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Welcome to the official page for our Re-treat Yourself Well E-Course give-away.  Let me take a minute to introduce myself and tell you a bit about the e-course.

Retreat Yourself Well ... 21 Days of Self-Care with Life Coach Rachel Payn

My name is Rachél Payne.  I am a creative life coach and a mentor for better living.  I am also a survivor of endometrial cancer….and I like to add, a thriver!!  My life work is to help others show up to life with creativity.  That might mean diving into a creative project or taking on life as your favorite creative endeavor.

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My Self-Care Story…
I can pick my self-care story up from many spots on the timeline of my life.  I first learned about self-care at 21 when my mother passed away as I was becoming a young woman. Later, as I began working with victims of domestic violence, I made self-care a priority for me and for them.  Then, at 44, I was diagnosed with cancer and self-care took on a whole new meaning.  Not only was I paying attention to my body in a new way, I also expanded what self-care looked like and how I met that need.
post hysterectomy
On the other side of my cancer journey, I am happy to bring what I learned from that to the world.  I love blending creativity, spirituality, and self-care. Because of my love of all those who are on a cancer journey or supporting those on one, I decided to open three spots in my e-course up to those fighting, surviving, and thriving.  I hope you will consider entering.

Walking on Sunshine
The Give-Away

The give-away will end at midnight on Friday, August 18th.  The e-course is not transferable.  Also, I will keep confidential within the e-course that you have been on a cancer journey…not because I feel there should be secrecy or shame, but because that is YOUR story to tell should you choose, not mine.  <3

Unfortunately the give-away has ended.  But your opportunities for self-care have NOT!

I have created a special offer for those who have been invited to the give-away.  This heavily-discounted, full-access offer gives you everything other participants will have BUT it allows me to sprinkle a little extra love on my cancer fighting/surviving/thriving peeps!

I also have a completely FREE Self-Care Spark Guide (a little e-book to start you out on your self-care journey) that I would like to share with you!  When you sign up for it, you get all kinds of additional goodies (tips, tricks, inspiration, and special offers) that come your way.

Yes, I want the Self-Care Spark Guide. 

Yes, I want the Special Offer for Re-Treat Yourself Well 21 Day Self-Care E-Course.  (The special offere ENDS August 21st.)


I am delighted you found us.
We are Creativity Tribe.


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Ready to spark your self-care journey? This full color guide to gives you a handful of self-care actions to help you manage stress and up your self-care game. Filled with tips and tricks, this e-book helps you bust stress so you can more fully connect with the heart of your creativity.

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Welcome to CT

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