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Angels & Faeries Week: Tea Cup Angel

Angel Week 2

Welcome to Angels and Faeries Week!  I am celebrating the countdown to the grand opening of Angels In My Studio 2013 by sharing some of my favorite winged, spirited, and energetic artwork. Angels In My Studio 2013 is a 5 month online class that goes to that space where art and mystery, creativity and imagination meet.  As part of the art course, each week you will be invited to explore angelic imagery through art and guided meditations.

Featuring My Tea Cup Angel

Tea Cup Angel

This little angel lives in my studio.  She was done as part of an art challenge hosted by my dear friend and Flying Lessons classmate Kathleen Conrad of A New Creation and Upcycle and Remix.  Kathleen and I roomed together at the Art Retreat in Wisconsin.  She is a sweetheart for sure!

Kathleen and Rachel

Kathleen invited us during the challenge to use tea bags in a creative way.  I used mine to honor the anniversary of my mother’s passing.  For more of that story, visit the original post about this project on my previous blog Art of Collecting Yourself.

A Cup Full of Gratitude: Tea Bag Momma

An excerpt from that post in 2011:  This cup forms the base of an art doll I created over the last couple of weeks to honor my mom.  It has a skirt made of 21 red zinger hibiscus tea bags (the pink color comes from the tea, to gold, I added).  The tea bag in the center of the cup is black tea…the kind mom made sun tea out of in the Summer.  The gold and pearls are to help remind me to treasure the present moment as much as I do the past.  The tag of the tea bag has been made into a tiny heart shaped journal.  It is blank to remind me that my future is wide open and not strictly defined by my past…but certainly influenced by it.


The doll is constructed of wire (one of my favorite mediums to work with).  Her face is a watch, altered with a drawing.  The drawing looks more like me than it does her, but I am okay with that…reminds me that we are much alike.  Hanging inside her chest is a glass vile filled with garnets and a note that reads love.  And in her hands, she holds a nest with three eggs representing to me the three phases of womanhood.  As I move through each phase, I not only learn about myself, but learn more about my mother.  Kind of magical.

The doll makes me so very happy and helps make this day extra special. My mom was the first artist I ever knew.  She painted oil landscapes and taught me the importance of engaging the creative.  I don’t know who I would be without having had her influence in my life.  Luckily, I don’t have to figure that out.

Look for more angel and faerie art here tomorrow.

Current Workshop: Angels In My Studio 2013


Say YES to YOU with Angels In My Studio…the e-course

Angels in My Studio 2013

Starts soon….would love to take it with you!

Rachel Payne Life Coach

Circle Art

This last week when I attended the Paint Mojo Texas Retreat with Tracy Verdugo, we spent time exploring our personal symbols.  I have to confess that jazzed me like nobody’s business!  I like symbols.  I look for them out in the world, in the way of logos, graffiti tags, signs, patterns, etc.  I collect books that explore ancient markings including hieroglyphics, runes, labyrinths and mazes.

This evening at the bookstore, I sat, listening to folk music and letting my pen explore the page.  I began with one of my favorite symbols, the simple circle.  I added marks, allowing my hand and mind to automatically go from one strata to the next.  Gently, but quickly, a mandala appeared.  A mandala is a symbol which is said to represent the inner self.  It is like taking a snap shot that reflects some aspect of the self in that moment.



These mandalas were drawn during one of the few rain storms we have had this year. The lightening was so frequent friends kept saying it looked like a disco outside.  The water means a bit of relief from the drought.  There is something psychologically renewing about rain, especially when the world is turning brown from a lack of it.  These mandalas call forth renewal, growth and abundance….for the city around me…and for the part of myself that needs to be quenched.


I have added a new page to my site (oooo, just LOVE doing that.) I hope you will check out.  It has another kind of mandala….a Self-Care Mandala. Head over and get a copy of it, then let me know how it works for you!  It’s a freebie!

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Big welcome to all the other AEDM’ers. I would like to invite you to add your creative art site to the Faces of Creativity Page if you feel called to join us.  Help me meet a goal of a total of 50 links on that page by the end of the month.

Let’s grow a tribe, together!

Healing Art

Several years ago when I was very sick, I made my way back to health while preoccupying myself with little drawings. I called the simple little sketches my Fairy People, although they rarely had wings and some were even skeleton folks.  I think I must have thought of them that way because something in me felt like modern medicine and even alternative medicine was not fully helping. I unconsciously turned to my imagination to help me escape the pain and wished for an ounce of magic or miracle to cure me.  Something I was doing worked. When I drew, the pain left for a bit. And eventually I recovered.

I have been in a bit of discomfort for the last couple of weeks. Nothing life threatening or even anything to worry about. My spine has been working out some alignment issues.  This week while organizing my studio, I found a little stash of my Fairy People.  My back (which had been the thing that made me sick all those years ago) seemed to want to grasp at them again, as if to call on the same relief they had given way back when.

This morning I went to the chiropractor and have been taking care of myself with periodical naps and just being mindful of my movement.  When it came time to think about my creative project for Art Every Day Month Challenge, I remembered that it was Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead, also called All Soul’s Day) and that we were planning to attend the street festival tonight.  I decided to explore the skeleton drawings I had done back then and to do another.




By the way, I am feeling a bit better. (wink)

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