Healing Art

Several years ago when I was very sick, I made my way back to health while preoccupying myself with little drawings. I called the simple little sketches my Fairy People, although they rarely had wings and some were even skeleton folks.  I think I must have thought of them that way because something in me felt like modern medicine and even alternative medicine was not fully helping. I unconsciously turned to my imagination to help me escape the pain and wished for an ounce of magic or miracle to cure me.  Something I was doing worked. When I drew, the pain left for a bit. And eventually I recovered.

I have been in a bit of discomfort for the last couple of weeks. Nothing life threatening or even anything to worry about. My spine has been working out some alignment issues.  This week while organizing my studio, I found a little stash of my Fairy People.  My back (which had been the thing that made me sick all those years ago) seemed to want to grasp at them again, as if to call on the same relief they had given way back when.

This morning I went to the chiropractor and have been taking care of myself with periodical naps and just being mindful of my movement.  When it came time to think about my creative project for Art Every Day Month Challenge, I remembered that it was Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead, also called All Soul’s Day) and that we were planning to attend the street festival tonight.  I decided to explore the skeleton drawings I had done back then and to do another.




By the way, I am feeling a bit better. (wink)

 Check out AEDM Day #3!

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  1. They are going to be cool… can’t wait to see them with colour on them… glad your back is sorting out though… nothing owrse than back pain…xx

  2. I believe art heals and you are living proof. I adore that skeleton. It truly IS party time.

  3. Love your fairy people. I hope you continue being pain free. So glad that you taking care of yourself. xoxo

  4. Love the colors here, so bright and cheery, no wonder it heals you!

  5. Glad you’re feeling a bit better! What a wonderful way to help you get better. Great skeleton drawings!

  6. you have such a wondrous imagination. I love it. take care of you, my friend.

  7. Art is a great healer, isn’t it? Feel better!

  8. Love the cards. All I could think of as I read you post was “medicine cards”. Get rest and stay healthy. 🙂

    • Wow – I was already taken with the fairy people, but love the idea of them being ‘medicine cards’.

      • Thanks, Jordan. They do have lots of medicine. So many of them have never made them to the internet for that reason. They are so very personal. So good to see ya here!

    • Thanks, Deborah. I have been playing with cards recently and wondering how to create my own deck. You are very intuitive!

  9. I love these drawings!! so fun! glad you are feeling better! xxx

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