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 Welcome to the Creativity Booster Pack!  

Creativity Booster Pack is a mini e-course intended to give a little lift to your creative spirit.   Inside, you’ll find a series of thirteen time proven booster actions paired with an MP3 fleshing out each one.  You will also find a guided visualization for kicking creativity into gear.  These boosters are what I have used in my own super creative life and what I have been sharing with my clients and student for years.  And they get results!


Welcome to Creativity Tribe Studio

Before we dive in too far, let me stop a bit to welcome you to Creativity Tribe.

Along pathway to creating Creativity Tribe, I discovered that the arts were a gateway to healing and a vehicle for creating life itself.

I discovered that even the smallest act of creation could have a huge impact on us, that even creativity in its most everyday form could help to transform our lives. It is with this awareness that I have taken my love of the arts and built a lifestyle steeped in creativity.


This is a space for cultivating your creative spirit.  I blend talk about the arts with the art of living.  I share about my journey as a creative, an artist, massage therapist, life coach, creativity mentor, lover of essential oils and all things that make life SENSE-sation!

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If that feels like a good match for you, welcome!

How to use the Creativity Booster Pack…

I hope you will use the Creativity Booster Pack….creatively!  We each know what is best for us, what fits into our time allowances, what the needs of our life are, where we might like to supplement our growth, and what just feels right.  Use all of that as your guide to using this resource.  In the past, some of my clients have found it useful to read through this and use it as an inventory for upping their game, so to speak.  For some, a more organic approach suits them.  I invite you to create something that works just for you!

A Visit with Rachél about Boosting Creativity

Grab a cup of java or your favorite herbal tea and kick back as I chat with you about my top 13 creativity booster actions.

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 Creativity Booster Talk- Click to Play


 Creativity Boosters

Below are some of my notes about each creativity booster.  I go into much more detail in the MP3 chat.

Creativity Booster 1

We often feel blocked by not having the right space or not having enough space.  If we can move past that block and look for what we do have and make the best of that, we will find creating a physical space for creativity opens up a space for creativity in our inner life as well.

Creativity Booster 2

15 minutes of journaling has been shown to help people heal from physical aliments.  Journaling is easy.  Quick.  Can be done anywhere.  Main idea with journaling is… don’t edit as you are doing it.  There are lots of kinds of journals.  Writing, also known as Scriptotherapy is one way to express what you are feeling.  A Visual Journal uses artwork and is often mixed media.  This can be blended with words for double the power.

Kinds of journals…. Simply doodle! Create a Gratitude Journal (perfect spiritual practice because it keeps you focused on the positive and be uplifting). List Journals can list ideas, feelings or things about ourselves.

Divide your journals by topic or blend them together.  Anything goes.

Creativity Booster 3

Inner tapes run through our minds.  These tapes often come from words others have said about us or what we have felt expressed as judgements in our society.  They can be our fears about self-expression.  I call these voices the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee.  They can be balanced by creating an opposite gathering like an Inner Cheerleading Squad or Council of Wise Ones.  Some ways to work past the inner taps is journaling, working with a coach, talking to the self with love and kindness, encouraging words of support from a helping spirit.

Creativity Booster 4

 Mistakes are opportunities for growth.  This is true in life as much as it is in the creative process.  An idea shows itself to you… you begin to express it… it gets messy, scary…. you follow through…. it takes shape…. becomes something new…. arrives at its zenith…. you celebrate it…. rest…. follow the next idea.  This is the creative process.  We can get stuck at any place on the cycle but understanding it can help us move through it.

Creativity Boosters 5

In the Creative Process there are several kinds of In-between times.  There is the time between being very creative and needing downtime, and the time between phases of creativity in the cycle.  The in-between can be scary because we often can’t see what comes next.  Honoring it is essential.  It helps us deal with creative angst.  Following the phases of the moon helps me understand that in-between as a mystery…. a dark time when you just can’t see what is next but can always trust the crescent is close to follow!

Creativity Booster Numbers 6

By letting go of the need to get hyped up during out creative expression, we can become more in tune with following the impulses from within. Instead of pushing through to the thing we think we are supposed to master the expression of, we let it emerge.  When we are mindful, we express in a more organic, less forced way. Whatever will be will be.

Creativity Booster 7

The artist writes….the poet dances….the dancer gardens….the gardener writes….stretch into new creative avenues to energize the ways you love to express yourself.

Creativity Booster 8

In the Arts, a mistake can make us look at what we are creating in a whole new light.  Oh geez!…we say.  I never considered that.  The same happens with creating relationships and life.  A mistake turned into an opportunity: Taking a wrong turn and discovering a new tea house ….. dropping paint and having to cover it up or morph it into something new and exciting. ….having to give up on my perfect idea of an artwork to embrace something totally new and fresh.  The best plays I have been in have been ones where we had to go with the flow because someone skipped a line.  What we created as a team was brilliant! The mistakes led us to that brilliance.

Creativity Booster 9

A lot of people think of creativity as THE ARTS…but things like relationships, celebrations, the way we approach problem solving, and spirituality can be about creativity.  Pull your idea about creativity into realms beyond The Arts to make life itself something you craft.  Helping clients see this can be SO empowering!

Creativity Booster 10

So much of creativity involves walking through NOT KNOWING. I have begun inviting that into my projects to help me get more used to the feeling of being a bit out of  control.  One of my favorite things to do is drawing in the dark.  It can inspire you to let go and go with the flow!

Creativity Booster 11

Firm believer that everyone is creative. Invite yourself to look for where creativity lives in your life beyond The Arts and you will see it begin to show up in all sorts of ways.  Then you can encourage those. We are the artists of our own lives!

Creativity Booster 12

One of my favorite challenges is to invite myself to be curious about something.  A new medium, an archetype, a symbol, or word.  I take on the roll of investigator and watch where the synchronicity trail leads me.  My husband who is an artist actually creates synchronicity maps in his journals to explore where one idea will lead him. He rights down one word and documents how it shows up in life, what he knows about it, what it reminds him of, and collects images to support the stream of consciousness.  It is a great exercise.

Creativity Booster 13

My favorite by far!  Creativity is best when shared.  Bring your creativity  out to share it.  I often bring a satchel full of art supplies to the cafe with me.  When someone is curious or compliments me, I offer them the opportunity to join me.  You would be surprised how often they do.  This is how I met my roommate.  Great things come to us through creativity.  Share yours today and encourage others to share theirs. You just might create your own Creativity Tribe!

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Creativity Booster Visualization

I just love guided visualizations.  They are a great way to encourage your mind to help you get what you want in life.  In the Creativity Booster Guided Visualization I made for you, I am taking you on a journey into the heart to meet with your Creative Spirit.  Enjoy!

Looking for more community….

Art is my Fave

Creative Community: Would you like to grow your connections with other people cultivating their creative lives?  I would love to welcome you into the Creativity Tribe Facebook Group.  It is the perfect place for you to share how the Booster Pack is working for you! 

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Henry David Thoreau said…The world is but a canvas to our imaginations.

I say….Image  the life you want and let it become your world!

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