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Visioning Creativity Tribe 2016

visioning creativity tribe

Visioning Creativity Tribe

The beginning of a new year begs us to look into our hearts and claim the vision we see there.  I adore what my heart has been whispering to me about Visioning Creativity Tribe.  It is encouraging me to reach out and connect with more people, to create more opportunities…. events, workshops, e-courses, meet ups, and ceremonies… to help others discover what lives in their hearts.

As a Life Coach and Sacred Creativity Guide, helping others craft their life brings me a lot of joy.  I know what it is like to occasionally need a hand wrangling the stampede of ideas, worries, fears, and hopes that make their way through the mind on any given day.  Having tools and a few tricks can really make a big difference.

Favorite Tip for Visioning: Get Sensual

Bringing a vision to life can be challenging.  Often, self-doubt gets in the way.  The more you can flesh out the idea, the easier it is for your mind to grasp onto it and pull it into your reality.  My favorite way to do this is to bring the senses into my vision.  This simple tip will help you bring your visions to life.

As you imagine what your vision will be like as it comes to life, imagine it with all your senses.  How will your vision tastes, smells, moves, sounds, or feels?

For example, if you are visioning better health you can imagine the feel of the sun on your skin as you are walking at the local Botanical Garden.  Take it further and see the flowers, the dew on the pedals, the sound of the birds….bring the vision into a 3D  experience.

If you are visioning financial security, you can sensualize that vision by imagining the feel of your favorite pen in your hand as you write out a budget that includes a growing philanthropic fund and a nest egg.  Imagine how your money will take shape in your life and the lives of others.  Imagine the eyes of the child who is blessed by the vitality your gifts will bring.  You may imagine the most amazing Middle Eastern dinner that you share with friends, Moroccan music playing in the back ground, and the smell of chia wafting through the air.  Let the senses go wild.

Getting Sensual while Visioning Creativity Tribe

I am a visual person…so when I discovered Biteable, I thought it would be a fun way to paint out in video the essence of Creativity Tribe’s journey for 2016.  Visions start with a feeling, an inking, and a dream.  And the clearer we get, the more they flesh out.  These are seeds…..enjoy.

Rachel Payne with Creativity Tribe. Life Coach, Expressive Arts Facilitator, artist, spirituality, creativity


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