with.  Be in unknowing.  Be nothing.  Let go of the striving.  Let go of yesterday and tomorrow.  And sit in the silence of all that you are and all that you are not. Be prepared there may be anxiety in this space.  We aren’t used to the empty.  We try so desperately to fill it up so we don’t have to feel, don’t have to face simple existence.  Make friends with this Mystery sisters…

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    Womb-Moon Wisdom Meditation

    I sat with the Moon last night.  It was full and wrapped in the clouds that brought a quenching rain the morning before.  I tuned in to my body.  It is changing as women’s bodies do.  For the last 6 months or so during the Wednesday night meditation group I attend with Rev. Shar Schwengler of the Lucid Waking Radio Show on A2Zen.fm, my body has been talking to me.  I began with exploring the stories that lived in various parts of my body. There is the old hitch in my giddy up (my lower back) that flares up occasionally that reminds me of a bad fall I had in…

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    Full Moon Meditation

    I have been watching the Moon.  That is what I do, I am a Moon Gazer.  She is getting closer to full.  I love watching her wax and wane.  It reminds me of our impermanence, of our ability to change, and that for more years than we know, our ancestors have looked to the skies and felt the movement of Mystery in their lives…just as we do.  The Moon is one of my very favorite parts of this life. The Moon reaches fullness today.  During the Moon’s course from dark to full and dark again each Moonth in 2013, I have committed to focusing on a word chosen by myself and…

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    We Now Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Program

    If you have been hanging out with me since the first of the year, you might be expecting a post for This Sense-sational Life today. Or perhaps some words of wisdom from the Body Wisdom Project.  Well, I have a Sense that I am coming down with a little something, so I am going to listen to my body’s wisdom and tuck in for a bit of self-care. In the meantime, please enjoy this Full Moon Meditation I was saving for a rainy day….or if you have been anywhere around my neck of the woods, you will know I was saving it for a super windy day! Be well! If…

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