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Creativity in its most everyday form can transform our life.
That’s what makes it sacred!About Rachel Payne

Life Coach Rachel Payne

Rachél (sounds like Rah-shell) Payne, MS is a certified life and creativity coach with a masters in counseling. 

Rachél fell in love with the Arts as a child and quickly discovered that even the smallest act of creation could have a huge impact on us, that even creativity in its most everyday form could help to transform our lives. With that in mind, she has build a practice around her love of the arts, crafting a lifestyle (both personal and professional) steeped in creativity.

Rachél is a workshop facilitator, artist, published author, and speaker. She especially loves lending her hand and heart to helping others connect with a more meaningful life through spirituality and creativity.

A Multi-Faceted Bio for a Multi-Passionate Woman
…. professional deets…..

Rachél Payne, MS is a Life Coach and Artist. Her passion is to create opportunities for others to touch the creative spirit within themselves and express that in an emotionally safe and energizing way. Rachél came to the Arts through her own journey of personal transformation. This led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in Arts and Communication and go on to achieve her Masters in Counseling.

During her studies, she actively explored the influence creative expression has on the self-actualization of individuals in a therapeutic relationship. Rachél presented regionally and nationally on the therapeutic benefits of creativity. Three articles featuring her innovative applications were published in Integrating the Expressive Arts Into Counseling Practice (Degges-White and Davis, 2011). Rachél was recognized as 2010 Graduate Student of the Year for her contribution to the field by the Association for Creativity in Counseling.

She has since gone on to found Creativity Tribe, a business which offers a blend of creative opportunities and opportunities for self-discovery. As a Life Coach and Creativity Guide, Rachél Payne provides hands-on creativity workshops featuring a variety of visual and performing arts, as well as, wellness, stress management, and meditation based small groups.

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Wanna check out more of my art? Rachel ‘s Art  features it here. 

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