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Follow the Impulse


My dear friend Jessica with Wild Heart Holistics often talks about “following the impulse.”  I remember her talking about it years ago when she was leading dance classes.  She wanted us to pay attention to how the impulse wanted us to move. At first I didn’t fully understand what she meant, but over time, I found myself trying to detect the impulse so I could follow it.

The impulse isn’t something that lives somewhere in the body and yet, that is where it comes from…the body…from our being.  For me it can come from different places…. a radiating wave of urging from the heart, a subtle knowing in the brain, a quick jump of the gut, a sharp pull on the shoulder blades as if we had wings that wanted to jump into motion or the echoing of many senses that pull the whole self towards a resolution.

Detecting an impulse is a very subtle art.  The impulse is often buried under foggy awareness so that it doesn’t occur to me that I have had an impulse for minutes, hours, or even days later.  But once it is detected, I know it as if it were a good friend.

Now days I have gotten really good at first detecting and then following the impulse.  When I act on it, I am often led to beautiful synchronicities.

Unicorn Magic


A Recent Impulse with Big Rewards

The listening…..

A few months ago, Jessica invited me to offer my art and share about the essential oils I love at the Earth Day Care Fair for her church.  I was in the middle of healing from surgery at the time and had no idea what the outcome would be or what my energy level might allow. But, there was this impulse to join in.  Finally, I decided to follow it.

I spent a few weeks preparing.  I got busy painting, bought a brand new Easy Up (purple!), and gathered the essential oil goodies I wanted to offer.  It felt good to work again.  Felt healing to dive into the paint.  And the nights that I stayed up bottling samples were delightfully aromatic.  I was having so much fun. (If you take a long breath, you might even be able to smell the wild orange and peppermint I have going right now in my diffuser!)

First reward….

A few days before leaving for the EDCF (Did I mention it was out of town ….about a 3 hour drive?), I posted a few pics of my art just to show my friends what I was working on.  When I woke up the next morning, I had an offer for my little unicorn (the background art for the unicorn above).  I knew then my impulse was taking me on a ride!

Double feature…

My artist hubby, Eric, and I headed out for our trip.  We visited Rose Duncan of RoseHeartNSoul Creations & Coaching for her art show at Intermezzo Gallery and Studio in Boerne, Texas.  The show was beautiful.

Heart-Glow Inspiration Deck

Photo: Alyssa Morgan Gonzales     Background Art: D. Ellis Phelps

 It was exciting to see so many art lovers doing their thing.  As the visit was about to wind down, the impulse took over and made another synchronicity bloom.  The manager of Intermezzo, Kathy Cody Gallaway, introduced herself.  We got to talking about my art. Rose suggested I share art images from my phone, and before I knew it, I was their newest artist!  Intermezzo is representing 12 of my mixed media works.

What is even more exciting is that we started talking about me potentially teaching workshops at Intermezzo.  Rose and I are collaborating on one right now that is very near and dear to my heart involving Artist Trading Cards.  The other involves a labyrinth walk and processing with art.  I can’t wait to see where that all goes.

Did you know I love labyrinths?  They often show up in my art… and on the beach when I have a few friends to make them magically appear!

Irene Jaan takes her turn at drawing out the labyrinth’s circuit.

They keep coming….

Later that night, Eric and I ended up at Jessica’s house and began telling her about the exciting news.  As we were talking to her a friend wrote me about doing the cover work for an upcoming book and I got a message about a return coaching client wanting to continue our work together.  All this before the actual Earth Day Care Fair even began.

The EDCR went well.  I shared the oils with lots of folks and did some really fun trades for my paintings.  Then, out of the blue got another message that a friend who had seen my paintings online when I post pictures of my booth wanted to buy my owl painting.

Owl Be Here

And when you get it all….

