Heart-Glow Inspiration Deck Workshop

Heart Glow Inspiration Deck Workshop

Heart-Glow Inspiration Deck Workshop

The moment I met Rose Duncan, I felt like our meeting was meant to be.  Just about three years ago, we took an on-line class together and discovered we lived fairly close (at least as far as close can be in Texas).  We set out to meet one another and have been dear friends ever since.

This workshop is grown out of our shared love of creativity and our shared belief that it is an important path to self-discovery.

Heart-Glow Inspiration Deck

This super cute picture taken at Intermezzo Gallery.

Rachél Payne and Rose Duncan, both artists and life coaches, will be your guides as you explore a gentle meditation to connect you with the light of your own heart.  

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Heart-Glow Inspiration Deck Workshop

Intermezzo Gallery and Studios
Boerne, Texas
Saturday, May 9th , 10:30 – 4:30
$75 (materials included) 

Art starts in the heart. The Heart-Glow Inspiration Deck Workshop blends meditation with mixed media art techniques to connect your heart and the art it wishes to express. Rachél Payne and Rose Duncan, both artists and life coaches, will be your guides as you explore a gentle meditation to connect you with the light of your own heart.

Heart Glow Inspiration Deck Workshop with Rachel Payne Rose Duncan

The Heart-Glow meditation will provide a personal practice that will take you into such themes as gratitude, inner wisdom, and self-confidence.  You will alter a deck of playing cards using a variety of mixed media art techniques, walking away with several completed cards and all the inspiration and know-how to complete the rest. This workshop promises to take you on a journey of self-exploration where your art will help you more deeply know your heart.

Rose Duncan cardsHeart-Glow Inspiration Cards by Rose Duncan

Heart Glow Inspiration Workshop buzz

This is an awesome workshop. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially if you need time to reconnect with the ‘inner you’.

~Wendy Keach

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Heart-Glow Inspiration Deck Workshop

If you would like more information or would like to register for one of these workshops or classes, please contact Intermezzo Gallery and Studio by calling (830)331-9400 or emailing them at  We look forward to seeing you at Intermezzo!

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