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This Sense-ational Life {direction}


This Sense-ational Life is a blogging series that explores the senses as a way of cultivating a more mindful, connected way of life.  This week’s post is inspired by the 3 Day Right Brained Business Plan Workshop I attended through CreativeLIVE with Jennifer Lee, the brain-child and heart-matrix behind Right Brained Business Plan.    



SENSE of DIRECTION: Moving forward

When I talk about the senses with this project, I love to play with some of the popular phrases we have for them.  When Aristotle classified the senses over two thousand years ago, he defined those same five we learned as children. Over time, the  philosophers and scientists have expanded their meanings. Poets, artists, and creatives have given them a spin.  I love the spin!

A sense of direction falls into several camps for me.  Physiologically, direction can come from a blending of sight and sound mixed with information interpreted by the hippocampus in humans. Birds can also use their magnetoreception for help with migration. But for me the sense of direction interests me most as the symbolic or metaphoric force behind personal growth.

Growth happens in a couple of ways. We wake up one day and realize we love brussel sprouts for the first time in our life. Unconscious, undeliberate.  Or, we decide we want to get somewhere in life. We orient ourselves to the destination and move on out, making adjustments as we go until we arrive, triumphant. ….or fall on our face trying.

My journey here has been a combination of those two things.  I am okay with that. I fell in love with brussel sprouts this weekend (true story). I couldn’t be happier. Not everything has to be planned.

BUT…..when nothing is planned, that leaves too much up to chance for me. I want more out of life than that. That is why Jenn’s RBBP workshop was such a streak of luck for me.  I needed something to magnetize to. I needed a course to show me the way. But more than any of that, I needed to have a better idea of my destination.

Her workshop was filled with exercises and projects that utilized creativity to help us discover the visions we have for our businesses.  You may have felt frustrated at the idea of planning for your dream business in the past. I know I have. It has stopped me in my tracks, paralyzed me. Instead of grinding to a halt, RBBP kicked me into action. It fleshed out parts of my business that I couldn’t get a grip on or that were sort of ambiguously floating around in my head.

Here are a few peeks into my process….


My Business Self-Portrait is a collage of images that helps me understand who I am as a SOUL proprietor.  Click to make bigger.

I love the women on the page. The first woman is feminine but empowered. I clothed her in numbers to help me understand that I can be comfortable with the more left brain aspects of business. I also threw in some luck and love.  Doesn’t she have amazing confidence?!  The woman in the center is reaching with celebration. She is open wide, dynamic.  Her skirt is expanding around her with so much enthusiasm that it pulls in the space and objects around her.


These little collaged cards show My Ideal Clients. 

Something big shifted for me as I worked on these. Some of the cards reflect the kinds of problems my coaching helps with…like time management, self-care, managing creative projects, direction for creative businesses, improved self-confidence, and personal growth.  My work as a massage therapist and artist also showed up.  I am looking forward to exploring these client profiles even more deeply.

It doesn’t take much.

Finding your direction can be as easy as getting centered or having a meaningful chat with a mindful friend. I would love to hear about what gives you a Sense of Direction, where you are headed, when you want to get there, what action you are taking.


Sharing in This Sense-ational Life: Complete the Circle


If this post inspires thoughts about how you can or do experience a Sense of Direction in your own life, I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments or write your own post and enter that post address in the linky below.  Make sure to link back to this post so your readers can discover this blogging series.  Then, check back for others who will be writing about This Sense-ational Life. You can grab the button just above and link it to the page for This Sense-ational Life.

Big Dreams in Action Challenge

I am headed out on an adventure today.  I made a video to tell you all about it, and by the end, I turned my excitement about my big dreams around and set out a challenge for YOU.  What action will you take towards making your dreams come true this week?  Use the comments below to claim what you will do, then head back here and let us know how you did. Let’s start supporting one another as we put our Big Dreams in Action!


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