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Blogging at the Speed of Life

new life

Sitting in front of the computer, I don’t know where to start.  Blogging has been the most dedicated practice I have ever had in my life and the last 6 months Life pushed me off my game so I could pay attention to it.  This Summer I got sick and discovered I had uterine cancer.  It took awhile for me to get the surgery that was recommended.  But Life has its way of moving you into what is important. Its trick:  The more I needed to slow down, the less my computer worked.  I was pulled far from my blogging life.

Surgery behind me now….Today I woke up at 4:40 a.m. missing this space so much.  I grabbed my laptop and headed out for Sandi’s Diner.  Sandi is a dear friend who makes a mean breakfast at the break of dawn.   AND, also has internet.  SCORE!


The big question….would my computer work there?  Was something wrong with my internet or with my laptop.  If you are reading this, you will know the answer.  What was impossible at home is working like magic here.  Maybe life is just letting me loose.  Saying, go…spread your wings…you are free.

And that is how I feel these days.  Free.

I spent last month traveling back and forth to Houston’s MD Anderson, a world class cancer hospital that happens to be in my area of the world.  My hubby, Eric, went with me and several times we comment how we felt wrong for having such a good time at the hospital.  But they must have someone trained with running big places like Disney working there because it ran like a theme park.  I like to joke that they have a game you play there….take off your clothes, put them back on…take off your clothes, put them back on…and I was winning.  Yep, lots of tests.  Then the surgery.  And just last week, a check-up.

womb doodle

They feel like my prognosis is really good.  It doesn’t seem to have spread. YAY!  So they will keep an eye on my health every 3-4 months.

I chose the word THRIVE as my word of the year for 2014.  That’s what I am doing!

I have some catch up to do for Creativity Tribe.  My email has been down.  I hope to have that working in the next week.  If you tried to contact me and didn’t hear back from me…it was a little email snatching gremlin.

Big beautiful hugs to each of you.

Rachel Payne life creativity coach

In the Studio {Wild Child Art + Chia Seed Yummines}

art journal 2

Making Art…Making Life

The art below is out of my journal that is chronicling my journey since my uterine cancer diagnosis.  When I first drew her, I wasn’t in love with it.  Her hair was a little big and it just didn’t feel like I wanted to.  But then I decided to keep going, which is a great exercise in trusting the creative process.

I used my Yasutomo shimmer water colors on her with a few strips of collage paper.  The image is edited to help her show up a bit better for the computer.  In real life she is super shimmery and almost glows.

Looking at her now, I especially love the hair.  Isn’t that funny!  I have been growing my hair out and letting some of the gray have its way with me.  I am not loving the grey so I have been dying it purple.  It’s great fun!  And some days when the weather is just right, my curls come out to play.  Makes me feel like a wild child!

For more of my art images check out my Rachél’s Art page.

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Playing with My Food

In the studio with me this morning is also a bowl of chia pudding.  It is my creative food contribution to the day.  I have been playing with chia seeds for the last several months

chia seed pudding

The chia seed pudding is so crazy simple.  If you have never had a chia seed, I like to compare them to tapioca or flax.  They have a little gooey-ness to them when they soak a bit in liquid.  They are uber good for you.  Most people I talk to are pleased with chia seeds, but the texture is not for everyone.  I crave it!  And YES, they are the same chia seeds used for chia pets.  Cool, huh?

When I make chia pudding, I use what I have on hand and am very flexible with how it turns out.  The most important ingredients are the chia seeds and the coconut milk.  Some days I just eat it like that.

But this is how I LOVE it…..

I take a can of organic coconut milk (full fat) and add chia seeds.  Some days I like it super thick and some days soupy, so just play with what works for you.  I add to it shredded coconut (again, according to how thick you want it) and a nut I love (pecans today, but almonds, pistachios, walnuts, or cashews all work too.)  Nut butters are also a fabulous addition to bring a little flavor.   A few drops of stevia (an herbal sweetener) helps brighten the taste.  Add a dash of cinnamon and cardamom if you like those and a few berries for color  if you have them.  Let it set up for 15 minutes or put over night depending on your schedule and how you wish.

Sometimes I have this for breakfast, other times it is a snack.  I also often save it for the end of the day when I know I want to feel like I am treating myself to a dessert.  It reminds me a lot of my grandmother’s rice pudding (especially if it has extra cinnamon and a few raisins) and other times it is similar to Indian Rice Pudding (especially when I add cadamom).  It makes enough to share or to have more for the next day.

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