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Where Wildflowers Bloom

I have had a blast deciding how to share my Long Way Home images with you. Sometimes I want to share the story behind the photos and others let them speak for themselves. I want to pair them according to where they were taken and also group them by a shared theme.

Today I have gathered a bouquet of flowers. They have been collected over the last couple of years, some close to home, others far. I bring them out today to recognize the rain that recently blessed my back yard. The last two Summers, we have suffered through droughts, but this last week it poured. My back yard is over grown, and peeking out between the grass tufts are patches of wildflowers. They remind me that even when something seems to be losing all hope, the ability to thrive is just a rainfall away.

Have a bloom-tastic day!

Creativity Tribe First Month-iversary

Sometimes my head is swirling with ideas that are so intense I think it will surely spin right out of control. I can get dizzy with exhilaration when my imagination is in overdrive like that. I pull together projects in my mind, dream on art concepts, work to solve problems, or toy with how to make life even more beautiful than it already is.

The last couple of months have been a wild ride. Some days I felt high with the dreams I had for my website. Other days it was all I could do to manage the reality of walking through the fear of not know how to create what I wanted. But I persevered and here we are with a brand spanking new website that is much better than I thought I could ever pull off.  (I am still amazed.)

Creating something often takes us into the unknown. Heck, that is half the thrill! We move through each wall that shows up in front of us and do our best to manage the urge to run away screaming when something goes wrong.

Having others to walk you through a project can always help. Having the crew from Startup Training School and amazing support from the U-Design Theme I chose is a big part of me getting through the ONE K in 1 DAY challenge. But, my own willingness to fight through the fear is really how I won the race.

There is a term I like to keep in my back pocket called self-efficacy (ef-uh-kah-see). Basically it refers to a person’s thoughts or feelings about how successful they are in general.  Boosting your belief in your ability to be successful can actually help you be more successful.

Success feeds success. 

Building my website over the course of a few weeks provided a major hike to my ego. I faced an obstacle that had loomed in front of me for over a year. On the other side, I feel like a bonafied bad-ass!  I spent several days stretching my dreams to grow in proportion to my new sense of self-efficacy. That is to say, I can do more in my mind, so why not be more in reality!?

I know, I know, it is not proper to be so confident about our accomplishments. But that thinking really limits us. And I am ready to let go of limits and embrace possibility. It feels so freeing.

Your Turn

Put your successes out in front of you, even if they are small. They all count. Claim some area you were able to conquer, even if it was a thousand years ago. Hunt for something you accomplished in the last 24 hours. last week, month or year, even if no one else would say it was big enough to count, grab it and love that thing. Whatever your success (and we ALL have them) own it, nurture it, be proud of it. It can help you bring more success into your life!

Claim it here with us. Success is contagious. You look at your friend who wins the race and say, If she can do it I can!  What inspirational story will you share with the tribe today to inspire them to raise above their doubts in themselves?  What will you claim? I can’t wait to hear it! I am already so proud of you.

I sent out the first Creativity Tribe Newsletter today. If you would like to receive periodical updates on what is going on with CT, head to the top of the page and subscribe. To subscribe to the blog posts, mouse over the fancy page corner at the top right and it will get you signed up for the RSS feed or join the conversation of the Creativity Tribe Facebook Page.

Looking forward to connecting with you, so let me know you have dropped by.

The Twenty Year Path

I’ve been a long-way-home kinda gal since I was young. Over the last couple of years, I have brought my camera with me on my travels  down the road less taken. The Long Way Home Series shares the best of that gypsy spirit with you by offering up the treasures I have found along the way.

Two years ago, my artist hubby, Eric, and I went to Portland and Washington.  I had been invited to the Association for Creativity in Counseling Conference as a presenter and as a recipient of the ACC Graduate Student Award. It was my first trip to the Pacific Northwest. Before I even left for the trip, I had already fallen in love with the idea of this part of the country. Sharing it with my artist hubby made it even more special.

