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    Pet Therapy for Creative Stress Relief

    Happy Friday, Creative Spirits!!!  I’m diving into a bit of pet therapy for creative stress relief this week. I spent the night cuddled up with one of my StudioCats, Gypsy.  I knew the night might be a bit restless.  I had to go to bed early and get up extra early. So I plugged in my essential oil diffuser, dropped in a bit of Vetiver Oil and tucked myself in. That is when Gypsy joined me for a snuggle that lasted most of the night.  She curled up extra tight when a morning storm with high winds, lightening, and rain arrived just before dawn.  I think we helped each other…

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    Life as a Holiday Daymaker

    Happy Bah-humbug! Getting out and about during the holidays can be challenging.  More traffic can mean more stress.  Everyone is trying to get where they are going faster.  Folks have a ton of to-do’s on their mind, and if they are like me, are problem solving how to fit everything into 24 hours. It doesn’t take a highly sensitive person to feel the pressure or to sense that many people are living just on the edge. This is especially true for folks in the service industry.  We rely on them to up the supply for our increased demand, but we often forget to up our sharing of gratitude.  Instead, we can…

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    Keep It Simply StressLess This Christmas

    Keep It Simply StressLess Creative Solutions for the Holidays I have to admit that low-key holiday decorating has become a holiday tradition around these parts.  I want to dive into all the fabulous DIY’s I see on Pinterest and fill my  home with a magic Christmas forrest that would even make Hobby Lobby jealous.  But alas, as much as I might love to be Winter Wonderland Woman, I have found my super powers during the holidays are best served with a KISS….Keep It Simply StressLess. This year, I wasn’t sure what we were going to do.  I thought we might end up hanging a few stockings on Christmas Eve.  But…

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