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Oh boy, do I have an exciting 2013 planned!  And one of the highlights is teaching at Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood Art Retreat.  The event is the weekend of my birthday, so I decided to do it up right and turn what could be a quick jaunt up to Wisconsin (from Texas, lol) into a leisurely drive-about. Yep, ROAD TRIP!  I can’t wait.

So my birthday wish is to meet lots of creatives there. Hint!  This is the perfect time to plan for it. Just give a little nudge to the Santa ….and all the little elves….. in your life.  In fact, we have done some of the work for you!

Just grab it and print it out…..easy, breezy!

I hope to see ya there!  April 17-19, 2013….It’s just around the corner!

For more details and to see a super cute video of me sharing my excitement about the event, head over the the Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood Art Retreat page.

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One Comment

  • Sofia

    I will print these and put them up at the bookstores where my artwork hangs! Linda made some cards last year and they went pretty fast! Great idea Rae!! I have already booked the room with my roomie Linda K 🙂 so happy!!!