The conference was very intimate. I spent time rubbing elbows with some of the thought leaders in the field of creativity in the helping professions. Going in as a recent graduate, my mind reeled with all the possibility that the conference offered.  I met professors, published writers, expressive art therapists, students, and counselors.

Today as I am pulling these pictures out, I keep wondering why share these pictures with you now, two years later. I think it must be as a way of making sense out of the very high point in my journey that slowly took an unexpected turn from counselor track to life coach track.  My intention in showing pictures for the Long Way Home Series was simply to share all the photos I have taken over the last several years. But “Long Way Home” means something more to me today as I shift my career track.

Many, many years ago….nearly 20 years ago….I had a dream of working with people to help them connect with their creative spirits, to help them heal enough that they might risk sharing a drawing, a poem, a dance, or a play with the world.  I got excited about the idea of using creativity to explore the healing of their expressive self. I went down the road of studying counseling to learn how to help, but somewhere along the way, I realized that modality…that approach….didn’t match how I wished to work with people.  So I have shifted my studies to coaching and am feeling so much more in sync with my original dream… much more at home.

I will soon be offering life coaching sessions.  I can’t tell you how much peace it brings me to have the opportunity to nurture my dream in this space….this space that is made for the tending of dreams….mine and yours.

Counseling and life coaching are like sisters in a way. Some traits they share, and some are unique to them.  And for me, I like to imagine that they have a healthy relationship with one another, know how to support one another, understand each others’ gifts and know what their boundaries are.  And just like with real sisters, I think there is room for creativity with each, and I am looking forward to exploring the ways I can use creativity with the coaching partners I am working with.

Whew….I didn’t intend for all this to come forward, but that is the beauty of journaling, or in this case blogging. You start off with an inkling of an idea and when you walk away you have fleshed out the bulk of its essence.

I hope knowing the history behind these pictures and the deep place in my heart this journey to the Northwest holds helps you understand a bit more about where I am today… I am exactly where I am meant to be, doing what I am meant to do, in a way that makes me feel extremely blessed. And even though it has taken me nearly two decades to get here, I don’t regret a bit of it. The journey is what life is all about and for me, this journey has taken me the Long Way Home.



This is just a sliver of the beauty I experienced on this monumental trip. Hope you enjoyed!

Stress Less Holiday E-Course

For years, I have been hosting pre-holiday parties.

We gather together to support one another’s vision of what the upcoming season will look like….

….how we can move past the chaos of the holidays and into a place of personal peace.

We help each other create more beautiful, more meaningful, less hectic holidays.

This is my invitation to you to choose a more relaxing holiday.  Join me and the gathering of Creatives as we create PEACE in our corner of the world during the StressLess Holiday E-Course.

You might be thinking, “I can’t add MORE to my holiday list of To Do’s.”  Imagine though how starting the holiday season with an INTENTION and a plan for SELF-CARE will make tackling that long list of hafto’s and wantoo’s more MANAGEABLE. Imagine having a plan for the difficult times with the difficult people or the difficult food. Imagine setting yourself up for SUCCESS. Now imagine having a CIRCLE of people who want to help SUPPORT you in making your intention happen.

 StressLess Holiday E-Course: Give Yourself the Gift of Peace

{Package ONE} E-course

  • Transform Your Holiday Guide Book
  • Intentional Art Candle Project
  • Personal Peace Meditation
  • Private Facebook Group to support your StressLess Holiday
  • Bonus: Weekly Holiday Cheer email spirit boosters through the end of the year
  • Bonus:  Special discounts from a variety of artists to encourage a handmade holiday
Add even more peace potential into your holiday with a 30 minute Vision Guide tele-coaching session for trouble shooting your holiday. That’s right, you and me on the phone working through your most potential snags, pit falls or worries, and problem solving you into a plan for a more serene holiday.

Package ONE

  {e-course} = $35
 {e-course + tele-coaching} =$50
Registration open now.
The course kicks off November 1st and goes through December 31st. 

