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Setting Focus for 2017

The New Year took off like a rocket ship!  It doesn’t always happen that way.  Sometimes I clearly envision my destination for the year to come. I enjoy setting focus for it.  But then, something in the first month starts me off with a sputter and splat!  I fall on my face…..and sometimes take awhile to get back up!

Quote: Setting focus helps you keep your eye on the horizon while taking the steps that are right in front of you. Rachel Payne Life Coach

Not this year!

What I mean is, this year I didn’t stay down.  I did, however, start with a sputter, but I recovered quickly by moving into action.  And the action led to the rocket boost!

On New Year’s Eve, I started getting sick.  I lost my voice, and by week’s end, it moved into my chest.  I could have used that as an excuse to claim the beginning of the year a wash.  But I didn’t.

Instead, I took action.

In the first days of the year, I hired a coach to help me manifest my year.  I showed up for the session with little voice, a lotta cough, and a bit of self-doubt about spending money for a service from someone else that I provide for others all the time.

But, that is the beauty of working with life coaches!  They can see around corners you don’t know are there, or perhaps you do know and have tried to look around them but never could get the right angle.  The session was just what I needed to help in setting focus for 2017.

On the call, several of the blocks I knew that had been standing in my way began to dissolve.  I could feel Possibility taking root and Probability taking flight.  Four days later, I had taken a huge step towards a big dream of mine for Creativity Tribe. (I will share more about that next week.  I can’t wait to let you in on my HUGE secret!)


Setting Focus mind map

Tips for Setting Focus

  • Brainstorm what you want to achieve in the coming month, season, or year. Mind maps are my favorite way to do this!
  • Tap into your inner guidance for where to send your attention. Ask yourself…What feels ripe for sharing with the world?
  • Choose three projects to focus on. If one of the projects is huge, break that down into smaller projects. This helps you from feeling overwhelmed and keeps the step ahead of you manageable.
  • Name your projects something clever, 1-4 words. (Eg. Body Wisdom Project, Project Mula Hussle, Stretch4It, Morning Marvelous, Take Five)
  • Make a sign for each project to help with setting focus on a daily basis. Post it where you are most likely to see it.  Your bathroom mirror, the space where you work, or maybe your kitchen.
  • Ask yourself…What’s the next right thing for this project?  Write down a few steps. Then do it!
  • Celebrate each project you complete.

Mind Mapping Creativity Tribe
What is your Focus?

I would LOVE to hear what you are setting focus on for 2017.  Do you have a project that your heart is singing about?  Do you have a fun name for it?  Let me know in the comments.

build the tribe. spread the vibe. read. comment. share.

Looking for more inspiration for setting focus for 2017?  Find me on Periscope where I share daily tips for helping you design the masterpiece we call life.

Rachel Payne Creativity Life Coach

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I am Rachél Payne, the quirky, dedicated heart behind Creativity Tribe. I am an artist, writer, and creative life advocate.


  • Semone

    Love this post Rachel! I like how you shared how you are staying focused in 2017. I also love that you had a coach walk with you through the process. This year I’m focusing on growing my reach for my book, growing my blog audience, coaching and speaking. The book is called Radiant Purpose: Overcome Your Past, Know Your True Identity and Open the Door to Your Future. My coaching is called Radiant Coaching. I am excited to help many women know their identity and purpose in 2017!! Thank you for this post! Love that you are a creative and help other artists! Keep up the good work!

    • Rachél

      Semone, those projects come with built in names, huh? I love the word Radiant. In one of the programs I offer, I use that word to represent the energy work I do with clients. Wishing you an abundant and connective year! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Patricia Weber

    What a great project name: Project Mula Hussle! Made me smile and think of how about 2 years ago, I surrendered to worrying about money coming in. Guess what? Oh for sure you already know Rachel! Yes, it came in! Of course.

    The last 3 to 5 years I’ve gone with mantras or 1 to 3 words. Since surrender worked so well with what I just mentioned, and it wasn’t even my word, I took it on for 2017. Last year was difficult on a personal level; my dad died. Knowing it could come around again soon, my mom is in hospice, I want to be able to cope better. So surrender seemed comforting!

    Love the post!

    • Rachél

      Patricia, thank you for sharing so fully where this post sent you….what it sparked and how it resonated. I am grateful our paths have met. Surrender is powerful. I am going to play with that word and see what it brings me as a gift from you. I am playing with the word resilience as well, I think those words must be close friends. Sending many blessings to you and your family. With gratitude.

  • Cindy Jones Lantier

    Your mind maps are beautiful! Mine never look like that. And I love your tips for setting focus. My big project for the year is to bring private home parties to my soaping business.

  • Maureen Messersmith

    What a great post! We all fall and sputter but getting back up is the key!! I need to get more accomplished this year for more than 1 reason. I will have to think on a name for my project! I will also try to be more active in your fb group! Thank you!!

  • Rosemary White

    Good Morning Rachel, January comes to an end and February is around the corner… While I have known that I am redefining my own limits… the Love of helping others still stirs within with a new focus as you know.. an Advocate is more of a legal term and an intercessor is more on the spiritual side of things so maybe you can help me conjure up that perfect word that would incorporate my passions of 2017.