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Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit

Pop-up Sanctuary Creativity Tribe

Recently, I created Creativity Tribe’s first Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit.  I was invited to participate as support staff at MindFit 5K, designed to bring education and attention to Depression Awareness Month.  Helping professionals and wellness-oriented services came together in my hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas to share resources that might support the whole person…from financial advisors to massage therapists, portable labyrinths to Tai Chi.

Crystal singing bowl with Rachel PayneI knew I belonged there, but felt an immediate drain when I thought of setting up the traditional booth to talk about what I do.  I didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t want to just explain what I do or how I thought I might be able to help, I wanted to give them an experience instead. I wanted to invite them into a world of mindfulness, connection, and play, so they might walk away already feeling lifted up.

I have found that Creativity Tribe, at its best, is an out-of-the-box kind of entity.  So many of my services have a creative twist that make them different from what most people, at least in my neck of the woods, have experienced.

How do you explain to someone how a giant crystal bowl sounds or the way it vibrates when you sit near it so that your body can feel it reverberate?  How do you explain that using a rock to set intention can have an effect on how you live your life or deepen your sense of meaning about the event we are gathered for?

So, I set out to break the rules.

What I came up with was intimate, inviting, centering, and focused on opportunities for those who participated to connect with themselves, with the others who joined in, and with me.Creativity Tribe's mandala installation offered an invitation to bring meaning and magic to life.

Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit

I debuted Creativity Tribe’s Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit.  I invited the MindFit 5K participants to come sit, get a hug, indulge in the aromatic loveliness of essential oils, get lost in the sounds of the Crystal Bowl, connect with their heart, and a community of Creatives. I explained that the Sanctuary was a Creativity Tribe Happening…. created for renewing, rejuvenating, and re-creating your Body-Mind-Spirit!

The Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit was met with lots of curiosity, a bit of play, and an intent for bringing meaning to life.  I created a simple ritual that anyone could quickly do. Together we collaborated on a kind of art installation that represented our intentions for the night or for our lives in general.  It turned out to be beautiful and moving.

Families gathered at the Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit

Individuals and families sat together, supporting one another’s intent for a more peaceful, healthy, connected life.  Even the kiddos found it meaningful.


Together we placed objects that symbolized our personal intentions into a communal space.  We supported one another while investing in our own growth.  That’s a Creativity Tribe!

Rachel Payne Sacred Creativity Guide SanctuaryRachel Payne life creativity coach

Big News: Cre8ive Klatch Revealed

Cre8ive Klatch RP

Behind the Scenes

I love all the big energy coming out of Creativity Tribe right now.  I have been connecting behind the scenes with other Creatives to make some super special projects come to light.

And….The Big News

One of the biggest projects finds its home at Cre8ive Klatch,  Connecting Lives through Cre8ivity.  I am sure if you have spent much time at Creativity Tribe, you will see that my mission here matches up beautifully with the mission being spun there.

Cre8ive Klatch is a brand spankin’ new site rich with potential!  It will feature a variety of enthusiastic instructors sharing quick tips for art projects, DIY adventures, and better living through creativity.

I hope you will hop over and check out the space.  It promises to offer an oasis for you to recharge during the day.

Connect with Cre8ive Klatch

Cre8ive Klatch Website
Cre8ive Klatch Facebook Group
Instagram @Cre8iveKlatch
Pinterest #Cre8iveKlatch

Rachel Payne life creativity coach

Tweaking the Tribe: Finding Kindred Spirits


Nine months ago, I took the leap from my WordPress blog to an independent, stand-on-my-own website that I built from scratch without much know-how.   When I first published it, I could clearly see some of the places I wanted to take the website and my business but some of the process and destination were hidden from my view.  The more comfortable I get here, the more it feels like home.  Like a fabulous fixer-upper, there is always something to work on, something to tweak, and some addition that would make it just right!

The Creativity Tribe concept comes from a deep desire to help others get in touch with their instinctual spirit of creativity. I believe that creativity is powerful, healing, and can make our lives rich and meaningful.  Creativity is something that can help us connect to the most authentic places in ourselves while providing the opportunity for us to cultivate support and encouragement in the relationships around us.