If you have any questions about the e-course, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Listening Inward

I like to know where I stand.

 I like things spelled out in black and white. 

I like things tied up, nice and neat.

But sometimes life gets messy.

And we have to let go of what is safe….

And reach for what is right.

If we are lucky, we will find the path that is made for us.

But how do we know when it is time to leave the proven for the possible?

We listen inward.

What do you hear when you get quiet and go inward?

The Long Way Home

I am a Long-Way-Home kinda gal.  I recognized it eight years ago when I started dating my hubby. (We actually met eight years ago today!)  He lived about 3 hours away and every night for about a year, we talked on the phone.  My evenings in those days usually found me hanging out at my favorite cafe/bookstore which was in the middle of the town I grew up in.

That’s one of my crazy pipe cleaner sculptures on my head. Photo by Earl Parr.

When I got his call, I would hop in the car and head home. I wanted the conversation to last, so instead of heading directly to the house, I meandered. I had grown up on one side of town (literally on the edge of the city limits) and by the time I was in my early 30’s was living on the other side of town. So I would leave the cafe and head to my childhood stomping grounds, then I would ride the coastline home. It is a spectacular drive along the shore. With the water in my eyes and this new guy in my ear, we started out with a better than average chance.

Here we are on the coast of Washington, 2 years ago. We had an awesome time exploring the place where Practical Magic was filmed.


The weekend we went to Austin for the website launch party at WP Engine, we made our way home nice and slow. We drove down country roads we had rarely ever been down, stopping along the way to explore what others might usually just pass by. I wasn’t sure if he would be up for the detour, but about fifteen minutes off the beaten path he squeezed my hand and told me, “That’s why I love you. You aren’t afraid to take the long way home.”

 Ahhh, he noticed.

We often take the long way home together, even when we are just coming home from running errands or going out for dinner. But we are seldom alone on our journeys. We are usually accompanied by my camera and a curious eye.

I have a collection of photos I want to share with you and have struggled with how to do that. But this evening as we were on our way to our 8 year anniversary celebration at IHOP, we took the long way home as usual. My mind took its own journey as we traveled the shore, and I figured it out.

 Long Way Home….a series

Concrete Cemetery  just outside of La Vernia, Texas, established 1856.

I hope you will enjoy the Long Way Home Series. It is dear to my heart because it is a reflection of my gypsy spirit and my love of life.

A Puppy Named Clarity

I have been talking a lot about my dreams recently, to friends, in my journal, on the blog.  I am a bit preoccupied with them and for good reason. They are at my doorstep. I feel like the girl who always wanted a puppy and woke up to discover that the one she had in a picture tucked in the pocket over her heart was now in front of her. There are all kinds of things to do with a puppy once you get it!

You can toss it a bone or a ball. Run around the park with it. Let it lick you on the face until you are giggly and gooey. You have to brush it, bathe it, feed it, walk it. Take it to the vet….yah, you get the picture. It is fun but comes with certain responsibilities. That is what my dreams feel like right now.

I am jumping up and down, pinching myself. Is this real? And then I remember…I have a retreat to get ready for and paintings to work on. I have to keep up with the e-course, make sure the forum is working, and decide which of my groovy ideas to share with the world next. Ah, the pressures of life lived in the midst of your-dreams-come-true.

But don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love where my life is at the moment. I am so keen on doing more so I can share more. But that is what having a puppy does to you. It gets you out of bed and playing. Sure you have responsibilities, but think of all the love it gives back in return.

So I am tending to my dreams, paying attention to them in a holistic way.  Asking what they need from me to grow and thrive.  How can I get all my lovely ideas out so I can bless the world with them?

Well, I am turning to my One Little Word for 2012: clarity.  I searched for just the right word to guide me through the year. For the last 9 months, it has shown up in fortune cookies, conversations, dreams, and writings to remind me that this year is the year when I have clarity of vision and can get focused.

