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Rachel Payne with Creativity Tribe. Life Coach, Expressive Arts Facilitator, artist, spirituality, creativity

I like to think of this space, Creativity Tribe, as a creative living studio, where your life is the canvas and your thoughts, beliefs, daily actions, and imagination help you create your own moving, breathing expressions of self upon it.   Some of my favorite art projects have included collaborating with another person.  When I designed Creativity Tribe, I knew connecting with others as we creatively connect with ourselves needed to be at the heart of my offerings.


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Other Creativity Tribe Offerings…

Coaching One-on-One:  Would you love to have another Creative to VISION with, to BRAINSTORM, to VENT with, to HOLD SPACE while you spread your wings?  A great benefit your business life, personal life, and spiritual life.

Creative Living Circles: Connecting in a regular, dedicated group can be a powerful invitation to create the life you desire.  (more details coming soon)

Events and Projects: Workshops and special gatherings have always been at the heart of my work as a Creative.  Check out the latest face-to-face and on-line events.



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