Minding the Mind, Mending the Heart

EveryMomentSome of the deepest disappointments in life are those times when we have let ourselves down.  Standing by our dreams, we watch them get smaller and smaller as the voice of doubt and fear win over some opportunity to bloom.  It happens to all of us in one form or another. Those shared human experiences tug at our hearts and are often created in the mind.

Recently I have been taking on the voices in my head with a fierceness I have seldom felt from myself.  I am focusing on a whole cluster of issues that rise up for me that I think of as a Life Theme.  The Life Theme seems to be a course of study that has accompanied me into this life. I work a little on it and discover some resolution, then it reforms with a slight change so that I can experience the theme again.  Each time I learn something about myself, often discovering gifts of the spirit along the way. I bet we all have a Life Theme or two to fully take in over the course of our life.

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Some people may have Life Themes surrounding safety or struggling with lack, others keep coming back to the theme of belonging or perhaps some other shadowy difficulty.  It usually doesn’t take much to pull together the nuance of a Life Theme, figuring out a precise thread that travels through the life can be a bit more of a challenge.  Once you have a name for it though, it can help you identify when it knocks on your door.

The theme I am working on currently has to do with creativity.  If I know much about anything, it is creativity.  And yet…. the shadow side of creativity still challenges me.  I love that this place I feel so grounded in also has more growth to offer me.  And so I am digging deep to explore the ways creativity shows up in my life in a less grounded way….where it could be more rooted and secure.

How do I know where those places are?  I listen for the fear and frustration.  I listen for the places where my heart aches.  Those are the areas of my Creative Spirit that are asking for resolution.

I think it is important to point out that creativity is more than just something pretty we put on our wall or listen to on our iPod.  It is our ability to form relationships with self, others, and spirit. It is our relationship with abundance or lack.  Creativity is about making meaning and crafting life.

Once I discover an area where creativity is kinked up, I set out to open up the stuck places.  There are lots of ways to work with this, but for me currently, I have been minding my mind.  Every morning as I wake up, I let my mind wander into the fear.  Then I pretend to wipe it away and begin to imagine what life would be like if the fear magically went away.  I play with that new reality for awhile.  Then, I encourage myself to believe that if I can imagine the new reality than it is quite possible.


I have been doing this for a few months now and my life is reflecting those changes.  My heart is blooming with possibility.

 Creatively yours…

Rachel Payne Life Coach

rachel payne coach

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  1. beautifully written words. i hadn’t considered a “life theme” before for myself, but i see your point. they do exist, for all of us. take care sweet friend, and continue to push forward towards the life you want each day, allowing the less than stellar times to teach you as much about yourself as the the times when you shine. peace!

  2. Rachél, you ave such a positive spin on your perspective of the world. You see all things with a golden light of possibilities, no mattere what direction life is taking you. I am inspired by you.

    I have not considered a “life theme” either, but I can see that is surely a part of my life too. The things I keep running into throughout my life. The barriers that keep me from living my best life, as well as the strengths that pull me through those barriers. Seeing those life threads and using them to there best potential is key to enhancing my life.

    Thank you Rachél for yet another bit of enlightenment! <3!

    • Linda, when I started looking at my life themes it is when I made that shift to the golden light of possibilities you named. It is one of my practices now. Look for the theme, then bring it into the light. You are shining as well, girl! And strong. I love witnessing your journey!

  3. Such a poignant post to read first thing this morning. Thanks for sharing.

  4. And a Marvilious Monday Morning to you Rachel. As we discovered previously my life thread theme is around health and living a healthly lifestyle. I see it very clearly now and understand my deep desires and passions that reflect this on so many levels. Even the health challenges I face are all a part of this journey and to learn grace and even graditude from the setbacks to the gains. Thank you for brings this insight out in the open to examine. Lots of Love, light and Laughter ~

    • Hey Rosemary….as I was typing this post I realized I hadn’t put a name to the themes I was working on. When I discovered it was creativity I thought it was ironic that it was one of my biggest strengths and one of my deepest wounds. Interesting!

  5. Hi Rae!

    I guess you could call it a theme, but lately prosperity and abundance or feeling a lack of has been a theme in my life lately. I know outlook and mindset have a lot to do with it and I’m making a commitment to myself to see the abundance I have and try to see lack of financial abundance in a different light. Thanks for sharing your love theme here today.


    • Jill, prosperity and abundance are being echoed under my theme of creativity. Do I trust my innate ability to create enough to fully provide for myself? Do I trust that I can prosper while following my dreams? Ahhhh….so much for me to learn. THanks for sharing where you are!

  6. Such an inspiring post, Rachel. Thank you.

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