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When Life Gets BuZZy, Make Honey


Life has recently gotten super busy.  Some of the busy-ness comes from bee-ing ready for more in my life.  More ease.  I feel as if a screen with a pattern on it came down in front of me and is insisting that I fit my life into its shape in order for me to go in the direction I wish.  I could stay where I am or go some other way, but if I want what I want, I must shift into this new way.

So the new way means being better at some of the things I struggle most with.  Left brained kinda stuff.  You know, task oriented activities, organization, numbers, structure.  All those things that just aren’t the way of a supra-creative….or at least not this one…yet.


But, I can see that getting a few practices in place can lift me to a new level of existence.  There is an underlying anxiousness that buzzes just below the surface that the ordering of life tends to subdue.

And so, I am adjusting my surroundings and my procedures to help quiet the part that needs that.  I have been cleaning out file cabinets, throwing out and recycling the unwanted and unneeded bits, have set up space for my the essential oils in my studio and bedroom, am taking an ecourse (Counting Abundance) to help me fall in love with my bookkeeping.  Already, I can feel great relief.  I feel stronger, more capable, and serene.

Using Essential Oil for Organizing

One of my partners in this overhaul has been a grounding blend of essential oils.  It helps sooth my calm my mood as I work through complicated projects, helps me focus on what is important, calls me towards more balance in my life, and smells delicious!

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Busy Bee

Yep, I have been honey dippin’ again!  Here’s whatzzzzzz up….


  Sharing my art for the Holiday Extravaganza at the Calallen Baptist Church (5:30 pm – 7:30 pm)


StressLess Holiday Cheer Party kicks off (Get on the VIP list for the party by signing up here…it is free!)


  4th Annual Yogart Festival at Youga Yoga on Padre Island… I will have my art booth set up, and my StressLess Holiday Intentional Candle Workshop is headlining the event from 6 pm – 7 pm.  Check the event for all the details.


  I will be a guest on Lucid Waking with Rev Shar talking about Living from a Spirit of Giving.  To get the details follow Creativity Tribe on Facebook where I will make sure to update with show time and address.

My thoughts on bee-ing busy…

Being a busy bee can be exhausting or exhilarating.  I think it depends on whether or not you like the work you are doing.  Me? I am not just any busy bee, I am a happy little busy bee.


Before I close, I would like to invite you once more to the StressLess Holiday Cheer Party.  It is my gift to you.  The Creativity Tribe is not just a website, not just a job for me. It is labor of love.  And celebrating those who gather here is my delight!

Just click on the image below for the party page.

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Welcome to CT

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