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Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit

Pop-up Sanctuary Creativity Tribe

Recently, I created Creativity Tribe’s first Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit.  I was invited to participate as support staff at MindFit 5K, designed to bring education and attention to Depression Awareness Month.  Helping professionals and wellness-oriented services came together in my hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas to share resources that might support the whole person…from financial advisors to massage therapists, portable labyrinths to Tai Chi.

Crystal singing bowl with Rachel PayneI knew I belonged there, but felt an immediate drain when I thought of setting up the traditional booth to talk about what I do.  I didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t want to just explain what I do or how I thought I might be able to help, I wanted to give them an experience instead. I wanted to invite them into a world of mindfulness, connection, and play, so they might walk away already feeling lifted up.

I have found that Creativity Tribe, at its best, is an out-of-the-box kind of entity.  So many of my services have a creative twist that make them different from what most people, at least in my neck of the woods, have experienced.

How do you explain to someone how a giant crystal bowl sounds or the way it vibrates when you sit near it so that your body can feel it reverberate?  How do you explain that using a rock to set intention can have an effect on how you live your life or deepen your sense of meaning about the event we are gathered for?

So, I set out to break the rules.

What I came up with was intimate, inviting, centering, and focused on opportunities for those who participated to connect with themselves, with the others who joined in, and with me.Creativity Tribe's mandala installation offered an invitation to bring meaning and magic to life.

Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit

I debuted Creativity Tribe’s Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit.  I invited the MindFit 5K participants to come sit, get a hug, indulge in the aromatic loveliness of essential oils, get lost in the sounds of the Crystal Bowl, connect with their heart, and a community of Creatives. I explained that the Sanctuary was a Creativity Tribe Happening…. created for renewing, rejuvenating, and re-creating your Body-Mind-Spirit!

The Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit was met with lots of curiosity, a bit of play, and an intent for bringing meaning to life.  I created a simple ritual that anyone could quickly do. Together we collaborated on a kind of art installation that represented our intentions for the night or for our lives in general.  It turned out to be beautiful and moving.

Families gathered at the Pop-Up Sanctuary for the Creative Spirit

Individuals and families sat together, supporting one another’s intent for a more peaceful, healthy, connected life.  Even the kiddos found it meaningful.


Together we placed objects that symbolized our personal intentions into a communal space.  We supported one another while investing in our own growth.  That’s a Creativity Tribe!

Rachel Payne Sacred Creativity Guide SanctuaryRachel Payne life creativity coach

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