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Creativity Tribe Studio {Ornies}

I have been busy creating ornaments for the Apocalypse show at KSpace Contemporary.  They always have great ornaments created by area artist. I am excited to offer these up from the Creativity Tribe Studio.

I still have some work to do on them and will make sure to show them to you when they are all finished up.

Deep Gratitude

A few years ago, I started blogging with the idea that someday I would have a full blown website, get to share my art, my exquisite passion for the creative lifestyle, and help people discover their own creativity.  Now I am living that dream.  I am days away from launching the coaching portion of my business, my hands have been marked with paint everyday for a month, and I realize that my heart is so blessed that I overflow with gratitude.  YOU are a significant part of that blessing.  Today as I sit down with family to celebrate the Fall festival of Thanksgiving, I will be giving thanks for this community, for the bonds we are developing, and for the promise of more meaningful connections soon to come.

Where ever you are in the world…USA or otherwise….I encourage you to count your blessings. Blessings counted seem to multiply!


Art Every Day Month is a movement, inspiring artist around the blogosphere! Head over and see what they are up to today!  Then, consider joining us.  It is a small act that makes a big different.  Creativity…….. engage!

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