Listening Inward

I like to know where I stand.

 I like things spelled out in black and white. 

I like things tied up, nice and neat.

But sometimes life gets messy.

And we have to let go of what is safe….

And reach for what is right.

If we are lucky, we will find the path that is made for us.

But how do we know when it is time to leave the proven for the possible?

We listen inward.

What do you hear when you get quiet and go inward?

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  1. Rae – this is absolutely beautiful. I love this post. Thank you for inspiring me to follow what is in my heart.

    • Lori, I am glad you found it! I thought of it after visiting with you. Guess it must be something in the air. <3

  2. I love these words and how you laid them out with the pics. It speaks to me on this day. I’m thinking I better be listening.

  3. BTW….your site looks great!

    • Thanks, Rani! I have been playing in my photos a lot recently. They inspired me. I a glad they spoke to you.

  4. It’s been a long time since I’ve listen in the quiet. Should do that soon. 🙂

    • Hope it goes well for you, Connie. I have been practicing that before bed every night and love what I am hearing.

  5. excellent post and a great reminder that the answers we seek are within – all the wisdom needed for each of us is found within the stillness of our own heart.

    • Yes, Joss…and I am grateful that I have learned to listen. It seems it has taken awhile to figure that out. lol

  6. Your posts always have a way of bringing forth wonderful memories. like the time we zig-zagged our way through the neighborhoods and looked at the yards and houses and wondered what lives might be led in them. Also another wonderful memory is when I lived in San Antonio. On Sundays my camera & I,would take a road I hadn’t traveled on before and stay on it for 3 hours and start heading back on a different one. Many times it would turn into a dirt road but I still took it.Now I think Girl, what were you thinking LOL. Enjoyed it so very much.Thank you

    • I have had some of those “Girl, what were you thinking” moments on my own zig-zags. lol

  7. Thank you, Rachel…yet, again. For helping me open my eyes and heart to possibilities.

  8. Rachél,

    I could not have said it better myself.
    Beautifully written and painfully true!

    Thanks for sharing.
    🙂 Kris

  9. Some days the quiet is hard to find, but so needed! But really, all we need is a moment, don’t we? I’ll have to be a creative mom and find that three or four seconds, bc I totally need to listen. Thanks for the reminder! (Teehee, I have visions of locking myself in the bathroom . . .)

    • I have done that before, Jessica. I can relate to needing privacy and the bathroom feeling like my own personal sanctuary!

  10. It does seem difficult at times between work and other distractions to slow down and listen to your own soul but I believe it is so important

  11. I have just discovered your site after signing up to Traci’s 30 Day Get Your Art On challenge. I love this post & looking forward to having a look around here!

    • Viv, thanks so much!! I am headed to your site to visit. Glad to connect with ya!

  12. your blog is so pretty!

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