Sacred Cacao Gatherings

Cacao with Rachel

Sacred Cacao Circles

I am excited to offer face-to-face personal development work with ceremonial grade cacao.  One of the beautiful things about using cacao as a partner for exploring the self is that it is so flexible.  Dive into a cup of this old world Guatemalan spiritual elixir as part of….

  • a dynamic group experience
  • in intimate gatherings with a small circle
  • in personalized sessions just for you

An Invitation to Tend to Your Sacred Heart

My calling is to create circle gatherings for those who wish to connect with their heart.  This beautiful cacao just can’t help but open us up there.  Although, I will say, it will not take us where we do not wish to go.  It isn’t forceful like that.  Cacao opens the heart ….literally oxygenates the blood.  And if you think in spiritual terms, you may also feel it working to open the figural heart or energetic heart as well.

It works better with a slight smile and the energy of letting go or doing nothing.  Then it seems to just flow you into a new understanding of yourself and Existence.coming soon
Cacao Red Tent 2

I offer cacao in a number of ways…

Sacred Cacao Group Gathering

Small groups are joined together to connect with their own heart while support others in their own personal spiritual work.  In this kind of circle we set aside our need to help others get fixed and lean into pure support of that person, wherever their journey may lead them.  Each gathering will take on its own life.  That’s part of the fun!

Sacred Cacao for One

$75 for individual session,
roughly two hours long, but time varies to fit the flow

Join me for a collaborative, personalized session, playing with the spirit of cacao.  I will guide you on a simple, but powerful meditation to connect you to your heart and to the experience that cacao gently opens you to.  Then, we will let go and follow the flow.

Sacred Creative PlayShops

Prices and duration varies

What if life wasn’t so much about working on this issue or working to fix ourselves, but more about playing with life.  Sometimes we play hard.  Sometimes we fall on our rumps as we are jumping and swinging through the air.  But when we hold play as our intention, jumping up and dusting ourselves off isn’t traumatic, it is exhilarating.  We catch our breath and dive back in.  PlayShops hold onto that same idea.

Join me as we engage our creativity with a variety of playthings…. cacao, essential oils, movement, meditation, mixed media art, and our own imagination.  Let me dangle a loose pathway in front of you and watch as you make it your own.

Surprise Gifts from Universe

More about my journey with Sacred Cacao…..

Band of Gypsies (My first time to use cacao)
The Chocolate Eaters (My calling to share cacao in ceremony)
Sacred Cacao Ceremony: A Red Tent Event  (An invitation to join us)




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