With clarity as my guide, I am spending the weekend indulging in self-discovery. I am looking at a collection of awesome business e-books, videos, and guides I collected throughout the year to help inspire me into getting clear about the direction Creativity Tribe is going in the year to come.

I feel  a wave of energy behind me. What will come out on the other side? Your guess is as good as mine. But if the exuberance in my heart speaks anything for what will be birthed, I can tell you it is going to be great!

Faces of Creativity Tribe


One element of this new site that I am in love with is the Faces of Creativity Tribe page. In conjuring up what I wanted this space to be like, I kept wishing to find a way to let you be part of it. I have several ideas about how to make that happen on a periodic basis, but wanted to offer something on an ongoing basis.

Faces of Creativity Tribe is a page found under The Tribe tab on the menu bar. There you will find a linky tool that you can use to add you creativity based blog. It is also a great spot to come back to when you are looking for a bit of inspiration. Bookmark it if you would like to keep tabs on the Creatives who make their home here.

You can also show off your pride as a Creative by grabbing the Creativity Tribe badge. I have updated the code, so if you have one that was grabbed from my previous blog, you will want to change the internal address or grab the new code and plug that in.


Grab this code for the Creativity Tribe badge.

<a href=”” title=”Creativity Tribe”> <img src=”” width=”125″ height=”185″ alt=”My Button” style=”border:none;” />

Now head on over and claim your spot!


Are you looking for inspirational images to share with your friends, to post on your blog or Facebook?

I have a collection of little gems just for you.

 I hope they bring a bit of beauty to your life.

Now, the first of many.

Top 10 Tips for Making My Creative Business Fly

Excitement is filling the air today.  In little spots all over the globe, creative spirits are daring to spread their wings.  Today begins the last time Kelly Rae Roberts will offer her e-course, Flying Lessons: Tips + Tricks for Helping your Creative Biz Soar. I know what it is like to feel the kind of promise that I am sure today’s participants are feeling because last year about this time, I was stretching my own wings in that very same course.

It was a wild ride, one that I hoped might give me the know-how to find a direction for the blog I hoped sometime to shift into a website for helping others live a creative life.  (Hey, check it out, I am doing it!) Before long, I jumped into my business full-time and have been steadily flying higher and straighter.


With today being such and great synchronicity, I thought it might be fun to dust off a post from my old blog. I wrote it just under a year ago, and it quickly became the all-time most viewed post I have ever written.  The post somehow got shared with Kelly Rae the day I wrote it (which was for a blog hop I did with my Flying Lessons classmates). Before I knew it, Kelly Rae had shared it with her Facebook and Twitter groups.  Boy did I feel famous for a day!

After a few weeks, I started noticing that it got at least a few hits every day….and still does. I am excited to bring it over to Creativity Tribe because it has such history for me, but more than that, I think it still offers great insight into Kelly Rae’s class while throwing in a bit of inspiration for those who might never take the class.

….Originally posted 11/1/11 on Art of Collecting Yourself….

Welcome to the Spreading Our Wings Blog Hop!

Some of you may have happened upon this blog hop by accident. Happy accident for you! This event includes a gathering of some of the most creative bloggers I have ever had the opportunity to be connected with.  Over the last several months, we have gone from being complete strangers to developing a tight web of support, encouragement, and knowledge for one another.  And at the end of the blog, I tell you how you can become part of this story…and part of a community with these creative spirits.

We met one another during an e-course taught by Kelly Rae Roberts called Flying Lessons.  Since then, we have taken up the symbolism of flight and, well, flown with it.  This blog hop offers a glimpse into that our thriving tribe.  Feel free to visit these phenomenal women.  Enjoy their art and their insight.

For my part of the blog hop, I want to offer a peek at one of the paintings I have been working on and some insight I gleaned from the class.  The painting comes out of a series of drawings I have been doing for several years now.  It is the first I have interpreted with paint, but I am looking forward to many more. I thought it was perfect for the season.


copyright Rachél Payne

And now, I would like to share some of my favorite highlights from Kelly Rae’s Flying Lessons.

