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Angels Calling, Creativity Answers

Angels in My Studio 2013

Can you hear the whisper of angels among us?  Or perhaps faeries and sprites are your cup of tea.  Whatever the case, let your Creative Spirit spread its wings and fly!

Register now for Angels In My Studio 2013.

The magic begins on July 22.

Angels In My Studio 2013 is an on-line art course that explores imagery of the winged ones and wee ones while helping you connect with your own deep spiritual self.

What you get….

  • 5-month creative arts journey
  • more than 10 art lessons
  • 8 guided meditations
  • writing prompts
  • a supportive community
  • a deep connection to the angels and other winged ones

Get all the details about registering at the Angels In My Studio homepage.

aims page button

And the Winner Is…..



When we give, we get….and I feel like this giveaway has been a huge gift for me.  What a lovely pouring out of interest in this course!  Your stories, your desire to connect with your creativity and spirituality is beautiful.  It makes me fall in love with life!

Enough gushing though….here is what you came for!

The winner of the Angels In My Studio 2013 Giveaway is Loz.  Your name and email will be shared with Sheri Ponzi over at Painting Herself Into Being for acceptance into the course.  Congratulations!

Angels In My Studio 2013

If you didn’t win, take heart. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the angel loveliness.  Registration opens June 8th.

 I will be looking for each of you and hope you can make it happen.  It is amazing what the Universe will bring your way when you are open to inviting in the possibility and positivity!

For more details, head over to the AIMS2013 event page.

I will also be keeping folks signed up for the newsletter in the loop as the class develops.


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Juicy Giveaway….Last Day!

I am teaching banner

This is the biggest giveaway I have ever done at Creativity Tribe Studio.  

Today is the last day for you to join in.  The prize?!  One beautiful spot in the upcoming on-line class, Angels In My Studio 2013.  AIMS2013 is a juicy event filled with delightful opportunities to connect with angel imagery, faerie fun, spirits and sprites… dig down and invite the child within to play with us!

Check it out….

Follow the two images below for the details. The first to the AIMS 2013 e-course and second to the giveaway.

Angels in My Studio 2013

Good Luck!!!

AIMS GiveAway

Winners will be announced tomorrow!

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Check Out My New Banner


CT Header


Creativity Tribe Banner Words

New stuff is popping up all over the website.  I have changed my banner (the big piece of artwork up top) and swapped out a few of the images on the sidebars (on both the blog page and the other pages.)  That’s because new stuff is going on.  When I first moved from my WordPress blog, Art of Collecting Yourself, I had an idea what the website would be evolving into, but had so much to learn.  I build the site on my own from a template called U-Design (I love it by the way….the template and the site.)   I have had it up about 9 months and in that time have honed what my offerings are.  There are lots of fun things in the works over the summer too.

About the Banner

You might notice I have given a wink to that old blog.  This idea of collecting ourselves comes from my experience with expressive art as a healing force.   My intention is to make this space a place where you can come to be inspired to do just that, use art to bring yourself in alignment with who you are at your core.  I try to model that in my own life and give examples of it here.  Over the course of the summer I will be crafting several opportunities for you dive into the Art of Collecting Yourself.

tree and sky


My Summer

This week also starts a series of camps that I am teaching locally.  Four sessions to be exact.  By the time you get this I will be waist high in kiddos, doing drama games, improv, and just plain having fun.  What a perfect way to engage my own Creative Spirit.

Hearing From You

I would love to hear what your summer looks like.  What is ahead for you?  Any wishes or intentions you would like to claim?  I would love to hold a space for their becoming!

Invitation….the GIVEAWAY

Don’t miss the giveaway I am hosting for a spot in the upcoming class Angels In My Studio 2013.  Ends this Thursday!

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Angels In My Studio 2013: Give-Away

Angels in My Studio 2013

One of my favorite creatives Jack Lemmon was known to start every new take for a movie by saying “It’s magic time!”   That’s the way I feel about making art of any kind.  When we engage the imagination, we never know where the invitation to create will take us.  There have been times when I walked away from a play, a poem, a blog post, or a work of art and wondered….Did that really come from ME?!

I like to imagine in those moments that something more has had its hand in the inspiration of my work….

Angels In My Studio?  Perhaps.

That kind of inspiration has put winged things and spirited beings front and center for much of my work over the years.

That’s why I was so excited to counted as one of Sheri Ponzi’s Angels for the Angels In My Studio 2013.  I am teaching a Spirit Doll Project, and I would love for YOU to part of the class.  I have the perfect opportunity for you to join the fun.  I am hosting a GIVEAWAY through June 6th for a spot in the course.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post letting me know specifically why you are attracted to the course, then return June 7th to find out who won.  Good luck!

Visit my Angels In My Studio 2013 page….

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AIMS GiveAway


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