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    Spark Your Creative Self-Care Journey

    Are you ready to Spark Your Creative Self-Care Journey? Well, I have a treat for you. I created a Self-Care Spark Guide that highlights the areas I focused on to ignite self-care in my own life. Now, I am sharing it with you! Over the last several months, like others, I have been soaking in the stress of the world. It didn’t take long for me to realize that living from a place of stress wasn’t much of a way to live.  It was time to turn it around.  So, I decided I would do myself and the world a gift by upping my level of self-care.  The actions I…

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    Pet Therapy for Creative Stress Relief

    Happy Friday, Creative Spirits!!!  I’m diving into a bit of pet therapy for creative stress relief this week. I spent the night cuddled up with one of my StudioCats, Gypsy.  I knew the night might be a bit restless.  I had to go to bed early and get up extra early. So I plugged in my essential oil diffuser, dropped in a bit of Vetiver Oil and tucked myself in. That is when Gypsy joined me for a snuggle that lasted most of the night.  She curled up extra tight when a morning storm with high winds, lightening, and rain arrived just before dawn.  I think we helped each other…

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    Walking on Sunshine: Life Beyond Cancer

    Last year, I created a music playlist on my Kindle called Walking on Sunshine.  I was playing with a bit of music therapy as a creative solution for bringing light into my life during a difficult time.  I had uterine cancer, and an ongoing, nasty story running in my head had been telling me I was going to die. Dramatic, I know.  But heads do that to us sometimes. Mine had been spinning the tale for a few decades.  My mother had died at 45, and her father before her also died at 45.  Somehow, the script got stuck playing on a loop in my head too.  I tried time…

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    Self-Care Practice: Let the Love In

    Self-Care Practice: Give Yourself Permission Simple self-care is essential during times of high stress.  We often feel guilty or unworthy of giving to ourselves, especially during the holidays.  We have so much focus on getting for others, doing for others, and the importance of being in service, that we forget to include serving our own spirit. This is not about being selfish or ego centered.  Far from it.  It is about building yourself up to the glory of all you really are….just for the simple act of existing.  You are worthy of so much. These self-care ideas are a great gift of love to yourself. Embrace the Season of Giving…

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