Just think about it…. when you see a child expressing themselves through the creative arts…. dance, song, doodling, or make believe…. they are bring out something pure in themselves.  They honor you with their expression.  They invite you into a sacred space.  This is the same invitation I make to you.  Come play with me.  Come into a sanctuary for your creative spirit where others are gathering to share the small ways they are making big strides in life. 

Our New (FREE) Community

I have created a community on Facebook that I have been keeping a big secret, waiting for just the right time to share it with you.  It is my surprise gift to you….gift being my word for the year!  It has a spattering of creative spirits who regularly invest in that part of themselves that brings forth ideas and inklings.  It also holds a space for individuals who wish to bring more creativity into their lives or to live life in a creative way.

I call them the Creativity Tribe.  To qualify to join you need only have a desire to connect with your own creative spirit and be willing to support the kindred spirits who find themselves answering that same call for themselves.  Follow the link below and ask to join the group. Please note respectfully that I will not be accepting personal friendship requests as I am practicing setting boundaries between my personal and professional accounts.  I hope you understand.  That said, I hope you will consider joining the Creativity Tribe Facebook Group and that you find it inspiring!

CT FB Group

Claiming Your Place and Sharing Your Site

For more ways to connect with Creativity Tribe, proudly share the Creativity Tribe badge on your blog with a link back to this website and feel free to leave your creativity-based site on the Faces of Creativity Tribe page.  This helps build community, lets your visitors know you invest in your creativity and support the creative endeavors of others.

I am teaching for Angels In My Studio 2013

Are you curious about the upcoming Angel In My Studio 2013 e-course that I will be teaching in?  Hop over and check out the goodies or click on the AIMS2013 page on this site to watch the video I made sharing about the ANGEL in my studio!

aims page button

Click image above to visit AIMS site.


Click image above to find my page with the video.


Standing in the Threshold


At the Threshold of a Journey

Anytime we poise ourselves at the beginning of a journey, either in the outer physical world or from within, we begin with an idea in mind of how we might approach our movement from where we are to where we wish to go.  There are the imagined obstacles we anticipate, various options for the course traveled, milestones we hope to reach, and some desired destination that just might be worth risking disappointment for the joy it could bring.  All of this is the beauty and danger of the In-between.

Should I stay or should I go, now? (You know the song!)

As I prepare for my cross country trip to Wisconsin, I am becoming evermore aware of the bounds within myself that this trek will challenge.  Fears rise up.  Doubts sit in my stomach.  Hurdles appear in my mind.  My spirited imagination can be both the life and death of my dreams.  I suppose the question becomes, then, what will navigate the vehicle my imagination fuels.  Will fear take me into the pitfalls and stall my voyage?  Or will I move through the vulnerability, however clumsily, for the sake of the movement itself. The inclination to abandon ship is sometimes strong.  Such a long journey, so many unanswered questions, so many uncertainties…. and yet! What is life without the occasional odyssey?!

Old Building 058

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”
Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 7: 1966-1974

I am determined to make vulnerability my friend these next three weeks.  I am learning that it is the life partner of courage. I have lots more to say about that, but I am keeping it close to my heart for now as it blooms into a deeper understanding of who I am, what I desire, what stands in my way, and what degree of uncertainty I am willing to withstand for the possibility of reaching the fulfillment I shoot for.

I know some of you have decided to take the Journey of the Inner Wanna Be with me.  I have been so delighted to have other Creatives declare their interest in playing along.  We really are a small but growing band of seekers!  I use the word play here because I feel there is a sense of make-believe we are engaging in when we explore the archetypes that make up the IWB’s, but at the same time, I know that something monumental can come from that examination.  Play has amazing curative properties. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself face to face with opportunities to bring real change to your life as you explore this make-believe aspect of self.  It may live initially in the imagination, but somewhere along the way you may find room for aspects of  it in your real life.  It is this dynamic that makes me call this kind of exploration Creative Sacred Play.

iwb inspire

Are you taking the Journey of the Inner Wanna Be’s?

