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This last week when I attended the Paint Mojo Texas Retreat with Tracy Verdugo, we spent time exploring our personal symbols.  I have to confess that jazzed me like nobody’s business!  I like symbols.  I look for them out in the world, in the way of logos, graffiti tags, signs, patterns, etc.  I collect books that explore ancient markings including hieroglyphics, runes, labyrinths and mazes.

This evening at the bookstore, I sat, listening to folk music and letting my pen explore the page.  I began with one of my favorite symbols, the simple circle.  I added marks, allowing my hand and mind to automatically go from one strata to the next.  Gently, but quickly, a mandala appeared.  A mandala is a symbol which is said to represent the inner self.  It is like taking a snap shot that reflects some aspect of the self in that moment.



These mandalas were drawn during one of the few rain storms we have had this year. The lightening was so frequent friends kept saying it looked like a disco outside.  The water means a bit of relief from the drought.  There is something psychologically renewing about rain, especially when the world is turning brown from a lack of it.  These mandalas call forth renewal, growth and abundance….for the city around me…and for the part of myself that needs to be quenched.


I have added a new page to my site (oooo, just LOVE doing that.) I hope you will check out.  It has another kind of mandala….a Self-Care Mandala. Head over and get a copy of it, then let me know how it works for you!  It’s a freebie!

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Big welcome to all the other AEDM’ers. I would like to invite you to add your creative art site to the Faces of Creativity Page if you feel called to join us.  Help me meet a goal of a total of 50 links on that page by the end of the month.

Let’s grow a tribe, together!

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  • Sue

    These mandalas would make lovely pendants if they were jewellery…we have had a lot of rain in the south of the UK.
    Nice work, will you colour them in?

    • Rachél

      It is funny you have asked that. I consider myself a colorist (others say that as well when they look at my art, especially what is in my home or offered for sell face-to-face). But there are somethings that seem to lose their meaning to me when colored, as if the line itself is statement enough. But when someone else sees it, they feel like they are unfinished. So I have been exploring some options internally. I think before too long I will be sharing some new pieces that come out of toying with that. I am glad you asked. It helped me to work it out in the response. Love that!!

  • Tammy Vitale

    Mandalas always enchant me and yours are no different. There is always so much wonder and movement in their stillness. I love to think of them being created in a thunder storm. What energy! Nice meeting you thru AEDM!

    • Rachél

      I have been exploring “the loose” in my art more and more. It feels freeing. It is exciting that you saw that. And although I never called it “the loose” I may start. Thanks for the name!

  • Carolyn Dube

    I loved that part of Tracy’s workshop too! I am finding, even a month later that aspect of her class keeps popping back up for me- in life and art! Your mandalas are fabulous!