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    New Moon Mystery

    In the dark of the Moon, Mystery blooms.  It invites you to let go of all those yearnings and all the drives that move you forward.  It calls you to slow down and just be.  Be with.  Be in unknowing.  Be nothing.  Let go of the striving.  Let go of yesterday and tomorrow.  And sit in the silence of all that you are and all that you are not. Be prepared there may be anxiety in this space.  We aren’t used to the empty.  We try so desperately to fill it up so we don’t have to feel, don’t have to face simple existence.  Make friends with this Mystery sisters…

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    Surprise Gifts from the Universe + A Freebie from Me

    I have decided to engage a little experiment with the Universe this month.  I am asking it to open up the field of possibility and shower me with gifts, and I am expecting that, just as I might know with strong certainty that a light switch will give me light, the Universe will open up to what I need and desire. My experiment in inspired by E Squared by Pam Grout. It is an easy, enjoyable, fascinating read! Surprise Gifts from the Universe: Everyday a Party! I set up my blog post so that I could easily just slip this portion in at the end of the day, sharing what…