 Top 10 Take-away Tips for Making My Creative Business Fly

10.  Turn goal setting into time management.  Kelly Rae offered us practical how-to’s for setting goals, then helped us turn those goals into a bite sized to do list that could be integrated into our daily schedules.  What a great way to reach for something and keep yourself on track!  I am learning to make this part of my creative biz and am finding it helps me get lots done.

9. Etsy vs. Other Online Markets vs. Selling off our own Website.  There are lots of options for where to sell artwork on the internet.  Kelly Rae boiled the pro’s and con’s down, including resources and perspectives from various artist.  We then were left to decide which route worked best for our own needs.  I personally decided to go with Etsy. I love the Etsy culture and built-in community.  I opened a shop and will soon have some fun offerings in it.  Check it out: Creativity Tribe Etsy Shop, and feel free to join my circle.

8. Branding.  I was familiar with the idea of branding.  I knew it meant to have a cohesive look to your marketing, so that your logo on your business cards had the same visual feel as the banner on your website and the packaging for products.  What I learned in Flying Lessons was that it can be helpful for our artwork to have a cohesive look to it as well.  This is a challenge for me personally.  I have lots of things I do. But as I am exploring what I want to put out to the world, I am fine-tuning my look so that it has my personal expressive signature.

7. Copyrights.  Copyrights are a two-headed coin for me.  On one side, I am working on honoring the rights of other artists by researching the images I might want to add to my own mixed media works.  This can include stamps, patterned paper, and ephemera.  The other side represents my rights as an artist.  Flying Lessons encouraged me to honor my value as a creator of images and to advocate for myself and others.

6. Build Community not a Customer List.  My blog has always been about relationships, so when Kelly Rae made this a priority in her lessons, I knew she was golden.  She gave us concrete ways to make our on-line life about people rather than products.

5. Face the fear.  This was certainly the first lesson I learned.  For the first week or two, I discovered I carried a lot of fear about facing my biggest dreams.  We were encouraged to recognize the fear.  For me it was huge and almost paralyzing, but each day I worked through the messages that were at its base.  Eventually I practiced being brave and the fear lost most of its sting.

4. Dream Big.  No surprise this came up.  Flying Lessons wasn’t called that for nothing.  Kelly Rae encouraged up to dig deep and own the dreams that we found there.  For me, I kept hitting road blocks with signs that suggested I was only allowed to dream up to this point and nothing beyond.  Or announced that the dream I was cultivating was too big or bright for me.  But Kelly Rae helped me to believe otherwise.  She helped me to understand my dreams are perfect just the way they are and that I am worthy of them.  What a gift!

3. I am not alone.  The most valuable part of Flying Lessons came out of the build-in community Kelly Rae created.  That community is the group that created the blog hop.  Over 400 creative spirits took the class and a significant amount of them stayed around afterwards to offer support, encouragement and wisdom to one another.  When I made my leap from a full-time job to working full-time in my creative arts business, these women were there to champion me on each step of the way.  If you are one of the Fly Girls, thank you.  You have deeply touched my heart.

2. I am my biggest asset.  I can’t tell you how many times Kelly Rae stressed the value of honoring ourselves as an asset for our company.  I have taken that to mean that I must consistently protect and care for this asset by practicing rigorous self-love and self-care.

1. The number one Take-away Tip for making my creative business fly…is to emulate in my business what I valued in the person that Kelly Rae is.  She was so generous, engaging, and authentic, that I know that has to have been a big player in her own success.  Now I want to be clear that I am not saying that I want to try to be the next great Kelly Rae, but I believe the quality of her actions is worth reaching for.  Kelly Rae understands how to imbue business with soul.

(For blog hop links and unedited text, click over to Art of Collecting Yourself.)


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Welcome to CT

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