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My Creative Weekend

my creative weekend

 Some of my favorite memories…

I am walking the aisles in the cloth store, hands lovingly, curiously touching, eyes soaking in as many textures as the fingers explored.  Mom was looking through patterns.  Dreaming.  I wonder what wonder she will craft out of this sea color and delight.

Years later I sit in a corner of my childhood bedroom.  A spiral notebook with scratches of a poem rests on my knees. I turn it into a song after watching Loretta Lynn’s Coal Miner’s Daughter.  I want to share something meaningful from deep inside.  I yearn to express my world as Loretta did.  I want to sing big, with great feeling, and share myself with the world.

Rachel and Kim with Tucan

That’s me on the right…curly haired and bright smiled with my cousin and dear friend, Kim.

Middle of the night in my early twenties, I sit alone in the living room.  My husband is asleep and a grief about losing my mother rises up inside me.  He gets up at 4 a.m. to work.  I can’t get my head wrapped around the deep feelings welling up.  Something in me calls me to a college notebook.  I begin to write and then to draw.  A poem emerges.  Memories float back.  The grief subsides.  A gentle sense of my mother’s hands across the top of my head soothe me.  I head to bed and sleep peacefully.

Four adults sit around a table in the middle of a cafe. Music plays in the background, a Celtic band.  The conversation lulls then someone confesses to their disappointment in not having more art in their life.  Another chimes in, validates, commiserates.  I smile inside.  Reach for my satchel, pull out four small blank cards and a few pens.  Shared art begins.

These are some of my Creative Weekend memories.  Times when a break in my week reached out to support my desire to express myself, soothe myself, or connect with others and the world.   I could fill volumes with stories like this.  They are some of the highlights of my life.

creativity prompt

Make a memory with your Creative Spirit this weekend.  Set aside any preconceived notion that doing a creative  project takes too much energy or time.  Open to the possibility that it could make life stand still for awhile and help energize you.

Here are some ideas… Do a bit of double duty by making a hafto into an opportunity for creativity.  That lunch you have to cook, choose a new recipe, or plate the food with a bit of pizzazz!  That bath you like to take on Sunday evenings, why not add a few drops of essential oil and a lit candle near a small note card expressing a wish you have for the week to come.  Creativity heals, it crafts life, and helps us remember we are dynamic, expressive beings.  Invite a bit of Creative Spirit into your life  over the next several days. (Would love for you to come back and share what you did or use the comments to commit to something creative that is whispering to your heart!)


I love Fridays around here because it is my chance to spin some energy for the folks who have bravely claimed creativity as a way of life on the Faces of Creativity Tribe page (you can put yours in too).  I hope you will head over to their blogs for a bit of inspiration….let them know you are part of the Creativity Tribe.

  •  A Smile Maker: Teresa over at A Smile Maker is just that.  I had the pleasure of spending a few hilarious evenings with her during my trip to Wisconsin for the Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood Art Retreat.  Her site is delightful.  I especially love her Late Bloomers series.  I hope you will give her a visit.
  • Art, Love, & Joy is the on-line home of Wini Dougall.  Wini is an artist who does feel-good art and spins out lots of love in her blog posts.  Always a joy to visit her slice of blog heaven.  Make sure to check out her shop while you are there.  I have been eyeing one of her throw pillows personally!
  • Simply Celebrate is an inspiring site curated by Sherry Richert Belul.  Sherry is the host and organizer of a delightful event I have enjoyed taking part of for the last two years.  You can find my Plant a Kiss Day post (2012 and 2013).
  • Cat Athena Louise is a artist and free spirit whose art reflects her love of myth, fairytales, and shamanic traditions.  I consider her a dear, sweet friend and am delighted that she has connected with me here.

 Creatively yours…

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