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Festering Eyeball Pudding

I have been straightening my studio, re-organizing it really.  Oh, how about a little peak in the studio!? We had a Witches’ Ball at the house last night for Halloween.  But before the party, I snuck into the studio for a few pics of my handmade witches hat.

Yeppers, I was having fun with the camera!


I also created a necklace filled with dehydrated prince charming (just add water and a kiss…simple spells are always my favorite!)

One theme of the party was to bring food with gross names. My offering: Graveyard Gruel (Texas Chili) and Festering Eyeball Pudding (grapes, tapioca pudding, and pecans…actually VERY yummy.)

We had a great time!  I loved all the energy from the event and have used it to take me into the first two days of Art Every Day Month. This challenge encourages creativity for the month of November. I did it last year and it gave me a real boost.  So I have two days worth of art, both on the same theme.

Day of the Dead Embroidery 

Tonight I am headed for one of MSN’s Top 10 Dia de los Muertos Festival in our hometown which is organized by K Space Contemporary.  It is one of my favorite street festivals of the year.  I hope to share some pictures with you (if my camera cooperates!)  Till then, keep creating a beautiful life!

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