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Creative Organizing Tips

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Keeping myself organized is a task I like to approach with creativity.  I love to blend fun with functional, play with practical.  And when I can, I go DIY on proven practices that help projects pop!

Mind Maps

Mind Map

For me, organizing my creative projects begins in my sketchbook.  I just couldn’t make it without Mind Maps.  These graphic idea generators are the perfect way to wrangle restless ideas so that they become a static picture.  It is amazing how a HUGE jumble of ideas can settle down into manageable clusters when they are categorized and connected this way.

Favorite Tools

creative organizer

Another favorite tool of mine is the simple manila folder.  These folders often show up in my art work, so it isn’t surprising that they are a go-to office supply that help keep my wild ideas in check.  I don’t go crazy decorating them for every single subject, but I have been known to make a folder stand out a bit if it is something I think deserves a bit of positive energy or if it is a concept I am excited about.

File Folder Art

I also like to use folders to organize projects.  I have an old file cabinet next to my desk that I use as a magnet board.  I often pair folders with sticky notes to create Action Charts which allow me to physically add and re-arrange ideas.  Sticky notes are also the super stars of my organizer. I love them because they are easy to move from one place to another and the same note can start in one place , like the Action Charts, travel to a Personal Organizer for the day, and end up in a file folder created as an archive.

Archiving for Future Projects

I use sticky notes within folders to help me keep track of actions I need to take or have taken.  For example, if I have a project I am doing that I know I may tweak and do again in the future, I can let the sticky notes help me keep track of the steps involved in the process.  That way I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and I can use my energy for just making the wheel more awesome.

I also like to use on-line tools to help me stay organized.  I use Google Docs to create spreadsheets for links I often refer coaching clients to and use Trello to help me keep track of links I want to access for certain projects.  For example, with Trello, I had a board for links I needed for my road trip including airbnb, the retreat details, the fundraiser for Africa I attended, and my Google Maps.

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