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I have been a busy little Creative lately.  The studio is a royal mess… I say royal because I think it reflect a bit of Queen of Creativity vibe to it which I take in stride.  All that creativity is coming out of a desire to express the big journey my life is taking as I live with cancer until my upcoming surgery.  I know I mention it often in my posts, but my life really revolves around that deep self-care these days and I want to share that part of my journey with you.

I feel like we all have something that drives us closer to care for yourselves.  Mine is cancer right now, yours may be stress or self-doubt, desires for more serenity, who know…. the list potentially could be very long.  But I know self-care in the midst of life itself isn’t just a means of making life more bearable, I believe it is one of THE reasons we come to the Earth School.  To learn to love ourselves and care for ourselves.

Art in the Name of Self-Care

In yesterday’s post about Gifts from the Universe, I gave a peek at one of the pieces I have been working on.  It is about love of my body, radiating an exuberance for life, and looking inward for wisdom and guidance.  I did her with a series of other paintings in a very intuitive process that starts out with mark making on the canvas then look to the canvas and the self to collaborate on what wants to be expressed.  I will share the other pieces some other time.  For today, I would like to feature the Queen of my Secret Garden.  I just adore her!

Queen of My Secret Garden

My Morning Meditation in the Studio

Body Wisdom Check-in

Sitting with eyes closed, focusing on my heart and on the seat of knowing that sometimes gives me a gut intuition , pull my attention out from behind my eyes and try to be aware of every cell in my body… aware of the wholeness of me.  I invite in a steady peace and confidence into the space that is me and then expand it into my day. Breathing into that I let go of trying to control and lean into the Mystery of not-knowing.  I stay with this until I intuitively know I am done.  Then a deep breath, a good stretch and the day begins!

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