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Space Clearing for the Art Studio

ceremonyI write often about Creativity Zones, those physical spaces in our life where creativity tends to be lived out.  Today I invited Jana Whalen with Vibrant Strides into the Creativity Tribe Studio for a Space Clearing Ceremony.

Jana first came to may home to pick up something I was lending her and in the course of our conversation, we decided she might need one other thing.  That is when I realized I would need to open the door to the studio in order to retrieve it.

Messy Art Studio

Yikes!  The studio was beyond a mess.  But I decided to just go with it.  Jana was a trouper….she didn’t even wince!

She empathized with me about storage and collecting so many amazing things that may just SOMEDAY find a project to live out their destiny.  And then, she shared that she does Space Clearing Ceremonies.  I was intrigued.  Creativity Tribe has been dancing along new horizons and having a space clearing felt like a lovely way to set intention for those endeavors.

Jana met with me the next week to get to know me, my space, and my business.  She listened to stories about our home and inquired about where my business was going and how the studio would play a roll in its evolution.  By the time she left, she was more clear about who I was…and honestly, so was I.

Walking on Sunshine

Space Clearing Ceremony

She arrived the next week for the ceremony.  I tidied up, playing through all the intentions and stories we had discussed the week before.  I felt like Creativity Tribe (the business, the concept, the dream, the path) was also having a Space Clearing.  I imagined what I would release, what I would invite in.  I readied myself for transformation.

The Space Clearing Ceremony was beautiful.  Jana built a small but meaningful altar in the middle of my studio.

jana brought objects that she collected just for my ceremony

She incorporated the directions, helping spirits, stones, essential oils, and much more.

Built an altar in the center of the art studio

I felt peaceful and energized all at the same time.  I felt a deepening of my love for this studio and what it offers to my life and the life of those who consider themselves part of the Creativity Tribe Facebook Group

Jana ended by packing up the little altar.  We shared stories about our personal experience with the ceremony, and she left.

Sitting in the studio in the minutes after the ceremony, I felt as if something special had just happened.

Feeling energized after the art studio space clearing

You know that feeling after a party when you have the sensation of being filled with all the bubbly connections of the evening?  How your home still echoes the comings and goings of the event?  How you feel like even over the next week and maybe even over the years to com you will be energized by what just happened?  That is what I felt after the Space Clearing Ceremony.

Now, to step into the clear, welcoming space of Creativity Tribe….

Creativity Tribe studio table

Thank you, Jana!  You are a gift!

Rachel Payne life creativity coach

Creativity Zones: Messy Studio Tables

Creativity Zones 2

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the studio life of an artist?  Well, Seth Apter with The Altered Page is asking us to drop the veil and reveal our studio tables.  As it happens I live with several artists, so I didn’t just have one studio table in the house, I had….

words studio tables 2

Rachél (that’s me)          Eric (my hubby)         Lisa (friend/roommate)

CT RoomMates

The first, inside the official Creativity Tribe Studio (click for a look at the studio).  All the artists in the house are working on altered playing cards for one project or another.  This is a great, quick project to do in phases.   I have been working on mine here. I especially love this picture because it shows a bit of cash in the corner from a check I got in that mail for some consigned jewelry.  The full circle life of art.  Make it, share it, sell it, buy more art supplies, a cup of coffee or maybe a used book!

Creativity Tribe Studio Table

This second table is an old card table that is set up smack dab in the middle of the living room.  Our roommate Lisa is set up here, with some of our art stuff finding its way there as well.  The table isn’t always there, but Seth caught us with an abundance of studio tables and a mess of cards.  We had an art card party not long ago and have enjoyed having more studio space, so they have stayed out.

Studio Table Shared

The last table is that same kind of card table, but it is set up in my artist hubby’s studio.  Eric didn’t know I was going to shoot his table, so you get to see a bit of his quirky personality shining through.  He is showing off his zines…Atlantis and Collide-O-Scope,  as well as, what was in his pocket for the day…change, wallet, keys, and a few bottles of essential oils.  Yep, I have an oil loving’ man!  And check out the surprise appearance by Mr. Potato Head!

Eric Payne Studio

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  For more uncensored studio tables, check out Seth’s Studio Table project on his blog.  And….thanks, Seth, this was a blast!

words studio tables 2


Check back for details this Saturday!!!


