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City Chic {Long Way Home}


One of my favorite past times is to spend a few minutes on either side of a trip downtown to explore the city.  I have lived in the same town most of my life.  The downtown was a place we went where I was very young to do a bit of shopping, but much of the posh department stores moved into the malls across town.  The downtown began to get run down.  In high school, the mayoral race focused on whether or not to revive downtown. By the time I graduated from college, the artists had moved in.  A lone coffee called Crazy Ladies was home to the artists, musicians, neo-hippies, and few wandering spirits.  A few lofts became the seats of philosophical think-tanks of the day.  A friend reported about that time that they had heard once the artists move into the downtown it would be a decade for it to start thriving again. Well, a decade has passed and sure enough…new life.

However, there are definite remnants of the tough times.  And those places become like archaeological sites for me and my camera. Sometimes I find something old made new to me as I discover parts of my hometown I never knew existed; other times, I find something I thought was only a long-ago memory.  In either situation, I feel as if I find a bit of myself in these crumbled places made new by my thriving interest in them.

Here are a few shots taken  today on a detour downtown.

Until next time, take….the long way home!


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  • galyn

    our town is small and old and my son who attends the local Jr college has taken a lot of photos of the old stuff around here. Many old houses have been torn down and some more are in such bad shape they will eventually be. The trains used to run here-my great grandfather was a local conductor- but we now only have one that comes through and my son’s taken photos along the old track. Our depots have been updated and one’s a nightclub, one’s a genealogy library. Beautiful buildings. Our old post office and courthouse are still here. Above ‘Paris Optical’ is a huge spread wing eagle statue my son needs to photograph. We still have the fountain in the ctr of town and the library where my mother went to work when she was 12 is still the library. I sometimes feel odd knowing she ran around here as a little girl and my grandmothers shopped downtown, my great-grandparents shopped downtown. I never thought I’d live here-but here I am and it’s become a sanctuary for me. We do have artists and antique shops downtown but what lofts are available are already priced out of reach of the everyday worker or student. It would be cool to have one though. I grew up in the Metroplex-and I don’t want to ever move back there. We go up there to visit our son and my husband’s family–and to the Highland Games–but other than that I don’t want to leave here.
    And–aren’t those old doors great? Some stain, some cut-outs and what- not and —a headboard or bench.