We are several days into the Journey but still definitely in our preparation phase. I leave this Sunday for my trip.  If you wish to go on the journey and explore your personal Inner Wanna Be’s, here is a quick list of steps to catch you up.

  1. Make a list of your Inner Wanna Be’s.  Follow the link for a full description of this Creative Activity.
  2. Invite your friends and family to do the same.  This is optional but loads of fun.  The video is a great jumping off point for getting a sense of the event.
  3. Choose one IWB from the list you created that you are going to explore for the rest of April.  Place it lovingly in the comments below.
  4. Begin “dreaming on” or contemplating the IWB you chose as the weekend goes on.  Don’t force it, just let it share itself with you.

Now, dive into the vulnerable and list your IWB in the comments. I can’t wait to for you to join us!


Indulging ME

Just over a year ago when I embarked on the journey of working for myself, I placed one thing at the top of my list of values….self-care.  I wanted my serious business woman self to honor the hard, working dedicated but oh-so-human self.  In the beginning, I worked that into my day like a teenager with a new driver’s license.  I took my time getting up in the morning, lit candles as I was blogging, burned incense while painting, napped if I felt like it, created one-person retreats…..I lived up the self-care.

Then I got all filled up, and I began to push myself.  The drive to reach for my dreams felt good.  It was empowering. I have felt unstoppable. One dream after another fell into place. I got a contract to teach at the Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood Art Retreat, was one of Mixed Media May‘s featured artists, taught a drama camp and then an art camp, had my first e-course (Touch the Moon), my first one-woman art show, got my website up (created it myself….oh that was a feat!), began offering my Life Coaching services and was featured on a radio show.  In between, there were a thousand little firsts, tiny parts of dreams clicking into place, big connections with individuals, and plenty of witnessing the ah-ha’s of the Creatives who find their way here.

Week before last, I felt like I was running for a marathon.  I was stretching myself to the max to keep up with the energy my dreams were setting off.  I LOVED IT!  I got SO much accomplished.

Then, I crossed the line, finishing the busiest week of my year so far.  I exhaled and all the wind in my sails went with it.

Now, I find myself craving the quiet. I see myself needing more me time, less work time, and the one who lobbied for self-care is poking her head out again to say, “Hey, remember what you promised?”

Yes, I do remember.  Gratefully, I remember.

So as the year winds down, so will I.  I make no apologies of it, need not sympathy for feeling disconnected from my drive to push forward.  I know this is part of the creative process.  This is a vital part of sustaining long term creativity, the part where we recognize our accomplishments, celebrate them, and rest.

How will I do it?  Well, to start off, a corporate holiday party, of course.  I am taking my employees (that would be me) out for a spa day to include a luxurious massage (which I traded for some art a couple of weeks back….score), all the chai I can handle, and adding naps to my very short to do list.  I am also going to do an inventory of my accomplishments and put them up somewhere….maybe tack a gold star to them.  Oh, and throughout the holidays, I am going to unabashedly brag about myself to anyone who will listen.

I am indulging in the splendor of my year.

And I have to admit that sharing this with you warms my heart so much. Last year at this time, I wanted what I have today so much.  Some days I felt so incredibly stuck, not being able to see the other side of it. But I always trusted that something would come out of my dreaming.

I am full of gratitude (please don’t just pass by that word without feeling the beauty of it) for the community that joins me on this journey…..for the artists, the bloggers, poets, dancers, followers, leaders, likers, the dreamers, the hopers, wishers, wanters, and the quiet ones who secretly pop in when no one is looking….for all of you who help hold this dream up…..I am full of gratitude.

What do YOU celebrate this year? What would you brag about if someone would listen?….don’t leave me bragging alone. How would you celebrate if you were me? I would love to know what self-care and celebration look like for you. I can always use a new idea!

Today’s Indulgence….a MEDIA FAST. Yep, I am spending 12-21-12 by checking out of the internet, news, books, radio, tv, and phone and am checking in with myself, my friends and family, and my intuition.  Wanna join me?

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Welcome to CT

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