Creative Growth

My Creative Growth

When I started running my own creative biz, I made a decision that the best way to guarantee that I could be the best I could be was to regularly practice self-care, schedule opportunities for continuing education, to play, and to live authentically….scars, beauty marks and all.  This is what I am doing for my creative growth.

Coaching School

Yep, I have headed back to school!  I LOVE learning.  A few years ago, I completed my Masters in Counseling, and now I am fine tuning my love of helping others by joining Brandi Graves at iCoach University for coach school. I will be wrapping up my coach training soon, until then, I am enjoying the experience. Brandi is motivating and inspiring.

Business School

 I told you…headed back to school.  I am taking Simply My Harvest – Starting Your New Business, a great e-course taught by my friend, Connie Rawlings. Connie is a living paradox. She is a CPA and a SCW (Super Creative Woman).  Her class blends the two and has been a delight to take. It didn’t take long for me to relax into learning what I have for most of my life been afraid to look at. But, if I am going to work with others to face their fears, I might as well join the party!

 Traci Bunkers 30 Days of Get Your Art On

I discovered Traci last year. She has lots of energy and amazing ideas. I had a blast making flip-flop stamps from her video last year and have incorporated several of the stamps I made into my art. I started the challenge on the first and will be keep up with it through October. You can find pics of my art projects on the Creativity Tribe Facebook Page.  It’s not too late to jump in. If you are doing the challenge, make sure to drop me a line with your blog so I can share the experience with you.

I am also working on a few projects that I hope will help you take care of your creative growth. You can subscribe to the newsletter, Facebook Page or RSS feed to stay connected. Either way, make sure to check back soon for all the SENSATIONAL details.

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I am Rachél Payne, the quirky, dedicated heart behind Creativity Tribe. I am an artist, writer, and creative life advocate.

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  • rosemary

    so looking forward to “all the SENSATIONAL details… can’t wait to hear. I guess I should be saying.. can’t wait to read. LOL.