Rachel Payne life creativity coach

Inside Creativity Tribe Studio {Pics & Projects}

Studio Tour

About two years ago when I jumped into shaping Creativity Tribe, I turned a little sunroom on the side of my house into Creativity Tribe Studio. From this space, I pull together what I love to do and send it out into the world to touch the lives of other Creatives and Creative-Wanna-Be’s (which is simply the name I give for those who have not yet discovered they can trust their wish to create the lives they wish for). I make my art here, spin visions for better lives with my coaching clients, blend up lovely combinations of essential oils, drum, dance, sing, pet cats, hug friends and above all…hold the space for the play and healing that comes when Creative Spirits come together.

Here is a tour of Creativity Tribe Studio…. through the lens of Instagram.  It is a new toy for me…one which I am in love with.  If you are on Instagram, I hope you will follow me.  It will be a fun way for us to connect.  If you don’t have Instagram…just a note, you don’t have to have an iPhone to use it.  That was my impression.  So….join the fun!!!  You can find me @CreativityTribe


Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Lots more images on Instagram and more to come! You can find me @CreativityTribe

Angels & Faeries Week: Spirit Doll

Angel Week 1

Welcome to Angels and Faeries Week!  I am celebrating the countdown to the grand opening of Angels In My Studio 2013 by sharing some of my favorite winged, spirited, and energetic artwork. Angels In My Studio 2013 is a 5 month online class that goes to that space where art and mystery, creativity and imagination meet.  As part of the art course, each week you will be invited to explore angelic imagery through art and guided meditations.

Featuring My Spirit Dolls

spirit doll

One of my favorite ways to find inspiration is within my own art.  Often I will do a doodle, sketch, drawing, or painting and some element will jump out at me.  That then inspires exploration of the element.  I might take that into a poem, a new drawing, a sculpture, or song.

The doll above is made of cardboard, tissue paper, and mixed media.  She is in-process.  There are a few more elements to be added but I am letting them simmer.  She originally came out of a drawing I was doing after a conversation that I had with my friend Kakali about near death experience.  I love that she is looking within.  When I hold her in my hand, she inspires me to look within myself.

This is a poem that bloomed from looking within.

Gratitude Poem

I absolutely love how one work of art has inspired another which inspired another.  Perfect!

Tomorrow’s featured art: Tea Cup Angel

Current Workshop: Angels In My Studio 2013


Say YES to YOU with Angels In My Studio…the e-course

Angels in My Studio 2013

Starts soon….would love to take it with you!

Rachel Payne Life Coach

Checking IN about Checking OUT

Oh, how I love being creative!  For me it is the essence of my life.  I don’t know what a day would look like without some sort of creative act or thought.  I am a Creative at my core.  So diving into my studio so fiercely the last several days has felt rewarding.

I am getting ready for a trunk show tomorrow and an arts and crafts market the day after. Needless to say I won’t be sitting computer side sharing my creative sparks…..although I wish I could.  Instead, I am going to lovingly practice checking out for a few days while I do my thing.  When I can I will update my Facebook page.

Speaking of Facebook, I was so excited today to see I have 414 likes.  Not so much because that’s a bunch of people (hey!!! that IS a buncha people!), but because 414 is my lucky number. Woooohooo!  I know it won’t stay there long, the Creativity Tribe is growing by leaps and bounds which is great because I have lots of plans for us.  More about that later (so stay tuned).

Click on this button to keep in touch with Creativity Tribe on Facebook.

Before I wrap up, how about a peek at the chicks I have been working on…..yah?  The pic is straight off the studio table.

Love these guys….gunna be hard to let them fly!


Art Every Day Month is a movement, inspiring artist around the blogosphere! Head over and see what they are up to today!  Then, consider joining us.  It is a small act that makes a big different.  Creativity…….. engage!

Festering Eyeball Pudding

I have been straightening my studio, re-organizing it really.  Oh, how about a little peak in the studio!? We had a Witches’ Ball at the house last night for Halloween.  But before the party, I snuck into the studio for a few pics of my handmade witches hat.

Yeppers, I was having fun with the camera!


I also created a necklace filled with dehydrated prince charming (just add water and a kiss…simple spells are always my favorite!)

One theme of the party was to bring food with gross names. My offering: Graveyard Gruel (Texas Chili) and Festering Eyeball Pudding (grapes, tapioca pudding, and pecans…actually VERY yummy.)

We had a great time!  I loved all the energy from the event and have used it to take me into the first two days of Art Every Day Month. This challenge encourages creativity for the month of November. I did it last year and it gave me a real boost.  So I have two days worth of art, both on the same theme.

Day of the Dead Embroidery 

Tonight I am headed for one of MSN’s Top 10 Dia de los Muertos Festival in our hometown which is organized by K Space Contemporary.  It is one of my favorite street festivals of the year.  I hope to share some pictures with you (if my camera cooperates!)  Till then, keep creating a beautiful life!

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