All that bounty in the course of three days was amazing for me, especially after a year of putting off so much of my passion as I pursued a victorious outcome with the uterine cancer.  I found myself that weekend holding up a new realization that I really could have it all.  Success with all my passions….  art, workshops, my love of essential oils, and life coaching.  And not only could I have it all, the Universe was sending signals for me to get
exactly what I was wishing for.  The trick?  Follow the impulse.

selfie impulseRachel Payne life creativity coach

This Sense-Sational Life {choice}


This Sense-sational Life is a blogging series that explores the senses as a way of cultivating a more mindful, connected life.  This week’s post touches on one of the senses I have been working with for the last year as I moved from being employed by other to starting my journey as a Soul Proprietor. It has been one of the most amazing adventures of my life that come our of a Sense of Choice.


Old Building 058

Sense of Choice

My husband, Eric, is fascinated with the symbolism of The Crossroads.  He looks for it in movies, mythology, legend, and in his own life.  Because we share so much, I have taken to looking for it as well…..and learning from it. 

We all find ourselves at The Crossroads from time to time.  We stand there with the opportunity awaiting us to change paths.  Sometimes we know we are coming to The Crossroads. Sometimes we call it to us. And other times, it arrives out of the blue. 

The Crossroads can bring with them a new chance, perhaps leading us closer to a dream, or it may feel forced upon us, unwanted, never asked for, and not welcomed. However it comes, The Crossroads put a choice in our hands about how we handle them, how we frame the change. 

I came to The Crossroads in October 2011 when I discovered my life offering me a change.  I had been studying counseling and working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, but my passion for helping others nurture a more creative lifestyle began moving me into life coaching, offering expressive arts workshops and e-courses, massage therapy, as well as, sharing my own art with the world.

I remember the night I discovered I had a decision to make. I loved the work I did at the shelter. I loved the opportunity to be an agent of change in a venue that so desperately needed it, but I also recognized I was moving away from my dreams and my vision for my life.  You see, in my early twenties I looked inside at what I wanted to be when I grew up.  What I saw there was a confident woman who worked with others both one-on-one and in large crowds to help them connect with their innate ability to be creative.  I saw myself traveling to give inspirational talks, writing about the subject, and providing an avenue for profound change for people world wide.  For a long time, I didn’t know how to do that.  When I discovered blogging, a door was opened.  However, I had also found the work at the domestic violence shelter meaningful and knew I needed to be there for some amount of time.  The question was, how long?  My dream was calling me more strongly with every day.

I told my husband I wished I was brave enough to stay. That’s when The Crossroads revealed themselves to me. 

How many times had I sat with a woman on the verge of making a move into a life she wished for and witnessed her having to make the decision between staying in what  she knew but what might not be working any longer or risking the unknown to step into her hopes.  I thought being brave meant staying with the important work I was doing with those women and sacrificing my own dreams for theirs.  Then I saw the other way was brave as well. Maybe brave was following the call of my heart.

When I realized I could be brave on either path, following my heart became easier.

Carnival Freak

That began my shift into full time work for myself, now just over a year ago. With each passing month, I figure out a new piece of the puzzle, I grow in confidence, and see my vision more fully coming into shape.  Sure there are days when I miss the work I did, but the satisfaction that comes with knowing I am working for my dreams and helping others bring their creativity to the world makes a spark fire up in me that just makes me melt.

So how do we cultivate the Sense of Choice? 

For me, part of the equation is to become more and more aware of the choices that are put in front of us.  Some choices have become easy with practice.  What station will I listen to when I get in the car? What do I watch on TV Thursday nights?  Bath or shower?  Russet potatoes or sweet?  White, pink, blue or yellow packet….or maybe none at all? 

Some things we know because we have made an over-reaching decision about them.  But some things are up for change, some things are new territory.  In these instances, I like to believe that my choice will be made by balancing just enough information with a bit of clarity and a bit of intuition.  Then, I will try to determine The Next Right Move and trust that no matter what happens, I can always move to a new space. 

I give myself permission to flub up.  I learn from the choices I make and try not to beat myself up if it doesn’t go just right.  And when I do get it right, I celebrate. 

I would love to hear about your Sense of Choice.  How do you make the choices that are in front of you?  What do you do to make choice-making easier for you?  What is working?  Where do you need to make a choice in your life today? 




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