Surprise Gifts from the Universe + A Freebie from Me

Surprise Gifts from Universe

I have decided to engage a little experiment with the Universe this month.  I am asking it to open up the field of possibility and shower me with gifts, and I am expecting that, just as I might know with strong certainty that a light switch will give me light, the Universe will open up to what I need and desire.

My experiment in inspired by E Squared by Pam Grout.

e-squared smaller

It is an easy, enjoyable, fascinating read!

Surprise Gifts from the Universe: Everyday a Party!

I set up my blog post so that I could easily just slip this portion in at the end of the day, sharing what some of my discovered gifts were.  Here is what I witnessed…..

  1. Thoughtfulness: I woke up this morning to my honey cooking me breakfast.  He made sure to make mine without gluten.  Lucky girl, me!
  2. Connections:  Today, a friend I met in a chat group years and years ago, Jordan, shared on her blog, Creating My Soul Power, how I have inspired her through sharing my creative journey here.  Interestingly enough, her creativity inspired me enough that I recently shared her story on my Creativity Booster Pack Mini E-course.  (More about that in a bit.)  I love how our gifts trickle through life touching people….often with us never knowing it.  But my Gift from the Universe is that today I got see that my gifts touched another… whose story I hope will touch you.
  3. Gratitude: Out of the blue, I got a sweet “thank you” from a dear friend who shared her heart with me and offered her gratitude for me in her life.
  4. Confirmation:  For the last bend in the journey that was my day, some friends I really wanted to hang out with invited my hubby and I over to visit.  It was late, but we decided to go.  Once we got there we threw around some ideas of what we might do…. some art cards maybe (nah, not tonight), just chat and catch up (sounds good)…. and then, hubby suggested a movie (everyone was in!) We looked through their collection and came across The Last Mimsy.  YES!  I said…. strongly pulled to that one.  I want to watch that…. forgetting that I had seen it when it first came out.  As the movie’s story unfolded, I realized that a big theme was to listen to the messages we get from the Universe.  Wow!  Another gift.  The Universe wanted ME to know that inviting it to share Its big gifts with me was exactly the path I was supposed to follow.

Creativity Booster Pack Mini E-course

I am so SUPER excited to share with you my brand spankin’ new Creativity Booster Pack.  I have put together a collection of my 13 favorite booster actions, a MP3 with detailed suggestions to bring each booster to life, and a guided mediation to help you connect with your creative spirit.

I hope you will head over for my free gift.  I really put lots of love and energy into, wanting it to bring creativity to your life and life to your creativity!

 Sign Up for the Creativity Booster Pack

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  1. I love your words Rachèl, about asking the Universe to open up the field of possibilities… May this shower of gifts bestowed upon you become a proverbial waterfall – Niagara sized! Keep working the Law of Attraction!

    Blessings of beauty!
    Cat x

  2. I was shocked when I saw E Squared! Somehow in all of my reading this book has slipped by my attention. Then day before yesterday it was suggested to me by one of my blog readers. So, now I’m reading it and enthralled. Guess the Universe mentioned it again just so I wouldn’t miss it!

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